Five Ways 'til Sunday

Five Ways til Sunday Sometimes a man s just gotta call for backup Delta Heat Book Marti Kowalski is all wrong for Officer Jackson Teague he just won t listen to reason She didn t finish high school runs a bar Has a tat

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  • Title: Five Ways 'til Sunday
  • Author: Delilah Devlin
  • ISBN: 9781609287009
  • Page: 146
  • Format: ebook
  • Sometimes a man s just gotta call for backup Delta Heat, Book 1Marti Kowalski is all wrong for Officer Jackson Teague he just won t listen to reason She didn t finish high school, runs a bar Has a tattoo and a blue streak in her hair Yet he still wants to marry her She can t say she s not tempted, but she s got a bucket list to complete before she ties the knot.Not jusSometimes a man s just gotta call for backup Delta Heat, Book 1Marti Kowalski is all wrong for Officer Jackson Teague he just won t listen to reason She didn t finish high school, runs a bar Has a tattoo and a blue streak in her hair Yet he still wants to marry her She can t say she s not tempted, but she s got a bucket list to complete before she ties the knot.Not just any bucket like a fifty five gallon drum of sexual wishes so explicit, there s no way one man, even Jackson, can fulfill them all.When Marti turns him down again, Jackson insists on knowing why That s when she shows him her list He takes it, thinks about it and calls on the only men he can trust four buddies from his academy graduating class.Between the five of them, he s sure they can come up with a plan to check off every item on her list in one wild, wicked weekend That is, if she has the nerve to follow through and if he can bear to share her Product WarningsContains five men on a mission to break down the resistance of one determined woman, using everything in their arsenal from BDSM accoutrements to roleplay of non consensual situations.

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    1. Welllllis is certainly a little scorcher! The book blurb spells out the plot (what little of it there is) quite nicely, but I'll summerize and add my two cents.Marti Kowalski is a bar owner with a bit of a wild, impulsive streak. She has an arm filled with tattoos, a blue streak in her hair, and is prone to picking up and moving wherever her desires and impulses take her. For the past months she's been dating a local cop, superstudly (as are all the cops in this book) Jackson Teague. Jackson and [...]

    2. I haven’t had such a dilemma like this with a book in quite a while. I like the characters. I like the story. Then I didn’t care for the story. Then I’d like it again, but I’d hit another snag several pages later. Mostly, I just don’t see this hero allowing such things to happen, even if his BFFs are involved.Jackson and Marti have a very active sex life – adventurous, sexy, and fun. In fact, the opening scene is quite fun, role playing behind Marti’s locked office door. I enjoyed [...]

    3. I REALLY enjoyed this hot book! Between the like-able characters, funny dialogue and observations, and panty melting sex scenes, I'll be reading the 2nd in the series soon! The story is far-fetched, but Hey, if we all wanted "real life" reads, we wouldn't be reading erotic romance. Marti, who runs a bar, turns down Jackson, her loving and sheet scorching boyfriend cop's offer of marriage. In a defensive move, she creates a sexual "bucket list" of sorts, to dissuade him from marriage. It includes [...]

    4. This one was OK. I thought Jackson and Marti were cute. I wanted to smack Marti though. Seriously? He's been banging you for a while, but you don't think you're good enough to marry? Whatever. But hey, your "bluff" list made for an interesting time. Not sure about the whole "sharing with your brothers" thing, but if it works for Jackson, I guess that's all that matters. Definitely better than strangers!The secondary story of the neighborhood thief probably could have been left out it wasn't supe [...]

    5. Romantic? Not so much.Marti Kowalski has a list of sexual scenarios she want to play out before she gets married. So her boyfriend whores out his buddies to her because he feels he can't fulfill Marti's dreams all by himself.I suppose this is a good fantasy, but I don't think that it translated very well to the written format. I generally like books that combine more than one male with a female, but this was beyond even my fertile imagination. Too bad since Delilah usually writes such good eroti [...]

