A Companion to the Gothic

A Companion to the Gothic This Companion is a standard reference work for scholars and students of the Gothic from its origins to the present day Providing stimulating insights into Gothic writing its history and genealogy i

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  • Title: A Companion to the Gothic
  • Author: David Punter
  • ISBN: 9780631231998
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • This Companion is a standard reference work for scholars and students of the Gothic from its origins to the present day Providing stimulating insights into Gothic writing, its history and genealogy, it offers coverage of criticism of the Gothic and of the various theoretical approaches it has inspired and spawned.

    One thought on “A Companion to the Gothic”

    1. Another all-inclusive guide to all things Gothic fictional. Goes into the subject a little deeper than the other few books I've read. Possibly dry reading to anyone only peripherally interested.

    2. This book covers a LOT of aspects of the Gothic and I can see it making a good textbook for a uni course on the subject. Because it's so extensive, it is a bit overwhelming as a cover-to-cover read. A good resource, though.

    3. This volume claims to be a standard reference book for students of the Gothic, and that's what it really is. The selection of essays is varied and well-balanced, and it answers very much all questions that a beginning (or advanced) researcher in the field might ask.

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