Imaginary Friends

Imaginary Friends In New York Times bestselling author Terry Brooks reinvented the fantasy genre again publishing the contemporary fantasy masterpiece RUNNING WITH THE DEMON the first book in a trilogy of novel

  • Title: Imaginary Friends
  • Author: Terry Brooks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In 1997, New York Times bestselling author Terry Brooks reinvented the fantasy genre again, publishing the contemporary fantasy masterpiece RUNNING WITH THE DEMON, the first book in a trilogy of novels that would become known as the Word Void series.But in 1991, six years before RUNNING WITH THE DEMON, Terry Brooks began testing the mythos found in Word Void and wrote a taIn 1997, New York Times bestselling author Terry Brooks reinvented the fantasy genre again, publishing the contemporary fantasy masterpiece RUNNING WITH THE DEMON, the first book in a trilogy of novels that would become known as the Word Void series.But in 1991, six years before RUNNING WITH THE DEMON, Terry Brooks began testing the mythos found in Word Void and wrote a tale titled IMAGINARY FRIENDS, a short story published in the Lester del Rey anthology ONCE UPON A TIME IMAGINARY FRIENDS has been out of print ever since but no longer Jack McCall is ten days shy of his thirteenth birthday, a happy kid with wonderful parents, a great best friend, and a bright future But after a series of headaches forces him to visit the family doctor, Jack discovers a dark secret about himself, one that threatens to destroy him.All is not lost though In mysterious Sinnissippi Park where he is banned to tread, Jack discovers unexpected help from the most unlikely of friends and begins a quest to locate the most potent of magics one he needs if he is to survive.Here, for the first time in two decades, Terry Brooks fans can read the 8500 word short story IMAGINARY FRIENDS, featuring Sinnissippi Park and the first appearance of the elven creature Pick and his trusty owl Daniel

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    1. Found this one when I was looking at kindle books in the Shannara series, and thought I'd get it. Amazing how you sometimes stumble on true gems sometimes, isn't it? What can I say? - this is a tale of magic, and of courage, and of facing the things that scare us. As a cancer survivor, I can tell you, this story is exactly what each of us needs. Don't know if Terry Brooks reads reviews, but if he does, all I want to say is "Thank you, I needed that." Now I'm off to look for my own special littl [...]

    2. Read the review on my blog: Tim's Book ReviewsPremise: Jack McCall is a thirteen year old boy with good friends and a loving family that one day starts having headaches. What he learns from the doctor is devastating: he has cancer. His best friend Waddy Wadsworth is not as concerned as he is, since you hear stories of people getting over this type of thing all the time.Jack lives on the edge of Sinnissippi Park, where his imaginary friends Pick and his owl Daniel return to him from earlier in hi [...]

    3. This story was originally released years ago as part of a collection of modern fairy tales. That book has been out of print for a long time and Terry has rereleased the story as an ebook for a limited time. All sales of this ebook go to help pay for Terry's "Web Druid" Shawn Speakman's hospital bills for his cancer treatments.I originally purchased this ebook to help out Terry & Shawn, but the story won me over all on its own. The story takes place in the Word & Void setting. It's about [...]

    4. A nice prequel to Brook's Running with the Demon series where a young boy meets Pick, the elf who guards the forest.

    5. Recommendation: Coming in at only 27 pages, there’s not a lot to expound upon for this review. The story is a light read and a bit too fast for my tastes, but overall I’m glad I read it and I can’t wait to dive back into Shannara in the futureMy Response to Imaginary Friends: I feel like reading this after having read the entire Word & Void trilogy is what people who read Go Set A Watchmen after having loved and read To Kill A Mockingbird. (On a smaller scale, obviously.)Brooks wrote t [...]

    6. Pick is backI chose this book because the cover intrigued me. Than I read. The story plot. I sounded like something I would like. Than I discovered that Pick was in the story. Pick is one of my favorite characters and I had missed him. When I discovered Jack had Cancer I was hooked. I lost someone I loved dearly. And when I read about Mr Brooks friend I had to get it. Jack was having severe headache s but was afraid to tell his parents. I can relate to this because I had a lump in my breast and [...]

    7. This is a very short story that is the earliest piece that ties in all the Shannara stories. This is a little story preceding the Word & Void series. It was interesting. It has been awhile since I read the Word & Void books, so I'm looking forward to rereading them and seeing how this stories ties in. I really enjoyed the play between magic being real and not real at the same time. Is it real because he remembers it as being real with sensation and detail or is it just because he halluci [...]

    8. Quick short read. I think this is my 1st Terry Brooks story. I enjoyed it. Liked how the boy fights magical creatures as a way to deal with the cancer. I felt as if I was with him. The profits also go to help pay medical bills of a cancer survivor which made the story have added meaning.

