The 48 Laws of Power

The Laws of Power This amoral cunning ruthless and instructive book synthesizes the philosophies of Machiavelli Sun Tzu and Carl Von Clausewitz with the historical legacies of statesmen warriors seducers and co

  • Title: The 48 Laws of Power
  • Author: Robert Greene Joost Elffers
  • ISBN: 9780140280197
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • This amoral, cunning, ruthless, and instructive book synthesizes the philosophies of Machiavelli, Sun Tzu, and Carl Von Clausewitz with the historical legacies of statesmen, warriors, seducers, and con men throughout the ages.

    One thought on “The 48 Laws of Power”

    1. i learned to be eviiiilll with this book.haha actually this book made me realize how shady people can be. Plus how smart you and ambitious you should be about succeeding in life. You got to stand out in this world. If you roll with the bunches you'll become lost. You always have to have a good reputation or if you have a certain reputation you better use it to your advantage (damn im evil hahaha). This book will expose and teach you alot about the real world. One of my first books i really read [...]

    2. When it comes to morality and ethics, people are used to thinking in terms of black and white. Conversely, "The 48 Laws of Power" deals primarily with the gray areas. At the risk of sounding melodramatic and trite, I say that most of the Laws covered in this book can be used for great evil or for great good. It depends on the reader. There is really nothing wrong with most of the Laws.Each Law comes with true stories from history about those who successfully observed it and those who foolishly o [...]

    3. الحياة تغيرت كتير بعد لما قرأت كتاب ديل كارنيجي" كيف تكسب الاصدقاء و تؤثر فى الناس" اه و بداء أعمال الناس المحترمة كمحترم و الناس الغير محترمة ـ كمحترم طبعا !و لما الواحد دخل الحياة العملية و شاف الدنيا اكتر و اكتر و اتفتحت عينة على حاجات تانية ( زى الحقد و الغيرة و الحسد و حب ال [...]

    4. I think this is a horrible book. Written well enough, sure, whatever, but just so very, very wrong, unless you have no morals. At least with Machiavelli you could make the excuse that he wasn't so much advocating what he said, but merely describing reality. This guy is advocating evil. As I read it I couldn't help wondering how many politicians actually think this way.If I ever met someone who actually liked this book and wanted to live their life according to it, I would never hire that person, [...]

    5. يُعتبر الكتاب نسخة محدّثة وأكثر عمومية لكتاب الأمير لمؤلفه ميكافيللي؛ فبينما ركّز الأخير على القواعد الواجب اتّباعها لتحقيق الانتصارات السياسية وفرض السطوة، اتكأ روبرت جرين على حوادث تاريخية، سياسية وغير سياسية، لاستنباط قواعد تساعد في فهم طبيعة النفس البشرية بشكل عام، [...]

    6. “Men are more ready to repay an injury than a benefit, because gratitude is a burden and revenge a pleasure.”— Tacitus, C. (A.D. 55-120)"a woman who is interested in a man wants to see that other women are interested in him, too. Not only does that give him instant value, it makes it all the more satisfying to snatch him from their clutches." -Robert Greene"Everything in seduction however, depends on suggestion. You cannot announce your intentions or reveal them directly in words.""By say [...]

    7. This book belongs in the category of sad-but-true. For those who have a moral objection to the amoral approach of the authors presentation, I understand your feelings, but I think you miss the point. No matter how we feel about the dubious power plays that have occurred throughout history and that occur in our contemporary private and public lives, the fact is that they exist. Here are 48 approaches to power that you will either attempt to use or you will experience them being used against you a [...]

    8. Did you ever notice how sometimes the right book comes along at the right time? I bought this book way back in '01, almost as a joke--it was so politically incorrect, but mostly for the stellar historical references-- remember, he who forgets the past is destined to repeat it. Little did I realize this tome was to become one of the most dog-eared and spine-cracked books in my collection. Initially, I was trying to make sense of the havoc that schemers and liars were wreaking upon me. I used to b [...]