    6. Do you have a fantasy wish list? I really enjoy these stories, where fantasies can be explored eagerly and safely. It's a simple plot tool, and this story uses it effectively. The sex is hot, and the dialog is just snarky enough to balance the intensity.

    7. I really liked this start to a new series. Jackson and Marti were good together and the sex scenes were HOT. It also doesn't hurt to have cops as the hero's. Yummy.Of all the other men, Mondo and Gus intrigue me the most.

    8. Totally hot and does exactly what it says in the title!This book is pretty full on from the first page with Marti and Jackson playing out one of their (and mineI?)) favourite role plays, rape fantasy. The fact that they’re in Marti’s office & Jackson is on duty, in uniform, with his partner playing lookout at the office door listening in just makes it all the hotter!!Despite the full on start to the story, and despite the fact that it stays pretty full on throughout, you really get a goo [...]

    9. This book reeled me in from go. As different as Jackson and Marti were, I liked them as a couple and found Jackson's attraction and devotion to his woman really sweet and very sexy. I actually found the role-playing games Jackson and Marti were experimenting with in the beginning super hot and was hoping for a lot more of that throughout the book. However, the book goes donwn a completely different path when Jackson asks Marti to marry him and she flat out turns him down. When he questions her r [...]

    10. Hmmmm. I'm giving 3.5 star to the steamy scenes, having sex with 5 men (well, only 2 at a time) aka menage always make my day. However, I can't buy the story. Jackson is obviously a caveman, someone who is territorial about his girlfriend and his best buddies know this. Just because Marti made a wish-list before settling down with him, he will automaticall give in to her sexual fantasies without even discussing the list? Had Jackson chose to sit down and talk this over with Marti, they do not ha [...]

    11. Jackson Teague & Marti Kowalski4 starsRead September 2013Read August 2016~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sometimes a man’s just gotta call for backup…Delta Heat, Book 1Marti Kowalski is all wrong for Officer Jackson Teague—he just won’t listen to reason. She didn’t finish high school, runs a bar. Has a tattoo and a blue streak in her hair. Yet he still wants to marry her? She can’t say she’s not tempted, but she’s got a bucket list to complete before she ties the knot.Not just any bucket [...]

    12. I got "Five Ways" after reading "A Perfect Trifecta." I wanted to read the first book in the Delta Heat series, thinking it may help round out some of the characters, and it didmewhat.Jackson Teague wants to marry Marti Kowalski, but she's refusing. Marti figures she can change his mind by giving him a list of 'things' she wants to do before she marries, but Jackson calls her bluff, and arranges with his friends to give Marti everything on her list.There's a lot of sex -- between Jackson and Mar [...]

    13. 3 1/2 StarsIf you had told me that a guy trying to fulfill his girl's fantasies with an all-night orgy with him and his four best friends would be sweet I never would have believed you. Jackson is determined to prove to Marti, and himself, that he can give her whatever she needs; even if that means letting her fulfill every dirty fantasy she has ever had.Short, but very good, with character and relationship development and some good set up for the series - each of Jackson's buddies will have the [...]

    14. Hot from the first page! I read this novella in one sitting. What I particularly liked about this story is the characters. They aren't just random people, they're a couple who obviously love each other. The blurb pretty much tells you the whole plot. While Jackson gets his buddies to help him fulfill Marti's fantasies, he's not just gung ho completely comfortable doing so. But he thinks if he gets Marti through her bucket list, then she'll have no more excuses not to marry him. So for him, the e [...]

    15. this was a sweet Hot read and wow wish the police in my town were as hot as Jackson lol. Jackson has been dating Marti for awhile now and he is head over hills in love with her and even her blue streak in her hair and her tat doesnt bother him. when he talks to her about long term she freaks out and finally he ask her to marry him but she says she has a sexual list to fill before she can get married so jackson buddies( policemen ) get involved to help her full fill her fantasys, but in thruth sh [...]

