Still River

Still River In a stark and haunting debut novel Harry Hunsicker introduces Dallas P I Lee Henry Oswald a Special Forces veteran of the Gulf War whose work begins where legal options end He bears a killer s name

  • Title: Still River
  • Author: Harry Hunsicker
  • ISBN: 9780312940904
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a stark and haunting debut novel, Harry Hunsicker introduces Dallas P.I Lee Henry Oswald,a Special Forces veteran of the Gulf War whose work begins where legal options end He bears a killer s name Lee H Hank Oswald inherited from his bull headed father than just a name It s not that he looks for trouble he just can t seem to keep out of its way Fortunately bIn a stark and haunting debut novel, Harry Hunsicker introduces Dallas P.I Lee Henry Oswald,a Special Forces veteran of the Gulf War whose work begins where legal options end He bears a killer s name Lee H Hank Oswald inherited from his bull headed father than just a name It s not that he looks for trouble he just can t seem to keep out of its way Fortunately being named Oswald in Dallas makes a man tough enough to get the job done, no matter what side of the law he s forced to walk He seeks a missing brotherThings get even rougher for Hank when he agrees to help an old friend find her troubled brother She swears Charlie s quit the drugs for good, now that he s got a job in real estate But Hank s barely taken the case when he discovers that the Dallas real estate wars can be as vicious and dirty as anything he d encountered on the battlefield He s found three suspects and a hundred ways to die Before long, three prime suspects emerge a ruthless Dallas dealmaker a rising young real estate developer and community activist and one of the city s most notorious, and deadly, drug lords Digging through the muck to find something to tie these three together and to Charlie Hank comes to one unmistakable truth For the right price, a man might do anything.

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    1. A private eye in Dallas is hired by a woman he knew in high school to look for her missing brother; when the brother turns up an apparent suicide in a crack house, the cops are ready to buy the scenario but our hero, of course, isn't. Sniffing out the truth takes him into deep waters, where the Dallas underworld and Old Dallas Money intersect. Standard P.I. stuff, competently written, a bit more violent than the usual P.I. tale, with ex-military types taking on heavily armed gangsters, shootouts [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this novel. It is fast-paced with interesting and sympathetic characters. The prose is tight and the dialogue realistic. Hunsicker does such a great job of weaving in backstory that I wish there were previous novels to read that detail the adventures hinted at throughout this one. I look forward to reading many more from this author.

    3. I just finished reading STILL RIVER this morning, and feel like this is one of those times when it's important to write a review -- when you come across a book you liked so much that there was never a moment reading it when you wished you were doing something else.Hunsicker's P.I. Lee Henry Oswald is a tough guy, sterotypical yes, but in all the ways that make reading P.I. novels really fun. He's definitely a hardboiled character in line with all the classics I love -- Philip Marlowe, Lew Archer [...]

    4. When your name is Lee Henry Oswald and you live in Dallas, Texas, you need to be a tough guy. Lee Henry (“call me, Hank”) is as tough as they come on the outside, but nougat on the inside. He lives in a house he is restoring and works in old East Dallas, sharing an office in a house with two other people: Ferguson Merriweather, a lawyer and David March Howell, a real estate appraiser. He shares his house with an elderly chocolate lab named Glenda. He is unable to resist Vera Drinkwater, the [...]

    5. STILL RIVER (Private Investigator-Dallas-Cont) – G-Hunsicker, Harry – 1st bookThomas Dunne Books, 2005- HardcoverPI Lee Henry "Hank" Oswald is a Gulf War approached by a former schoolmate to find her brother, a former drug addict and alcoholic. Hank's dying partner, Ernie, asks Hank to help his niece, Nolan, also an investigator. The case evolves to include murder, violent drug dealers and a major real estate scam.*** Some have compared this book to Lehane and Connelly. While I understand th [...]

    6. The best crime fiction has a sense of place. When people talk lovingly about the hard-boiled detective fiction from back in the day, they're talking about novels that wallow in the setting--typically Los Angeles. The same is true of the films. George Pelecanos makes you feel like you live in DC. James Ellroy does the same for LA. Lehane has Boston. There's a long list of authors associated with New York. I was curious to see if I could find someone who wrote about a place familiar to me. Hunsick [...]

