Chains of Frost

Chains of Frost Three Fates Three Sisters When a will from her dead father decrees Chloe into the protection of the renowned vampire commander Tyrian en Kulev she does what any woman would do and casts a spell Thin

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  • Title: Chains of Frost
  • Author: T.A. Grey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Three Fates Three Sisters.When a will from her dead father decrees Chloe into the protection of the renowned vampire commander, Tyrian en Kulev, she does what any woman would do and casts a spell Things get worse for Chloe when the spell she and her sisters perform summons an ancient demon from deep within the earth Now she s being hunted by a demon set on killing her aThree Fates Three Sisters.When a will from her dead father decrees Chloe into the protection of the renowned vampire commander, Tyrian en Kulev, she does what any woman would do and casts a spell Things get worse for Chloe when the spell she and her sisters perform summons an ancient demon from deep within the earth Now she s being hunted by a demon set on killing her and must live at the aptly named Castle Death with the king of cold, Tyrian Surprisingly, Chloe finds that she doesn t mind her new Protector so much His cold, impassionate nature needs a firm push to show his true colors, and Chloe thinks she s just the one to do it.Tyrian en Kulev always pays his debts When Francis Bellum dies and orders Tyrian to act as his eldest daughter s Protector, Tyrian resigns himself to the position What should have been a simple deal keep her in the castle, protect her has turned difficult Chloe comes to him with a demon trying to kill her and a sexy attitude that keeps invading his thoughts everywhere he goes The little succubus easily grabs hold of the heart he d kept locked away for so long and makes him feel once again But can they defeat the demon that haunts her and can Tyrian overcome his past and move on to a new future with Chloe Chains of Frost is a full length novel.

    One thought on “Chains of Frost”

    1. 3.5 Deliciously Hot StarsCommander Tyrian (Brooding Alpha Vampire)So you can just imagine the shock Tyrian felt when his friend of a thousand years up and died and left him something in his will. Tyrian is an 1100 year old vampire warrior. But not just any warrior. He commands all vampire warriors and monitors the rift that leads to the Demon realm. They fight to keep demons from entering earth. So Tyrian is not just surprised, but pissed, when his friend names him to be the Protector, and Mate [...]

    2. At first I thought this was going to be a winner for me. Three sisters are promised to three different powerful men on their 29th birthday per their fathers wishes after his death. The sisters cast a spell hoping that their protectors won't be able to get to them. Instead they free an ugly demon from the depths of hell that is after one of them. On the night before their birthday they run. One is being stalked by the most powerful werewolf around. The other has been kidnapped by the most powerfu [...]

    3. 4 stars"I command that on the day of your birthday you will be delivered to Commander Tyrian en Kulev, Leader of the Atal Warriors, Champion of the Vampires and Protector of Humanity, to be Protected by, to facilitate a relationship with, and to mate and breed with."After the death of their father, Chloe, Willow and Lily all receive his final gift; the names of their Protectors, the succubus’ chosen male, who would care for their every need. On the 29th birthday of a Succubus, they reach their [...]

    4. I was pretty disappointed in the way this book was written.It was an interesting (if a tad unoriginal) premise for the PNR genre: Three sisters are, after their father's sudden death, bestowed upon three men whom they have not met before.That's pretty much a classic storyline. Chick meets the guy she presumes is evil, dangerous and so on, she falls in lust, they have sex = love.I know the drill.And I don't mind the simplicity of the genre, or I wouldn't be reading any of it.So what was wrong wit [...]

    5. OOH! So good O.oFirst of all, I discovered T.A Grey on Facebook, via Brynn Myers website. I didn't know about T.A before and I didn't know about her Bellum Sisters series. The first book: I liked the cover (cover whore as I am) and I decided to read the blurb: oh la la! I instantly click and bought the book. Second, I wasn't disappointed by my purchase! I used to take only ''free'' eBook on , (since I don't have a Kindle) because it took me forever to read on my computer. Chains of Frost was the [...]

