Pride's Run

Pride s Run Seventeen year old Pride is a tracker a werewolf with a hunger for blood Taught to trick and to lure she is the perfect killing machine Kept leashed in the cellar by a master who is as ruthless as he

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  • Title: Pride's Run
  • Author: Cat Kalen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Seventeen year old Pride is a tracker a werewolf with a hunger for blood Taught to trick and to lure, she is the perfect killing machine Kept leashed in the cellar by a master who is as ruthless as he is powerful, Pride dreams of freedom, of living a normal life, but escape from the compound is near impossible and disobedience comes with a price.When she learns her masteSeventeen year old Pride is a tracker a werewolf with a hunger for blood Taught to trick and to lure, she is the perfect killing machine Kept leashed in the cellar by a master who is as ruthless as he is powerful, Pride dreams of freedom, of living a normal life, but escape from the compound is near impossible and disobedience comes with a price.When she learns her master intends to breed her she knows she has to run.Pride soon learns if she is to survive in the wild, she must trust in the boy who promises her freedom, the same boy she was sent to hunt.With life and death hanging in the balance the two find themselves on the run from the Paranormal Task Force officers who shoot first and ask questions later as well as her master s handlers.Can Pride flee the man who has held her captive since birth and find sanctuary in the arms of a boy who has captured her heart Or will her master find her first

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    1. Pride is a tracker, kept in a cellar by her master. She always hopes to one day escape and find freedom, so when her master plans to force her to breed to tame her, Pride knows she must run. As pride is on the run with a boy she feels a connection to but also the boy she was sent to track, she not only has to be on the look out for her masters handler and tracker but also the Paranormal Task Force, who is trained to shoot first ask later.I really enjoyed this story and am glad to be a part of th [...]

    2. Pride's Run is deep, dark and a tad bit disturbing. I really enjoyed it! Pride is an amazing character that is a complete joy to read about. Her struggles with her "flaws" and trust are realistic. The connection between Pride and Logan is also realistic, slow and iffy, not rushed or forced. Logan is kind and caring when it comes to Pride. Pride's Run has twists and turns that you never expected, keeping you on the edge of your seat the entire book. There is never a dull moment and I'm anxious to [...]

    3. Original Review @ Naomi’s Reading PalaceI have had Pride's Run sitting on my kindle for so long and I finally decided it was time to get into it. It has been a long time since I have read a shifter book and I enjoyed diving into Pride’s dark and twisted world as she tried to make her escape.I liked Pride; she was a determined girl who wants to break away from her master and where she has been confined all of her life. It’s a harsh way for any person to grow up in and it was sad to see the [...]

    4. I heard about this book via word of mouth and am so glad I picked it up.Cat Kalen pens a riveting tale, a YA thriller featuring werewolves on the run.She captures the teen voice and angst perfectly, and creates a page-turning, emotional read.

    5. TLDR Recap:Pride, a 17 year old werewolf, is pretty much a slave. Kept in a cage, she is only allowed out into the world when her master says so. When an opportunity arises for her to gain her freedom- something she wants more than anything- Pride takes it. But she is being hunted- and it’s not just her master who’s after her…Pride’s Run is a GraveTells “must read!”Thoughts:Pride has lived her whole life in captivity. Her sole purpose is to use her werewolf abilities to track, kill, [...]

    6. See the full review at: Read My MindMy Review:PRIDE'S RUN is a great paranormal YA. I have a fondness for shifter books, but don't actually read that many in the YA category. This book caught my eye with the synopsis right away. Usually shifters are at the top of the food chain in paranormal books. They're faster, more dangerous, and they are only part human. PRIDE'S RUN takes a look at the other side of the coin, where shifters are subjugated and controlled by humans. In fact, PRIDE'S RUN draws [...]

    7. Reviewed by: Rabid ReadsI value my sleep and will only very rarely give-up my 8 hours of rest for a book. A sacrifice that I was more than happy to make for Pride's Run. The title might have you thinking "cats" but don't be fooled; this story is 100% werewolf! The main character's point of view is raw and primal. I didn't have any problems seeing the wolf in her, that's for sure! Be prepared to be swept off your feet by Cat Kalen's writing! You will not be able to put Pride's Run down until the [...]

