A story of an adolescent who revealed his mind relating to small little things happening to his daily life

  • Title: वनवास
  • Author: Prakash Narayan Sant
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback
  • A story of an adolescent who revealed his mind relating to small little things happening to his daily life

    One thought on “वनवास”

    1. Vanvas is a gem from Marathi literature. Lampan and his short stories will take you back to your mad school days. The curiosity about the world while growing up is very well penned by Prakash Sant. Beauty in simplicity and with great details are the take aways.Oajhh and Chakra are my personal favourites. Happy reading :)

    2. After a long wait for the book. Finally I got it and just finished it. I am expecting much more from this book. There is no doubt the life and innocence of Lampan portrayed in a very good form. However, it is not that intriguing , I found shala and Dunayadari more absorbing and I can imagine same scenario in my life while reading both the books. But with vanvas ,the level was not even near. Although comparing Shala and Vanvas is not my intention, but expectation of mine not satisfied.

    3. The book, set in a quaint town, warms you with sweet experiences- sometimes silly, sometimes mundane at other times peculiar. The author's childhood memories are often close to our own.Loved the book.

    4. पुस्तक वाचताना या मॅड लंपुच्या प्रेमात सात हजार दोनशे सदुसष्ट वेळा आपण पडतो, बघा तुमची शाळा आठवते का ?

    5. one of the best book in the genre. Gives goosebumps about growing years and wonderful simple lives back then.

    6. A Maaaadddddd book.Lampan & his story in a typical kannada-marathi tone surprisingly captures your mind. Since most of the parts in the story could be easily related to your childhood so it becomes most enjoying experience. The book contains around 12 short stories & all of them reveal Lampan's mind & his little thoughts towards his small world filled with mom/dad/his little bro & sister, his grandma/grandfather, his village, his school, his friends & all the neighbourhood.

    7. The entire series is must read for anyone who is looking for some good stuff in marathi literature.Its a world of "Lampan"(the growing kid) and his world in village.I loved the writing style of this author. He has kept it simple to its core. Simple yet very beautiful characters make you fall in love with them.Its for every age group. In case you are parent read it out for your child.

    8. लंपनच्या दृष्टीतून त्याच्या आसपास घडणाऱ्या घटनांच्या मस्त कथा. लंपनची अनोखी कल्पनाशक्ती आपल्याला खिळवून ठेवते. थोडी वेगळी भाषा, वेगळी शैली यातून बालपणच्या निरागस, भाबड्या जगाची सफर करवणा [...]

    9. अत्यंत सुंदर ओघवती भाषा त्या वयात शिरण्याचं प्रकाश नारायण संत यांचं कसब अद्भूत आहे.

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