The Rise of Nine

The Rise of Nine The Mogadorians who destroyed the planet Lorien continue to hunt for the Garde the small group of Loric survivors who have taken refuge on Earth During a dangerous mission at a Mog base in West Virgi

  • Title: The Rise of Nine
  • Author: Pittacus Lore
  • ISBN: 9780061974588
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Mogadorians who destroyed the planet Lorien continue to hunt for the Garde, the small group of Loric survivors who have taken refuge on Earth During a dangerous mission at a Mog base in West Virginia, John found and rescued the brutish Nine But even with their combined powers, special abilities known as Legacies, the pair barely escaped with their lives And in the pThe Mogadorians who destroyed the planet Lorien continue to hunt for the Garde, the small group of Loric survivors who have taken refuge on Earth During a dangerous mission at a Mog base in West Virginia, John found and rescued the brutish Nine But even with their combined powers, special abilities known as Legacies, the pair barely escaped with their lives And in the process, John s best friend, Sam Goode, was lost and taken captive by the enemy In order to save him and our world John and Nine must join forces with Six and Seven who have been battling the Mogs in Spain, and who are now trying to locate Number Eight in India The Garde must come together before it is too late They are Lorien and Earth s only hope The battle for Earth s survival wages on.

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    1. What I want to happen:- I want Four (aka John) to ditch Sarah and hook up with Six. - I want Sam to be alright. - I want Seven to fall off the face of the Earth (I really don't like her).- I want to meet Numbers Five and Eight. - I want Sam's father found.But mostly, I want Nine to be narrating this book with Four. :DCannot wait!!!

    2. 09/25/2011asdfghjkllkjhgf I can't wait for this book.The ending of The Power of Six left me wanting so much more. D:I really hope Four can just forget about Sarah though, because he's so much better with Six. 09/26/2012WELL, for some reason I thought this book was a trilogy, and up until the last page I thought I had been reading the final book in the series. I guess not. It actually works better this way, because as I was getting closer to the end, I kept thinking, "Are they really gonna end th [...]

    3. “I don't like bullies. No one has a right to take or to hurt just because they can.” This is unexpectedly awesome and hilarious ! The Rise of Nine is much more different than The Power of Six, the story itself is a gem, it's full of fights and twists. Number Nine became my favorite character, instead of John, he brings colors to this series. Number Nine is such a badass hero when he tries to do something and even it turns out unsuccessful, he still has a way to entertain the others with his [...]

    4. Okay, so I wasn't going to make any predictions on this book, but then I started reading some others thoughts and it has got me fired up enough to want to post a few speculationsAs anyone in my Intro to Lit class could tell you, I rarely share other peoples'opinion on a character and so this should prove interesting. What I thinkwill happen:1. More romance triangles. While personality wise, it looks like 9 would be drawn to 6, "Pittacus Lore" has proven himself to be terrible at writing romances [...]

    5. First of all, John/Four should stay with Sarah. I don't care what you say, they were good together in the first book. I don't see why everyone is hating on Sarah. She made one bad choice which we don't even know if it was her. Every relationship has its ups and downs.It will show people to over come challenges with their significant others. Second, Sam and Six should get together. This would by my ideal ending for the series at lest relationship wise.

    6. Before reading it OOOOH IT HAS A COVER. It is so very intense. I want this now.I really hope John gets with Six, because she is a thousand times better than Sarah. I also hope we won't have to suffer through Seven's narration ever again (she made The Power of Six boring for me I hate her).After reading itokay here we go:Four: awesome as everFive: still MIASix: pretty much the best, I love herSeven: I don't hate her anymore she's finally stepping it up and helping out!Eight: I LOVE HIM. He has th [...]

    7. K so guys reallyn was not that badi really liked her. She was a great character. Nine is ok, i didnt notice anything super bad about him but for some reason i just want John to be better than him. Actually i would like it if John was better than all of them. The power of six wasnt that bad. Also, i agree with some of you, John should ditch Sarah go for six, Sam should find his dad and sam should be okay with being single. One of the things i hated in the power of six was john and sam sorta fight [...]

