Odalisque Kai Chandler has it all A thriving tech business movie star friends and a mansion in the Malibu hills But he s lonely nursing a broken heart and reeling from a shocking breach of trust Then a frien

  • Title: Odalisque
  • Author: Annabel Joseph
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kai Chandler has it all A thriving tech business, movie star friends, and a mansion in the Malibu hills But he s lonely, nursing a broken heart and reeling from a shocking breach of trust Then a friend tells him about a secret chateau outside Paris where they train women in the erotic traditions of the Code d Odalisque For a million a year, Kai can choose a sexual servKai Chandler has it all A thriving tech business, movie star friends, and a mansion in the Malibu hills But he s lonely, nursing a broken heart and reeling from a shocking breach of trust Then a friend tells him about a secret chateau outside Paris where they train women in the erotic traditions of the Code d Odalisque For a million a year, Kai can choose a sexual servant to use at will, a woman thoroughly trained in the pleasuring of men Kai makes the trip and, in the course of touring the facility, meets Constance, a shy and strangely quiet odalisque He decides to acquire the beautiful woman and bring her to his home Constance and Kai delight in their voyage of erotic exploration as he plays undisputed Master to her slave But soon they find themselves forming an increasingly emotional connection, with the end of Constance s term of service looming over their heads Jealousy, fear, regret and longing threaten to tear the lovers apart, and they must choose between the safety of the Code and the risk of true love and trust Publisher s Note This book contains sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal play intercourse, m f m menage, group sex, BDSM scenes, power exchange themes, and swinging partner swapping.

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    1. One million dollars gets you one Odalisque for one year.I'm gonna have to save up! Annabel Joseph did an awesome job in writing Odalisque. She gives all the BDSM erotic romance readers what they're looking for in this story. It's has your BDSM hot sex scenes, a few angsty developments and an ending most people will be happy with. One of my favorite things about Ms.Joseph's writings is her attention to detail. I believe she could write in any genre she chooses. We are lucky to have her writing er [...]

    2. A mess. All aroundExcellent job alienating me from every character with juvenile behavior or incredible shortsightedness that bespeaks of nothing more than each one's self-centered egoism. It is the ventures into the absurdity of ridiculousness that reminds me of a nighttime soap opera. The hypocrisy of the MC's attitude about money and how it should be used for charity. The overwhelming vilifying of female characters who are presented as duplicitous, scheming, emasculating, murderous, petty, vi [...]

    3. I am one of those people for whom sadist stories make me cringe. I am both repulsed and fascinated. I read between the fingers covering my eyes. I don't want to look but can't help myself.Comfort Object disgusted me - I could not find love in the relationship between Jeremy and Nell. To me the abuse/beatings/whippings went way over the top. Odalisque walked a more comfortable line in that regard and thus I enjoyed it more. I wasn't mentally calling an ambulance or a mental health professional fo [...]

    4. 3,5 **Fuck the code** STARS!!This is the third book from Comfort series and the best so far. I enjoyed it from the first moment with some bumpy roads until the end. The hero is totally new and never shown in previous books.Kai Chandler has broken marriage and trust issue with woman and money. His best friend, Mason Cooke (You know him from Comfort Object) try to cheer him up with some secret. Uhm Somewhere in France, there is something carnal; Odalisque is what they called. The woman trained and [...]

    5. I read this book in two sittings. Annabel Joseph created wonderfully intriguing characters in Kai & Constance and had me hooked with the Odalisque concept. Loved the secondary characters too - especially Mason. We do see a glimpse of characters from Annabel Joseph's earlier Comfort Series books (which I have not read). And while I am not familiar with the BDSM lifestyle, Ms. Joseph wrote about it in a way that a wide array of readers could get lost in the decadent world she created.Kai Chand [...]

    6. 4 StarsI’ll be honest, my original opinion of the Comfort Series, was pretty mild, BUT with each book I read, I started to like the series more. I thought Odalisque was a great read. I had no idea what the book was about, so I was kind of shocked when I started to figure out the story line, but really intrigued.Kai is your average romance male; he’s good looking, rich, dark, yet lonely. He doesn’t want a relationship with all the baggage, so what does he do? He goes to France to “rent” [...]