    6. “There are some men who make a woman wonder how good he is in bed. Some men are so sexy they make a woman wild. And then there are men who are so wrapped up in their work they can’t see what’s good for them. You are all of the above, Tyrian.”This book was surprisingly good. I actually thought this would suck, or at least boring. But you got hot, steamy, wild sex and some awesome characters. You got like 4 different pov's, which again, i thought would be too much but boy was i wrong. Thou [...]

    7. Ok I'm currently on T.A Grey splurge. I found her books a few days ago, and this is the first review I'm writing for her even though it's like the 8th book I've read from her many number of books.I've really been enjoying her style of writing for these paranormal books. I was skeptical about starting this series because ( I know this may seem shallow ) her title just sounds really cheesy.I thought it would have been something like young adult. Really immature heroines. unnecessary love triangles [...]

    8. Chains of Frost (Book 1 of the Bellum Sisters Series)by T.A. GreyLet me begin by saying this: I had never read a paranormal erotica romance before. I have read several different books in the separate genre, but never one where all three genres come together. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.The book began with three sisters reading their father’s last will and testament after he was killed in a war between demons, vampires, and shapeshifters. They were raised by their father to be str [...]

    9. I'd say I half loved half diliked Chains in frost, though I will be buying the second in the series so I can make up a more definitive conclusion.Succubus great, vampires, shifters and demons even god damn better. The components of chains of frost were excellent, the plot it's self, though rather silly in places, was engaging and enjoyable.The execution of the story was ok. For starters I knew this was erotica, I was well prepared for lots of sexy time. I wasn't however prepared for nearly half [...]

    10. *FAN AND FAN AGAIN*Great read. The Bellium Sisters have just recieved their dads will in the mail. In his will he has giving each girl away to a different man. They are all shocked that he would do this to them. Especially since he always believed that a person should be with someone b/c of love. Most of their kind do arrangements b/c they believed that their dad was different. Chloe and Willow are twins and have just turned 29. Lily is their sister and she is 1 year younger than them. As a succ [...]

    11. I really liked this book. It's a pretty light read but I enjoyed it and I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

    12. "Chains of Forest" is the first story in the Bellum sister series, and the story of Chloe and Tyrian.Chloe, Willow and Lily are three succubi sisters, who are close. When their father unexpectedly die, they discover he has handed all three to separate men- to become their protectors. Shocked, as to how the father who taught them never to bow to a man- handed them over to three strangers- they come up with a plan to summon a protection spell, which goes horribly wrong as it ends up unleashing the [...]

    13. I didn’t really know what to expect from this book. I’m glad to say that this was a good, hot paranormal erotica. There was enough of everything, sex, romance, drama, and action to make this a nice read. Considering the elements involved, a trio of sisters, the Bellum sisters, who are succubi who needs to have sex at least once a day to survive and have been given to three of the most powerful males in the paranormal world by their deceased father for protection, the book could have gone ove [...]

    14. I was in HEAVEN while I read this story. Complete heaven. I haven't been reading too much paranormal romance lately just one here and their. PR is my first love. So coming back and reading this felt like home. I don't have one complaint while I was reading this. Their was NEVER a boring time in this. It started at a great pace and just kept on picking up speed the further you got into the story.This book had soo much going on. But even with soo much going on it was easy to keep up with it. This [...]

    15. How do I write a review of this book, maybe I should point out that this genre is not my normal preference as I am more of a Urban Fantasy or PNR kind of girl. I was intrigued by the plot and the story of the three Succubi who were being gifted on their 29th Birthday to Alpha male type men. After the death of their father the three women all received letters advising them that they had new protectors who would look after them. This story mainly deals with the eldest daughter Chloe who was given [...]

    16. This book nearly got a three star review from me. Probably would have if I hadn't been tempted to toss my Kindle in the trash after getting to the major sin 46% the way through the book. At first, it was the typical fluff I like in my romances: not realistic and with a guy who is hot but still acts like an ass. If I recall, for some reason this came up under BBW romances, and it didn't have that in there. "Slightly not skinny" is not the same thing as BBW, so I have no idea why it was placed the [...]