    8. ****FINAL RATING: 3.80 STARS****CATCHALLThese books aren't perfect. They have a lot plot holes, and it kind of ticks me off how powerful the characters are. However, they're so much fun that I can forgive all of that. I mean, they give a good four, five hours of fun, and with the little amount of self-control I have there's no way I can turn that down. As for this third installment, it was fast-paced and just like its predecessors, had a ton a action packed somehow into just a few hundred pages. [...]

    9. The third book in this series unravels the answers to the readers' questions about the main character's true feelings and intentions. Reading this was super exciting as members of the Garde slowly unite and find one another to fight the evil monstrosity that is Setrakus Ra.

    10. Oh come on guys! Seven is not so bad! I liked her. She seems fine to me. I dunno about Nine though. He seems like he may turn out to be a bit of an ass conceded person, I really hope I'm wrong. I loved both books =)I don't like Sarah, I'm really sorry but I don't. Maybe it's because I watched the movie first and hated the way Dianna Agron played Sarah Heart. I tried to like her, really I did, but I could never really get into their relationship. Dang. I wish I had read the books first I might ha [...]

    11. cant wait to read this book! :( august 2012 is such a long wait!3/6/13Wow. that was a good read :"> I am still rooting for four to be with sarah but he and six would also be good together. I don't know which pairing would be better :-( I loved it more than I loved the power of six and I can't wait to read the fall of five!Why couldn't there have been a Garde from the Philippines?! lol!

    12. Lots of action that made it hard to put down. Good read for a YA book. The book is written in first person and switches between three different characters. At times, I found this hard to follow as I had to sometimes read several paragraphs before you knew which character I was reading about. I assumed based on the title we'd learn more about Nine. Though that is true there just wasn't enough depth provided to make me care about him. In fact I didn't really learn much more about any of the charac [...]

    13. I’m so mad at myself for not feeling the giddiness I felt after reading the first two books. I mean, I’m trying soooo hard to feel excited for the fourth book but the conclusion wasn’t really what I hoped for.After reading this book, I finally appreciated Four. He’s become stronger and his Legacies are now way cooler. I’m also hoping we finally meet Five in the next book. Please! Full review here: bookdandruff/2012-LATEST UPDATE-GUYS, Number 8 is a BOY!? OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS! Only t [...]

    14. There is nothing to like a quest to understand everything, even if there is nothing to know.I am a sucker for books packed with action (and conflict), addicted to them like girls and their book boyfriends. The Lorien Legacies books continue to be more exciting than the last; The Rise of Nine was one helluva book. There’s still three more books to come, but man, I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT ANYMORE! Okay, since I read The Fallen Legacies novella I may have a smidge of a sense what would b [...]

    15. This series is getting better and better with each book I read and I really couldn't be enjoying it more! As with the first two books, The Rise of Nine captures your attention right from the beginning and keeps it until the very end! I didn't think it was possible for this book to be more action packed than the previous one but it absolutely was! It's non stop action the whole way through and I was on the edge of my seat for pretty much the whole book! I also really loved getting to meet more of [...]

    16. It's puzzling that so many of the reviews predate the book's release. Clearly fans of the series had high hopes for Rise of Nine, as did I. The book disappointed me.Despite the build-up, the book seems hastily thrown together. Without giving it away, I can say that the ending doesn't resolve the story-line of this installment; much less does it move the big picture of the Lorien Legacies to a foreseeable conclusion. It's like the author just stopped at Chapter 30, with a half page of denouement. [...]

    17. holy freaking freak.Four (I'm sorry, I can't bring myself to call him John Smith, which happens to be the worst name I have ever heard in my life) needs to ditch Sarah. I'm sorry, but I just don't like her anymore. Six is so much better.Nine is a beast. I love him.Seven annoys me.I love Sam. I hope they find his dad.And I hope all of them reunite somewhere totally epic, like Australia. I don't know why I came up with that, but whatever. I can imagine the ending to be extremely amazing, and I'm g [...]

    18. The Rise of NineLorien Legacies #3By "Pittacus Lore"A Review by Eric AllenThough not exceptionally well written, nor very creative, I did find myself able to enjoy the first book in this series, I Am Number Four. It was a generally harmless tale of a boy coming of age, and it's the sort of thing I'd probably give to a teenaged boy of mine to read. The second book took everything that was superficially entertaining about the first book and utterly destroyed it. After a year of waiting the, strang [...]