    9. Woah, short story doesn't even begin to describe this. If you blink, you'll miss it. There's no real character development and the plot makes itself up as the story goes. Other than being in the same local as the Word & Void series there, as far as I can I cam remember, it has been a while since I last read the series. Taking a quick look around Google it seems the charactt Pick also appears in at least one, perhaps others of the series this story precedes, by how long? We don't know but the [...]

    10. IMHO Terry Brooks can do no wrong with his Shannara prequels and sequels. Brooks' books build a dynamic tension that increases from book to book even as each individual book holds its own as episodes in a greater epic. Good vs. evil, ethics, magic, elves, trollseverything that makes for a great fantasy can be found in his books.

    11. Story with a purposeImaginary Friends is short, of course, so there's not a lot of space for plot or character development. This story was written to deliver a message. It succeeded in that.

    12. Slaying Your Dragon "Fear"A really good yarn about eliminating the negative believing killer "FEAR" from one's life and conquering the death that is its fruit!

    13. Sweet parableGreat short story with a sweet message of believing in the power of your own belief. I can’t wait to have my son read this.

    14. Fun fast readIt's a good story if your looking for a short story to read in 30 minutes or less.A bit of insight to his fantasy.

    15. greatest book on the planetI liked everything about it and disliked nothing. Terry Brooks is clearly very talented in writing this book. Thank you, Terry!

    16. Very enjoyable bookI found this short story after reading the word and the void trilogy and loved it as much as them very good read 😀

    17. This is a short story about a young boy who learns that he has leukemia. Scared that he is going to die, Jack sneaks out to the woods at night to find a magical creature he met once years ago. Pick is the guardian of the Sinnissippi Woods and he is the only one that Jack feels can help him. This story is one that has been long out of print, but when the webmaster for Terry Brooks' website discovered he had cancer, Terry Brooks re-released it and donated all proceeds to the medical care of his lo [...]

    18. For any Terry Brooks fans, this is a reprint of a short story from 20 years ago that is a prequel to Running With the Demon. The author has re-released this story in ebook format for $2.99 for 90 days as a fundraiser for his website guru, Shawn Speakman.Speakman had a re-occurrence of cancer, but with the help of his doctor and chemotherapy, he's expected to make a full recovery. Unfortunately, he does not have insurance, and has a huge medical bill. The sales from this story will go toward his [...]

    19. A rather short story from Terry Brooks that takes place before the events that take place in the Word & Void series. This is a heartwarming story that does not require you to have read any of the Word & Void series or any of Terry Brooks novels to understand what is going on and it does not really setup anything in any other book. What it is is just a story with a happy message. If you like Terry Brooks' style of writing you will like this book and if you have never read any of his books [...]

    20. This is a short story about a 13 year old boy who is diagnosed with cancer. He ends up with Pick who is an elf the works to save a park from evil. The main character is thrust into action against a loose dragon.This story is meant as an inspiration as the dragon represents the cancer. On this account, the author succeeded with trying to get his point across and was a nice story. I believe the reason why I gave this a low rating is that I was expecting something else. I was expecting the author t [...]

    21. A nice story set in what was to become "The Word and Void" world. We get a sense of the ideas that eventually become "Running With The Demon". A nice feel good ending and I'm glad Brooks ended up changing several of the details for RWTD (much prefer Nest as a primary character and Pick is much better as a sylvan than an elf). In any case, a good read if you want to see where Brooks was starting to put his ideas together for RWTD.

    22. If you have read any of Brook's Shannara books, all you really need to know is that this is the earliest "Shannara story." The magical world of Shannara arose after mankind destroyed itself in World War III, but the magic existed before the war, it was just hidden, and almost all the people who can experience it are children. Maybe those unbelievable stories your children tell you are actually happening after all

    23. Made me slightly nostalgic for my childhood. Reminded me of when i first picked up the Shannara series. That being said this book is rated as such by me because i compared it to his earlier works. There are typos, which is ok because it was never meant for print but they are so simple it seems ridiculous. Anyways good read for how short it was

    24. Step into a tradition of storytellers, culture, healing, magic, happiness and tragedy.Truly a book that was worth each minute. I loved how the book not only served my amusement but also a fund-raising for a fellow of Terry Brooks. Wonderful! Wonderful!Take an opportunity to travel into a simple but complex fairy tale. Cycle of life, beauty, parenting, fear, loss, and wonderful book

    25. Not quite what I expected to begin with, but I really enjoyed "Imaginary Friends". Quite an interesting read. A sad but charming tale of a young boy fighting cancer with the help of his Elf friend, Pick.

    26. An interesting idea. Imagine meeting an elf who can help you beat the demon of cancer when you are just a teenager and too young to die. But, no one believes but you. Everyone with a serious disease needs an elf in their life.

    27. Awesome prelude to an epic world It brought magic mind & body together at a youthful age It is written in such a way that you never truly know how strong of an imagination or how hard this kid is in touch with reality.

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