    7. I really enjoyed Comfort Object and thought this book was very similar. It was great to revisit many of the same characters from the first two books and I loved the direction Ms. Joseph took Kai and Constance's story and I especially liked how she dealt with Constance's hearing impairment. Frankly, I'm hooked on this series because the characters are so well developed and because, welle sex is really, really, hot. Like all the books in this series, there's emotional conflict that ends in a very [...]

    8. A bit sappy at the end, nevertheless a nice read. The concept of an Odalisque very mmmmmmRead it in 2011 and retread in 2014

    9. Kai is at a standstill in his life. Moving neither forward nor backward since he was betrayed by his ex wife. As a result, he trusts no woman. What he needs is a woman he can use sexually without romantic involvements. When he learns about Odalisque women, he thinks he's found the answer to his problem. As he tours Maison Odalisque he first encounters Constance and is drawn to her. Later, even after learning of her deafness, he decides to pay the one million dollar rental fee for her year's serv [...]

    10. After reading – and despising - Annabel Joseph’s first novel in her Comfort series, Comfort Object, I was ready to banish her work from my reading lists forever. My reading time is far too precious for bad books. However, something compelled me to give her a second chance… Skipping over Kyle’s story (I still wasn’t ready to forgive him for his actions in the first novel), I decided to read the series’ third installment, Odalisque, instead. And, as much as loathed Comfort Object with [...]

    11. Far better than Caressa's Knees, Annabel Joseph's third book in the Comfort Series did not pack the punch of Comfort Object (which remains one of my favorites).I wish there had been more heat. I wish there had been more character development from past books. I wish the ending hadn't been so predictable and abrupt. And mostly I wish that Jessamine, a character who in previous books was fun, flirtatious, and admittedly a bit shallow, hadn't turned out to be such a sour old bitch. It's much more re [...]

    12. I liked this better than Caressas Knees. It's a lot like Femme Chattel, in the purchasing of a slaveLoved the use of nipple chains, but a little too painful for me to enjoy. Didn't like the sharing without jealousy. Even Caleb was furious when she slept with someone else, this guy was like, offering her up, bragging about fucking someone else, taking a bj from someone he dislikes. All Odd.And the wife who suddenly got jealous and angry and leftjust odd, it's an open marriage, ironic for her to b [...]

    13. What a fascinating concept an Odalisque is!! This is the story of Kai (a gazillionaire tech nerd) and his Odalisque, Constance, who just happens to be deaf. With each installment of this series, I love the Hero even more. Kai is a controlling sadist, but he's very kind. The relationship between him and Constance is so unique, because they cannot communicate in the conventional way. He is patient, loving, and kind of swoony (if you can get past the fact that he likes to dole out the corporal puni [...]

    14. This is my favourite of Annabel's Comfort series. Like all her other books, it is very well written, and engaging from start to finish.I liked Constance as a character, and I very much appreciated reading a heroine who is differently abled. She is a full character, and (without spoiling) she is by no means a two dimensional character, as so often happens when authors present someone who is out of the "norm". I liked Kai too- but here I did run into the one thing that made me very uncomfortable. [...]

    15. Originally posted @ sassafrassoklikes/post/-Great in only the way Annabel Joseph can make it!*4.5 STARS*Um. wow. What an emotional book! It was intense and erotic as well, but above all, it was extremely emotional.Kai and Constance were great characters. I felt for both of them and the circumstances that led them to each other, but it was obvious from the start that they were meant to be together.It was so interesting to me that thing emotional entanglement that both Kai and Constance were tryin [...]

    16. Originally posted at Bunny's Review***Disclosure: Book was borrowed from a friend.***When I finally started this book I was really questioning if I would enjoy. I felt the second book in the series did not live up to the first book. I wanted to read it because I had started the series and to find out about all the characters. To state that this book is the best in the whole series is an understatement.I had never heard of an Odalisque or even knew the meaning of the word before starting this boo [...]