    17. Paranormal Erotica. You've been warned. TA Grey finally found her writing stride! The Kategan Alphas were enjoyable- but mostly for the straight up smut. Here, she's really fleshed out her writing ability and these are interesting, semi-plot driven paranormal erotica. The 3 Bellum Sisters are Succubi. On their 29th birthday, they no longer have to eat. They will survive on sex alone. It's an interesting premise (allowing for plenty of erotic happenings) as this story follows Chloe Bellum as she [...]

    18. I was introduced to this Author thru the "Kategan Alphas Series" (which I Highly recommend BTW) and I have not looked back since. Awesome Author who has solidly landed on My Favs List!! The Bellum Sisters is just as good. Incredible Female leads and Hot HOTT Heros with Heart-Stoping action & Pulse-Pounding Love scenes made this book VERY hard to put down. You do not want to miss out on this series!!

    19. I discovered TA Grey quite by accident while searching for paranormal romance. By the time I got done with the first in The Kategan Series, I was hooked!! I love to read TA Grey, she tells a story I can just sink into, stay up late reading & wait impatiently for her next book.

    20. Also reviewed on bookishaddict.wordpress★ ★ ★ – Finished, and found it okay, but with room for improvement.Chloe Bellum's life is one big mess. Literally. She’s a succubus, who is nearing her 29th birthday. In the supernatural world, this means that on the first New Moon after her birthday, she will have to survive on… well… sex. Now, that in itself probably wouldn’t be a problem. It is modern times; a young woman can be frisky if she wants. But, what she hadn’t accounted for w [...]

    21. Browsing when i came across this lovely free gem! I didn't know what to expect but i was pleasantly surprised!This book tells the story of three 21st century (slightly feminist there such a thing?) sister’s all of who are Succubus and will grow into their sexual maturity on their 29th birthday. Their father's sudden death and surprise will Shocks the girls into unleashing mayhem and sets in motion unforeseen events like domino's on a bender. The Will states that on their 29th birthday, Chloe [...]

    22. My edition: KindlePages: 322Series: The Bellum Sisters #1Rating: 3 starsReview: I have read another book by this author before. While it was a good book and I didn't fully like it. It wasn't a full winner for me and I didn't read the second book. This is another series by her that I thought it sounded good and I will give it a shot.Chloe soon finds out through her dad's will that Tyrian en Kulev the vampire demon killer is to be her protector. Willow, Chloe's twin sister will have the Alpha Lyon [...]

    23. The concept is interesting: upon their father's death, 3 sisters are given to men their father selected. As they were raised to believe they were more than simply chattel, the 3 sisters decide to cast a spell to maintain their freedom. (They're all succubi, and will still need to find daily sex partners, it will just be with partners of their own choosing. The worldbuilding isn't sufficient enough for me to know how well that will fly with general society.)Unfortunately, the spell goes awry and [...]

    24. Ty Ty Tyif only you were mine!I've read a few other T.A Grey books and loved them and somehow missed this series. These books are no different, kick ass leading ladies with delicious lead males.Can't wait for Lily's story, think this is going to be huge.Three sisters. Chloe, Willow and Lily. Fiercely protective of each other, living free lives, brought up by their father to be able to pick who they choose when they turn 29. Because everything changes when they turn 29 after the new moon. They no [...]

    25. T.A. Grey has written a magnificent erotic novel that will blow your mind away from the first page until the very end and will have you asking for more from this talent author. As Chloe,Willow and Lily were brought up not to depend on men they soon find out that their father has other ideas for them. As the sisters try and cast a spell it backs fires and soon unleashes something that will not stop until he has what he wants. As Chloe the eldest of the sister's soon finds out that her protector i [...]

    26. Three succubus sisters get some devastating news from their father’s last will and testament. They are each to be given into a strange man’s custody until they die. Of course the sisters are floored because having to depend on a man goes against everything their papa has taught them. The sisters are not having it and decide to create a spell to keep these men far away from them. Needless to say, the spell did not go according to plan and the sisters are in deeper trouble than they could ever [...]

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