4000 Miles

Miles After suffering a major loss while he was on a cross country bike trip year old Leo seeks solace from his feisty year old grandmother Vera in her West Village apartment Over the course of a sin

  • Title: 4000 Miles
  • Author: Amy Herzog
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 185
  • Format: None
  • After suffering a major loss while he was on a cross country bike trip, 21 year old Leo seeks solace from his feisty 91 year old grandmother Vera in her West Village apartment Over the course of a single month, these unlikely roommates infuriate, bewilder, and ultimately reach each other 4000 Miles looks at how two outsiders find their way in today s world.

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    1. I think 4000 Miles is a great acting vehicle. There are some nice moments and believable dialogue. The relationships are all convincing and interesting. That being said, nothing really sticks with me. You know how books make you think? this one didn't really. It just reminded me of an exboyfriend. Maybe it's because I kept thinking "I dated that guy" that I didn't walk away from 4000 Miles with any thought deeper than "hmm."

    2. I'm so used to complex concepts and stagings and visions. Meanwhile Herzog weaves a compelling portrait of loss and healing with a single room, a grandma and a grandson. Nothing fancy or complicated: just complex characters and small moments told well. Something to strive for.

    3. I like the ambiguity of this play. There are many unanswered questions, or, more accurately, questions the audience is left to answer for itself.One it's surface, the play might appear to be largely the grandmother's story but that is misleading. The grandmother's character is rich and multi-layered but most of this story is laid out in the text. The grandson's character, however, is more enigmatic. An actor playing that role has to make significant decisions about the meaning of events alluded [...]

    4. This is a wonderful heart-warming play about a relationship across two generations. Leo (21) drops in his grandmother Vera (91) in her New York apartment after a bike trip across country. Together they sort through their relationship and each other's live. 4000 Miles treats their remembered life events with humor and compassion. I wouldn't expect any less from Amy Herzog. I ordered this play because of it's casting; three women and one man. I am the director of a Professional Actor Training Prog [...]

    5. نمايشنامه ي خوبي بود ولي ايكاش ترجمه اينقدر افتضاح نبود وانگار اصلا ويرايشي در كار نبوده!

    6. 4000 Miles is a play written by Amy Herzog. In this play we follow Leo, and his grandmother Vera. Leo is a cyclist and has been doing a cross country trip from Seattle, He unexpectedly shows up at his grandmothers apartment in New York City. As the play progresses we learn that Vera is confronting old age with denial, She has an hearing aid and constantly refers to her memory loss as disgusting. We also learn that Leo is running away from his problems. Leo is a self proclaimed freeman a.k.a a hi [...]

    7. I can't really put my finger on what I really thought of this playI loved the characters and the antithesis of the leads. I'm also a sucker for old lady roles; I just have a long time until I can play them. It's a funny play, too, because I know Vera in the form of my friend Marj and I know the character Leo in the form of many of the guys I grew up with in Northern Idaho; this sort of community of people who flout the "plugged in" age and ride their bikes everywhere. Lately, my boyfriend has ta [...]

    8. Lovely look at a guy who fights growing up, living with his grandmother. Their relationship is so interesting and I love the scene between Leo and Bec, his long-time girlfriend. Bec has decided to grow up and Leo tries to reclaim her to their old lifestyle. So heart-breaking.

    9. For a story so short, it covers a lot of emotion and crafts well defined characters no matter how small they are. There is one scene were a character talks about a bike ride and his camera that is one of the best monologues I've ever read. I highly recommend this play.

    10. One of the sweetest, most unassuming, and heartfelt plays I've ever read. Leo and Vera are two extraordinary characters - very real and dynamic, and their unexpected friendship is equally adorable and hilarious. Once again Herzog writes brilliant and nuanced dialogue, and ties up just enough pieces of the story to be satisfactory but still open to interpretation. I often get bored with reading the modern realistic/dramatic/comedic style that is so pervasive in the scene, but Herzog does it right [...]

    11. I don't remember where I read about this, but I ordered it from . Just found it again recently and gave it a read. It's been a long time since I've read a play -- I don't think I realized (or I didn't remember) that this was in that format. Still, very readable, and it was very easy to 'see' the play happening in my mind.No real 'resolution' in the story, but - hey - that's life, right?

    12. Looking for a theatre and a man in his 20's! I want to play the 92 yr old woman. And know an accomplished director who wants to direct the play with me in desired role. If you would like this play in your theatre, or if you are a young man able to play that role, let me know! Amy Herzog has captured well a relationship between an elderly formerly actively radical woman and a younger relative, who also colors outside of the lines. Curious, bold, these two can question discover, and discuss each o [...]

    13. An interesting study of two sides of a two generation gap of rebels. A grandmother who was a leftist/progressive and her grandson, an "Occupy"-era, free-thinker. I kept thinking how slight the story was, even with a first-act reveal of foolish, damaging impropriety. But, it is more about behavior between and of the two characters than plot points. Ultimately, like any play, how well it will work for anyone will be in how it is realized in a theatrical setting, not how it translates for a reader. [...]

    14. As somebody mentioned before, it is a great acting vehicle. Great characters, great moments, but nothing stuck with me . After reading previous plays I've tended to just stare at the ceiling for a while to process it, and normally that means me struggling with myself to not let what I've just read take over my life because it was so good. With this one, though, I just finished it and picked up another book, hoping to find something there.

    15. 4000 Miles was such a quick read and once I put it down, it didn't stick with me. I need to see this beast to completely take it in and process all the beauty that it possesses. I enjoyed the characters and the hills and valleys of the scenes, especially when it came to the "simple scenes" between Vera and Leo, but in the end, I think the essence of 4000 Miles escaped through my fingers.

    16. After seeing a production of Amy Herzog's newest play, Belleville, in Chicago, I was immediately impressed by the playwright's capability to craft honest dialogue and conflict between two individuals. 4000 Miles is no different. A portrait of two lost souls on opposite ends of the generation gap still searching their purpose in life, this play certainly helped me see why Amy Herzog is a playwright to watch!

    17. I found 4000 Miles a much more enjoyable play than After the Revolution, as the characters were far more likable. The events of the play are bookended by two deaths in Leo's life, giving the story some sense of unity. Yet it was lacking in substantial plot and felt slow at times, meandering towards a rather disappointing finish. It was an okay read, but nothing remarkable.

    18. Fascinating relationship but I don't know if it says anything of a universal nature. I was hoping for that with the weight of the character's histories. It seems I kept waiting for a theme to surface. None did. Good characters though and clever dialogue.

    19. Again very unapologetic leftist. Liked the not so happy ending. Liked that almost all the romance fell flat.

    20. Read this because I'm trying to find a play for 11th graders. Too geared towards a theater audience. Not a criticism of the work.

    21. Love love love this play!!Great scenes. And the characters are so human. Amy Herzog is a playwright to look out for.

    22. Exquisite and genuine dialogue with delicate relationships portrayed. And yet I finished it feeling dissatisfied.

    23. SO GOOD. Amy and Annie Baker are my favorite contemporary playwrights. Their stories are so simple, yet so deep. I love the way they write. Love love love.

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