    16. Jackson Teague is one of those erotic heroes who transcends sexy books. A man who knows what he wants, loves a flawed and human woman, and will do anything he can to keep her.This isn't a vanilla Prince Charming tale, but a story that will make your toes curl with pleasure. It's not called Five Ways 'til Sunday for nothing, and if you aren't into menage, this book is definitely not your cuppa tea.Delilah writes her Delta Heat men with delicious detail, and her erotic scenes are blistering hot. T [...]

    17. This book has all three items I love when reading eroticahot sex scenes, believable characters and angood romance. Jackson and Marti seem to be perfect for each other. But when Martin first tells Jackson "no" to marriage, it seems puzzling. But when Martin produces a list of sexual adventures she wants to do before settling, Jackson nae his fellow officers are willing to fulfil them so she will say yes. The camaraderie betwwen the guys is realistic and funme lines are laugh out loud funny. But a [...]

    18. So I DEVOURED three books in this series in the same number of days. I enjoyed Marti and Jackson. It was fun to see both what was on Marti's list and also how Jack got creative with it all.Short, but juicy. Not complex. Not really complex characters or a complex story line. There is some story line, but mostly a lot of sex and partners and just raunchiness. Even a little crime aspect (since Jackson is a cop, after all), but nothing to get too worked up over.Fun. Glad I stumbled on it.

    19. There was no point to this beyond sex, which I don't necessarily have a problem with. My issue is when half-hearted plot devices (in this case, a string of robberies) are added to make a story into something that it's not. Then, Delilah added insult to injury by not even solving the mystery of the serial robber. The bar is robbed and then they go to a barbecue. That's it? Why did you bother wasting my time? Ugh, two days after reading it, I'm still sulking about it.

    20. Marti runs the bar, Jackson is a Police Lieutenant with some good friends. They really like each other & Jackson wants it all! But Marti has a Bucket / Sexual Adventure List. She doesn't want to marry before working thru her List. What to do?I love the Series! I've read them all! So start here & work through them, I promise you they're worth it!!Enjoy!!!

    21. While there certainly is some sex with more than two people to classify this as a menage, know that it is not for a long-term commitment. The multi partner grouping is a one-time thing.One thing that did bug me about this story is that there was no resolution in regards to catching the burglar. Thought it might spill into the next story but it didn't.

    22. Delilah Devlin can write a great romantic, sexy, fun, interesting tale. I liked Jackson and Marti right away. When his friends decide to help, they are terrific, especially Mondo. Deep feelings, fun romance, it's an interesting story. I love a good romance. Maybe we'll get to read about one of his buddies next !! Enjoy !!

    23. This book was just OK for me. Lots of very hot sex, but it seemed a bit mechanicalme of the emotion was missing. I didn't feel like the characters were very well developed. On the positive side, well written and some very sexy scenes!

    24. "I really enjoyed the bucket list, you know Marti writes it thinking Jackson won’t be able to follow through, but she has underestimated a man in love." Full review on Sensual Readssensualreads/?p=8533

    25. I liked the book although it could use just that little bit more action. It's a rather short story so that probably explains the little action.It did have some 'interesting' scenes though :)Overall a good erotic read :)

    26. This book was good, bad, and strange. I love the vivid details of all the hot scenes, but found it unbelievable that a guy in love would go through that 'list' she had. My jaw dropped a few times and others I just found it to unbelievable.

    27. I'm very disappointed now. This story is so cliché. You can predict nearly all moves and scenes in it. The worst thing is by the time you finish this book, the characters will begin to stay vague, or I can say confusing, on your mind forever.

    28. HOT!!! Oh manThis had my fantasy list growingYum the ideas. Oh man. I had to finish this book as soon as I got it.

    29. Only took a few short hours to read this book. It was a decent little read but not that amazing OMG book.

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