    7. 10/29/07TITLE/AUTHOR: STILL RIVER by Harry HunsickerRATING: 3.5/C+GENRE/PUB DATE/# OF PGS: Mystery/2005/277 pgsSERIES/STAND ALONE: 1st in Lee Henry Oswald series TIME/PLACE: Present/Dallas CHARACTERS: Lee Henry Oswald/PI, Gulf War Vet FIRST LINES:Vera Drinkwater had been a slut in high school, or so they said. According to Artie Galbreath, she'd traded a blowjob for tickets to REO Speedwagon in the back of his Goodtimes van, the kind w/ the shag carpet on the walls. Artie was the class dealer &a [...]

    8. Maybe 3 1/2 for this one. It's a new author for me. (Thanks, Ed!) The series is based in Dallas, with a PI whose unfortunate name (Lee Henry Oswald) causes him some discomfort in that city in particular. I like the characters, which is important to me above all else in a book. Lee Henry (Hank) is somewhat evocative of Robert Parker's Spenser. He's emotionally mature, self-confident, and surrounded by odd but lethal sidekicks. This book even supplies him with a character who does some psychologic [...]

    9. Lee Henry Oswald, Special Forces veteran of the Gulf War, is a private investigator in - wait for it - Dallas, Texas. It makes him tough. He agrees to help an old friend locate her missing brother, who supposedly quit a drug habit and is now working in real estate. Trying to connect three prime suspects; a rising young real estate developer, a community activist, and a notorious drug dealer with Charlie, the missing brother, Hank discovers an unmistakable truth: "For the right price, a man might [...]

    10. A fairly formulaic detective novel except. . . it's by a local author and set in Dallas. In fact, the fictional detective's office is just a few blocks from my house. It was fun to read about places I knew, and the mess that is Trinity River development (something that continues to be a huge issue around here), but it wasn't so fabulous that I'll check out the other Lee Henry Oswald mysteries. Yep, you read that character name correctly. It's almost too much.

    11. I loved this bookh and moodyHank Oswald is the Dallas version of Phillip Marlowe. I lived in Dallas for 10 years and could not get over Hunsicker's precise directions that he described when Hank rolled down the street. His descriptions are so vivid that I could actually see each scene as I readw that doesn't happen to me very much anymore. A definite pick for noir detective lovers.

    12. A simple assignment turns deadly when Oswald asks the right questions in the wrong places, and finds himself drawn into a shadowy world of smooth-talking drug lords and double-dealing real estate developers. In the end, he learns that blood is not always thicker than water, especially the muddy tributaries of the Trinity River, where he confronts the deadly results of his own decisions as he races to save the life of his partner.

    13. Being from Dallas, was excited to get into Hunsicker. Good story with a strong flow. I couldn't get over the detailed trip-descriptions every time Oswald went somewhere. It was if HH pulled up a google map and detailed every turn and sign-postbut maybe that was just an effect of being familiar with the area. Rating "3+".

    14. Tough Dallas PI Lee Henry Oswald is hired to find one of his childhood buddies. He finds a big real estate conspiracy.I have mixed feelings about this one. While I liked the mystery and most of the action, I actively disliked Oswald. He just seemed like a prig to me. This made it tougher for me to like the book.Maybe Oswald is an acquired taste.

    15. This is my kind of detective story! Fast-paced writing with a good mystery. The PI, Oswald, is the wry, tough-as-nails guy you'd expect, while his buddies are what you wouldn't expect. It all works perfectly. Can't wait to read the next one!

    16. Probably the greatest interest for this book is its Dallas setting. It does for Texas for James Lee Burke does for southern Louisiana. If you like noir PI books, you'll probably like this one.

    17. Loved reading about all of the very familiar Dallas sites! I could picture the settings throughout the book.

    18. The book started out as a good, solid P.I. mystery. Sadly, 2/3 of the way through it degenerated into hyper-violenct over action.

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