    19. Awesome to read about so many of the Garde coming together! I plan to start the fourth book asap! Seriously loving this series!

    20. The CoverI think the cover looks cool. I like that there is a symbol etched in the sand, it looks very sci-fi-ish and no people which is always a big plus. The cover’s also very gender neutral, so that’s a plus too. I’m not sure about the different fonts for title, tagline and author though. All in all, it’s a nice cover.The StoryThis book starts right where the last one ended. And to be quite honest there is no new story here. It’s literally a continuation of the last book. The Lorien [...]

    21. I feel like this series just keeps getting better and better with each book! I thoroughly enjoyed it. The three POVs keep everything exciting and fresh. There was not any point in this book that I was bored or felt that it dragged. There is just enough action to hold your interest and keep you on edge without it getting redundant. I really liked the new characters that were introduced and also the further development of older characters. I have to say, my favorite character is Six, she is just s [...]

    22. There are a few things that i want to happen in the third book:I want nine to go die in a hole somewhere because he seems really mean.I want sam and six to get together.I want Sarah and Mark to join them on their journeyI want to know who five and eight are!I also want seven to go. I dont like her at all.I want Sam's father found and he can sort of be four/John's Cepan.I hope it will be good! i thought that the second book was fantastic! Taa

    23. My Wants For The Rise of Nine:1) Four/John becomes romantically involved with Six, mans up a little, and ditches Sarah once and for ALL! 2) Sarah is never mentioned AGAIN (I extremely dislike her, I didn't even enjoy or remotely like her and Johns' romance in I Am Number Four!) Although, I WOULD enjoy if John kinda rubbed it in her face that he's happily with Six. BOOYAHHH. 3)Sam is rescued somehow and is okay! LOVE THAT BOY!4)Some new powers are added to the Garde's Legacies! I would scream gid [...]

    24. ***I READ ITTTTT :)I'm so pleased with these series, though I still want four and six togetherhaha. But yay! This book is riveting and I kinda liked how short eight's involvement was. i mean, i wish they could all go badass and fight sarjlkj ra lol i cant spell his name :P his dedication was short but sweet. thank you pittacus lore! you did not disappoint. I hope they fight for real next time. it's gonna be one big family for sure :P sss (save sam soon!)P.S. anyone else want to know what was in [...]

    25. 9/18/12: I really like this book. This book has restored my faith in the Lorien Legacies series. Tons of action. I have a feeling that Nine will fall in love with Six or Five (if Five is a girl). I hope it's Five. I really hope this book is better than The Power of Six. John and Sarah FTW! 3/14/2012: The cover is nice!!!!!!

    26. Full of Spoilers – Proceed with caution.The Rise of Nine is explosive, adrenaline pumping and full of high power energy. I expected nothing less with this installment. In this installment, Number Six, Seven and Ten go in search of Eight and they find him in India. Across the world, Four and Nine are traveling together and Five is still missing. Setrakus Ra is on earth and invading Four and Eight’s mind through dreams and visions. The Government is working with the Mogadorians for the benefit [...]

    27. Right so, i love the books. I hope they do make the power of six movie or else i will kill someone. What i think:-Sarah should just go away. Like i wish one of the gardes would just throw her to the next continent or even planet (sorry if it sounds harsh). I mean, it's like Cho Chang all over again. She betrays the one she supposedly 'loves'. She's an effing drama queen. She's a jealous b*tch who thinks she controls John's love life. She only cares about her popularity and UGH. I just can't stan [...]

    28. i cannot wait!!!!! the last two books were awesome. i reall wish four/john would stop being so funny about sarah i really think he should just dump her, and i can't wait to find out about the other numbers.

    29. Review: The Rise of NineFinally, after a year of waiting I finally read The Rise of Nine. Of course, this book wasn't perfect and I like The Power of Six way more better, but The Rise of Nine was a great addition to the series, and I believe the events in this book is preparing the readers for the next installment which I believe is going to be awesome and have a great title.I'm going to start with the cons of this book.I TRIED TO KEEP IT SPOIL FREE, BUT I DID MENTION A COUPLE THINGS, SO BEWARE. [...]

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