    8. PRIDE'S RUN, by Cat Kalen, is a journey of self-discovery for a young shifter who is on the run from her evil master. Pride has been caged up since she can remember and kills for her master's pleasure. When one of her tracking missions goes wrong, she jumps at the chance to escape with the boy she was supposed to kill. These two are on the run from their masters and the Paranormal Task Force, both who want to see them punished or dead. Pride goes through many changes and learns to break down her [...]

    9. The characters were thoroughly written and there's a plot twist (or two, I guess?) that make you do a double take, but all in all this is just a solid lead into the next book.Pride, named for being her parents' "pride and joy" - this is explained multiple times always thinks of herself as a runt and is therefore unworthy. But, she's a smart girl: she knows when to be submissive and when to give it her all. Although young in years (17) she is quiet mature, having lived through the murder of both [...]

    10. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsPride's Run begins with Pride being help captive by her Master. She's not the only one being held though. There are several of them like her, and when she finally gets the last straw she realizes she must get out before it's too late. That proves harder than she thought, and she ends up finding an ally named Logan along the way. However, Logan is also keeping secrets, and as they continue on their journey they must come to trust each other before it is t [...]

    11. My thoughts:I truly enjoyed this book. The characters are well developed and easy to invest in. The story is wonderfully written and nicely edited. Cate Kalen has a way with words and the ability to put the reader on the edge of their seat. I never would have guessed that this was a debut novel, this is quality writing!Pride and Logan are both fantastic characters, you can't help but fall in love with them. Stone, now he's another story; as a reader, I both loved and hated him depending upon whe [...]

    12. I didn't even make it through the first chapter of this book. I HATE books about slavery, torture, and other forms of subjugation/ victimization. That's exactly what this one is about. Eventually, the werewolf teen girl escapes and is on the run from the drug lord who held and abused her, but I didn't make it to that part. Yuck!

    13. Very boring for huge chunks. I also couldn't tell what they were supposed to be when they "shaded" - wolves? Hybrids? Hairier humans? It's not clear.

    14. So I read the blurb of this book and the words popping into my head were 'thrill', 'trauma', 'escape' and 'hunt.' All of which are pretty promising for a book to haveFour star material? And then of course the word 'romance' cropped upde me think that maybe,this book had what it takes to get up into the Hollywood star of fame region; Completely legendary. So, obviously, I started reading it, and realized that looks really can be deceivingFirst page in, hope is still shinning in my eyes, first and [...]

    15. Pride's Run feels like it's two different books mashed up together. There's the part, which is about Pride, our kick-butt heroine, and her life as a captive Lupher in a drug-lord's Compound. And there's the second part, the majority, where Pride plays second fiddle to a stereotypical YA alpha-male dude who irked me to no end.I really liked the Pride I got to know in captivity - she's smart, sassy, and looks out for her cell-mates. She might not be the strongest Lupher, but she can outthink most [...]

    16. 2.5 - 3 StarsThis one is a strange one.I inexplicably and abruptly completely lost interest at 73% read, I put it down and haven't picked it up again since.And the strange part is that I thought I was enjoying it up until that point.Thus the confused rating.The first half of the book was good, definitely worth 3 stars.The second half, well I'm not sure if I would have given it more than 2 stars if that's what the whole book had been like.I think the problem was that I started out reading one typ [...]

    17. I received Prides Run in return for an honest review from the publisher via NetGalley. Pride has spent her whole life in the captivity of her master living in cages. She is a werewolf who’s been trained to be a tracker who works for her master as a killer. Her parents are dead killed by the master, and now he has plans to mate her to Stone the alpha who hates her in hopes of breaking her. When at the last minute Pride is sent on a mission she knows this may be her only chance to get away befor [...]

    18. Originally Reviewed at:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating:5 out of 5 ControllersSource:Bewitching Book ToursReviewer:JenniferLately I’ve been shying away from werewolf books, well technically running in the opposite direction. But when I was approached to read Pride’s Run, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. And after reading the story, I’d definitely made the right choice. What initially drew me in was the cover. I’m a sucker for pretty cover art, and Pride’s Run is a perfect example. H [...]