    17. This is strangely interesting. odd sensual and disturbing all at the same time.After a horrific divorce, it's suggested to ultra-wealthy Kai that he obtain an Odalisque which amounts to a fancy name for a sex slave, a prostitute, a whore. I don't really care how much money he paid, or that she claims she wants this lifestyle, that what it is. And I'm sure a WHOLE mess of people will have issues with that.Oh, and it's suggested to him by Mason Cooke, who we met in the other books in the series. h [...]

    18. ODALISQUE Kai Chandler has had his trust shattered by his scheming bitch of a wife. So understandably he has trust issues. However he is lonely and heartbroken. His friend tells him about a place where they train women in the erotic traditions of the Code d’Odalisque. For one million dollars he can have a woman trained in the art and without the bother of emotions. Candice has been awaiting the day she will get picked above all the other girls. She knows she has a lot to offer. Now she just ne [...]

    19. Absolutely excellently written, really interesting concept, hot and kinky love scenes, beautiful love storywhat more could a girl want? Apart from Kai all to herself, of course!I'm going to completely contradict myself here, but bear with meI really liked that the characters in this were not perfect. Whilst I love perfectly behaved and sweet characters, sometimes I really enjoy reading about more realistic people. People who don't always make the right choices, but make mistakes like we all do i [...]

    20. This story is the same, yet completely different, from the first in the comfort series. Mason's best friend from childhood is completely anti-relationship since his wife screwed him over when he finds out about an opportunity to 'rent' a woman to fulfill his sexual needs. This begins his journey with Constance and Mason's decline to single life again!The nice thing about this story is it shows that Constance is doing exactly what she wants, and while financial gain is her ultimate goal, she is i [...]

    21. I have really enjoyed books I've read from Annabel Joseph, and this one didn't let me down a bit. Very hot. different type of story than any I've read, really the polyamory was a little more casual than I was totally comfortable with, but different strokes, I guess, so to speak (and pun intended) I did love the attachment that developed between Kai and Constance, and loved that the author didn't (view spoiler)[come up with some miracle to make her hear again (hide spoiler)], but rathere you unde [...]

    22. A kinky romantic love story featuring a filthy rich hero and a sultry headstrong heroine. He was a victim of a loveless marriage to a gold digger, she was a victim of her childhood and her deafness. Together, they confront their fears and find love along the way. The concept of an odalisque is not entirely new. However, adds extra mystery and kink that eccentric readers may find appealing.It was story told beautifully. The sex scenes were beyond steamy. The additional characters from the previou [...]

    23. Loved it. Very addicting. ODALISQUE was wild. Coming from a divorce, Kai isn’t looking for love, just someone to take care of his needs. When he’s pointed to an Odalisque, a place where women are trained for pleasure. There he finds and connects with Constance and purchases her for one year. Dedicated to serving, Constance and Kai both become emotionally involved as their time speeds by. Everything is pushed to the limits in this one.

    24. Rated the book 4 stars out of 5. I thought the story was so creative due to having Odalisque's which are in fact real. I had to look it up due to my curiosity about them and found that they are actually real. Wow! There were super hot scenes in this book. The scenes with Mason, Constance, and Kai were HOT!!!! The group sex scene was Wow 😰😵😎😳! I thought this book was better than book 2 in this series and comparable to book 1. Definitely read this book if you are looking for something [...]

    25. Come check out the reviews on my blog Under The CoverAnnabel Joseph is steadily making it to the top of my favorite author's list!I liked Odalisque as much as I did Comfort Object! I love that Annabel comes up with stories that come across as improbable but that actually are not that far from reality (I'm thinking Comfort Object, Odalisque and Command Performance here).What I mean by that is that the concept of a Code d'Odalisque could easily seem improbable and completely fictional, but if you [...]

    26. It was interesting, very interesting! I did not realize this is based on something that REALLY exists!!! The Code d'Odalisque - it is women who VOLUNTEER to be trained as sexual servants then trade their "services" for money. So crazy, I had no idea something like that could be legal!? This book had way more debauchery in it than any of the other books I've read but the storyline kept my interest. Kai is a busy man who is sour on women because of the terrible things his ex-wife did to him yet lo [...]

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