    9. I hated every word of this manual for the soulless. It's a perfect example of exactly what's wrong with Big Pharma, big business, Wall Street, and in short capitalism as it's currently practiced. This book, which is kinda-sorta a synthesis of many previous Me First directives (Machiavelli leaps to mind), is a handbook on how to fuck over everyone you come in contact with, in order for you to get "ahead" and "succeed". It'd be awesome for sociopaths and wanna-be-CEOs. It plunged me into despair. [...]

    10. For all the readers and reviewers who don't "get" or like this book, here's what you are not getting: It is fact. This book is not teaching anyone to be amoral. It is teaching you how people really are in the real world. It separates the behaviors and tactics of people in history who have succeeded and failed into the 48 "Laws". It is an explanation of power in the only way it can be expressed. If you don't want to be a deceitful heartless prick who does whatever he can to whomever all for perso [...]

    11. I completely misunderstood what I was about to read when I got this book. I foolishly thought it was going to be a strongly researched and thoughtful historical investigation into the nature of power with 48 astute observations similar to Good to Great or other thoughtful research.This books is probably written for and is appealing to the shallow and overconfident who seek to take more from the world than they give by using the perpetually infantile "well, they're doing it!." If you are committe [...]

    12. There are some engaging principles here that make you consider the principle of power from different vantage points -- This book is for those who already have a strong moral center as you find that the author meanders and introduces you to novel approaches to accquiring power --- often times at the expense of values. In many ways, this book is Machiavellian in scope and re-modifies many of the same principles in The Prince for our more modern age. If you're looking for a short-cut to get to the [...]

    13. في مسلسل عربي، كان فيه واحد غنى بيدي موظف رشوة فالموظف بيقول له: بتديني رشوة؟ فالغنى بيقول له لأ دي مش رشوة دي عربون محبة فالموظف قال اذا كان كده ماشي وأخدهاالكتاب ده الصح انك تسميه رشوة لكن مؤلفه مسميه عربون محبةيعني الكتاب اسمه قواعد القوة والمفروض يبقى قواعد الدناءةهذه ا [...]

    14. قرأت قبل كدا كتاب الأمير (أو جزء كبير منه) لكن من اللحظة اللي قرأت فيها مقدمة الكتاب دا عرفت إنه مختلف تماماًأعتقد لو ميكافيللي قرأ الكتاب دا ممكن يقدسه! 48 قانون للقوة بأستخدام أساليب ما بين كذب وغش وخداع ودهاء يتطلب تفكير وتدبيرأعتقدت إن الشر سهل، الكتاب أقنعني إنه فن!الحقيق [...]

    15. This is really an unique book that serves both as a manual as well as a reading of the history of power and how it was used through the ages. I imagine most read this book to get insight into business transactions or self-help - but what is fascinating are the examples that are used to show certain aspects of obtaining or getting power. That and Robert's other two books "The Art of Seduction" and the War one are important studies on the nature of those subject matters.Really unique and interesti [...]

    16. A book of wisdom, a compilation of tactics, hordes of to-avoid mistakes, rich set of brilliant tested ideas for thriving. Although many of the rules might seem devilish, they'd better be considered as lessons to be aware of in perilous social life. This book is unspeakably well written. Everyone can definitely benefit having it read for its lessons are ones that have been tested and utilized throughout the history by bold figures. I really enjoyed this book and learned an intense amount of knowl [...]

    17. Let me start by stating that I was EXTREMELY skeptical about this book, though I had heard so much about it prior to reading it (I don't know, maybe it was the mood I was in). My first thoughts while reading the preface were "Oh godease don't let this be another book written from the point of view of an arrogant, self centered, self absorbed, narrow minded individual who only sees the world from his end of the spectrum, and believes that without his personal philosophy the rest of us mere mortal [...]

    18. This is Machiavelli updated for the everyman (and woman). Robert Greene is educated as all get out and he puts it out there for everyone to see. Really, the only way you can make arguments for the positions he takes is by citing historical example, (i.e. the laws of power are immutable and unchanging and here's all my examples throughout history to explicate that). Machiavelli really only relied on his own times (Renaissance Italy which of course was populated with characters like Cesare Borge w [...]