    19. A thrilling YA paranormal romance, Pride's Run was a fantastic read. The action had me on the edge of my seat while the romance had me swooning over Logan. I really liked this lovely book.Pride was a strong character. She went through a lot as a captive of her master, but she refused to let anything break her. She was tough, determined, and I really liked her.Logan was the love interest and he was wonderful. He was very sweet and strong and determined to protect those he cared about. And, he def [...]

    20. Self-published freebies can be very hit-or-miss. I am pleasantly surprised to find that Pride's Run by Cat Kalen was a hit for me.Pride is a seventeen year old girl who is an enslaved wolf-shifter and tracker/hit-woman for a drug lord. Pride is one of those characters who is both intelligent and naive in a very endearing way. Despite her harsh life, which is described prett well by Kalen without being gory, Pride is compassionate and determined to free herself and those she loves while taking d [...]

    21. I really enjoyed this story. It was refreshing to get a wolf shifter story from a completely different point of view - a teenage girl. Pride is a young girl, an orphan, who lives in captivity. She is forced to track and hunt for her master, while given only the basic necessities in life. Failure to follow the rules is a painful price. But there isn't a moment that she isn't planning, watching, and waiting for her chance to escape. And there are a couple things that stand in her way. One, she has [...]

    22. Pride and the whole pack of wolves are living in captivity of a cruel master for many years. She dreams of freedom not only for herself but also for the whole pack. She spends her days thinking of ways to escape and find the compassionate pack of wolves that allegedly roam free in Canada. When she's about to escape, she learns that their master is planning on mating her with Stone, the alpha wolf of their pack. He became too cold and dominating alpha to her and the whole pack after their master [...]

    23. I am pretty reluctant to spend money on self pub stuff, as the quality can be poor and who knows what the writing may be like and I’m pretty picky. However this was on the Kindle Lending library, so I figured for free I would give it a try. It was ok. The main problem with the writing was it was very repetitive. I can’t count how many times she repeated this gorgeous boy is dangerous to me and I can’t show weakness. The wolves were not very well drawn. In wolf shape she often refers to the [...]

    24. I have not had much experience with wolf/shifter books. I'm not really sure, but I have always been hesitant of them in the past. Pride's Run is my first experience where a wolf is the main focus. And I have to say that I really enjoyed it! Pride starts out almost broken, but not in the way her master wants. She doesn't know how to trust anyone and she has no social skills at all. I felt so bad for her, she couldn't even accept friendship when it was presented to her. I wanted to see some charac [...]

    25. Let me first state that this would have been a four star if it hadn't been for major - and I do mean major- lay out issues in the kindle version. As this is a self published book, that does hit the ratings because it's something the author is responsible for. This greatly diminished my ability to enjoy the story.Otherwise Pride is an interesting twist on shifters, with the lead character, Pride, as a wolf shifter who has been raised in captivity by her Master. She's not the only one, there are o [...]

    26. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I'm a large fan of the shifter genre. Wolves, cats, hyenas, whateverif it's shifter books, chances are I'll at least give it a read. I'm glad I gave this one a chance. The material is dark, but likely not anywhere we haven't been before. Shifters being enslaved, forced to work for their owners to whatever nefarious purposes said owner may put them. Still, the author handles it fairly well (in my opinion). I enjoyed it, enjoyed watching the main character str [...]

    27. i rarely write reviews but i don't like giving a 2 star without clarification, thus a short explanation for people who might feel as i do.This books starts strong with Pride, a enslaved werewolf, with an unbroken spirit despite her situation and her masters efforts. At that point i have no complaints its basically as expected from the blurb, the problem arises when the romance comes into play. Mainly that its basically just a lust based romance, as soon as Logan shows up he runs the show. From t [...]

    28. more of a 2.5!i think the problem for me with this book is that i just wanted more. i loved the concept and when i began reading i was so involved with the story- i loved Pride and fell in love with Logan- but i just kept waiting for there to be more and more danger or for the bad guys (who she kept refering to) to show upbut they didnt! some other problems were some repetitive phrases like the 'pewter flecks in his eyes' and the PTF people were constantly refered to as the 'guys who shoot first [...]

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