    19. Robert Greene has done an excellent job of distilling how power works at the macro level, among great generals, statesmen, larger-than-life seducers, and even top CEOs at Fortune 500 companies. But most of us do not experience power in the way that is presumed by these examples. Most of us experience a much more fluid, shifting, and consensus-based form of power among people whom we must work with over and over again over many years and cannot afford to treat as disposable. This book is of limit [...]

    20. كيف تسيطر هذا الكتاب تجمّع لتجارب بشريّة على مدى 3000 آلاف عام، يلخصها روبرت غرين ويأخذ منها الزبدة في 48 قانوناً للقوة، إن طبقت هذه القوانين، فاستعد لتكون من أصحاب السطوة اللامتناهية.“لا تتفوق على رئيسك لا تثق كثيراً باصدقائك لا تعلن عن نواياك تحدث دوماً بكلمات قليلة اسحق خصم [...]

    21. Also posted on my blog: i'mbookedindefinitelyIn the confines of my sociological classes, where my known companions were Locke, Hobbes, Machiavelli, Rousseau, and Mills, saying that I loved this book would perhaps even amount to an affront to the value I have assigned to it back then. When I entered law school and got oriented in the ways of the law, the cunning, ruthless, and decisive ways of the legal world, I appreciated this book. It was practical and in these present days it simply made sens [...]

    22. I couldn't stomach this book so to be fair I only finished about a quarter of it so I can't speak for the whole thing. A friend recommended it to me. It seemed to justify selfishness on these somewhat flawed ethics-based arguments. I think it's a recommended reading for business majors. Some folks love it. A good book to check out on power that takes a somewhat different approach is Thich Naht Hanh's "The Art of Power".

    23. The book is little more than a collection of conflicting laws that are supported only by anecdotal evidence. Good for entertainment and historical vignettes but no real substance or takeaways here.

    24. I've seen many people disliking this book because it's evil. What they do not understand that this book is meant to be evil. And in its execution, it was spectacular. This book is a classic. I think the world is a horrible place because good people don't understand evil scheme, or can't plot evil scheme when its necessary to fight the evil. As evil minds are generally ruthless in executing their schemes, they win most of the time. To fight it, you must play dirty when necessary. That being said, [...]

    25. الحياة مليئة بالاخطار واذا كنت مغفلا ستلتف حولك الذئاب والانعزال ليس حلا لانه يحرمك من الحصول على المعلومات التي تفيدك في حياتك يجب ان تختلط بهم وتمشي وسطهم وتصنع لك اتباعا تجدهم في الاوقات الصعبة. يجب ان تتعلم كيف تغير شكلك من اسد الى نمر الى خنزير الى ضأن الى ثعلب الى شجرة ا [...]

    26. Imagine if you will, that one awkward asperger-syndrome kid in the college dorm who sits in the game room reading the art of war all the time and generally being an out of touch borderline creep. You know the guy I mean. The dude who has about eight separate motivations for going to lunch with you, and thinks that picking up the tab will put you forever into a wookie life debt for him.This book was written for people like him. It's like a how-to manual for wannabe sociopaths, and is two parts hi [...]

    27. إنه لعبء ثقيل قراءة هذه النوعية من الكتب عندما تزيد عدد الصفحات عن ٧٠٠ صفحة تعرفت على الكتاب عندما شكوت لأحد من أصدقائي خبث بعض زملائي في العمل فأقترح الصديق هذا الكتاب وأضاف بإنه يستخدم بعض قواعده معظم القواعد الموجودة ممكن تطبيقها في الحياة لكن بعضها لا ينطبق مع قيمنا الد [...]

    28. و كل ما كان يبدوا ساحرا اسرا من قبل ظهر على حقيقته كنوع من التأمر القبيح

    29. أتسائل حقا هل يكمن لأحد تحقيق القواعد كلها!؟هل الحصول على القوة يتطلب شيئا ؟هناك أشخاص قرأت عنهم لا يقال عنهم إلا ثعالب بحق :-) استعرض الكاتب علينا 48 قاعدة تستطيع من خلالهم ان تسيطر على الوضع من حولك،، معظم هذه القواعد فيها خداع ولا تتسم بالشرف وربما يكون واقع ان تعيش هكذا وسط [...]

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