The Backpacker's Handbook

The Backpacker s Handbook The most up to date and comprehensive guide to equipment and technique available anywhere Backpack UK This enormously practical guide includes everything from essential techniques such as map and comp

The Backpacker s Handbook, th Edition Chris Townsend The Backpacker s Handbook, th Edition Chris Townsend on FREE shipping on qualifying offers What you need to know before you hit the trails Whether you are backpacking for the first time or a veteran follower of the trails The Backpacker s Handbook, th Edition eBook This is a great book for backpacking Shows you example lists of what a pro backpacker would take along This guy backpacks for months at a time so it is interesting to see what he does to make it work. Up The Creek backpacker s BB Roberts Creek Sunshine A scenic minute ferry ride from Vancouver, situated on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Up The Creek Backpacker s BB is km from the ferry terminal at Langdale It is a charismatic, family run cedar house nestled amongst many large cedar and fir trees, and Nelson s Nantahala Hideaway Nantahala Forest Topton NC Harrahs Cherokee Casino, Joyce Kilmer National Forest, Smokey Mountain Railroad, Nantahala River Lake, Whitewater Rafting Kayaking, Nantahla Forest Nelson s Nantahala Hideaway Nantahala Forest Topton NC Nelson s Nantahala Hideaway is nestled in the heart of the Nantahala forest at Topton, NC. Ray Way Quilt Kit by Ray Jenny Jardine Pg How does the quilt work T he Ray Way Quilt is used at camp or home for sleeping beneath at night It works like a sleeping bag but is open underneath you You lie on your foam pad and drape the quilt over you like a blanket. LIGHTWEIGHT BACKPACKING EQUIPMENT, Ultralight Hiking Good Gear Mitigates Bad Weather The Outdoor Gear Store specializes in high quality lightweight backpacking equipment, ultralight hiking essentials, and in general, excellent outdoor gear from time proven manufacturers as well as promising new gear companies With backpacking gear and hiking essentials from the Gear Store, you can gear up get out with confidence Survival books, Preparedness books, Homesteading books The Survival Center book section contains several hundred of the most unusual, hard to find books anywhere, including in depth selections on Health, Science, Alternative Living, Wisdom Literature, Preparedness, Emergency Supplies, Cooking, Building Projects, Solar Energy, Survival and

  • Title: The Backpacker's Handbook
  • Author: Chris Townsend
  • ISBN: 9780071754897
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
  • The most up to date and comprehensive guide to equipment and technique available anywhere Backpack UK This enormously practical guide includes everything from essential techniques such as map and compass work to the skills needed for remote wilderness journeys such as how to ford rivers safely and how to choose a route through untracked terrain As a gear advisor The most up to date and comprehensive guide to equipment and technique available anywhere Backpack UK This enormously practical guide includes everything from essential techniques such as map and compass work to the skills needed for remote wilderness journeys such as how to ford rivers safely and how to choose a route through untracked terrain As a gear advisor, this book is unequaled You ll find the last word on How to choose packs and footwear and make sure they fit What clothing to take on the trail Tents, tarps, stoves, water purifiers, and other gear GPS, cell phones, and other electronic devices And much Now in its third edition, The Backpacker s Handbook also covers desert hiking, ultralight backpacking, and adventure trekking in distant corners of the globe Indeed, there is little about backpacking Chris Townsend does not cover This trusted reference will prepare you for the challenges and excitement of backpacking the wilderness A clear and comprehensive primer on backpacking gear Townsend s knowledge is immense Sierra Belongs in every bookcase dealing with outdoor topics Chockablock full of useful, practical, commonsense info If you tramp the outdoors, get this book Maine Sportsman For those thinking of taking a backpack journey, The Backpacker s Handbook is required reading Daily Local News West Chester, PA

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    1. I love outdoors and am trying to learn more about backpacking, so this book was of great interest to me. There is a lot of information on various types of equipment (by brand name). These parts of the book were of less interst, but should I start replacing my older, heavier gear, this will be a great resource. I will definitely use the book as a reference guide in the future.

    2. Chris Townsend is a wild mountain man. For decades he has spent much of the year in the wilderness, shunning crowds and seeking communion with awesome Nature. He has also written for magazines, reviewing the latest innovations in backpacking gear. Townsend has compiled his abundant knowledge into The Backpacker’s Handbook for four editions now. I should note that I read the 3rd edition of 2005, but I have had a look at the 4th edition of 2011 to see what has changed (not much) before writing t [...]

    3. This book has everything anyone would want to know regarding backpacking. The author's immense experience in the field is evident given his vast knowledge pool, and the tone made it an enjoyable read. My only "warning" (if you can call it that) for people interested is that the author works purely from a biased stance, so if you're looking for objectivity then maybe pass this one up. But, if you have no problem with a bit of personal opinion, then look no further!

    4. Good informative book. A must read for people who like backpacking and people who are new to backpacking. Contains a extensive section on how to pack light, as well as a section on minimalistic hiking, powerhiking, slackpacking, and things to do and not to do for a new hiker.

    5. Really good no nonsense information geared toward lightweight backpacking, everythings covered tough a bit outdated, it was my bible when 20 years old. The clearest way in the universe is trough a forest wilderness.

    6. Chris Townsend is a life-long backpacker who has made a living out of traveling, testing gear, and writing articles and books. This is the kind of person I want giving me advice on the subject - a guy with a lifetime of experience and tons of types of gear tested - not someone new to the hobby/lifestyle.Townsend covers a wide range of topics in the book, from philosophical viewpoints about hiking and backpacking to the technical nitty-gritty aspects to the gear that makes it easier. I thought th [...]

    7. This book is primarily a compendium of gear. Although it is pretty out of date in terms of specifics, it gives decent discussions of the general types of gear that are available. The advice given is much more in-depth and helpful than any reviews I have found online. I found the explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of stoves, including their performance in inclement weather and which are safe for use inside tent vestibules, most useful. The discussion of GPS, on the [...]

    8. Not only does it have everything you wanted to know, but it introduces options like ultralight tent+hiking pole setups and other less commercial but equally feasible options to tent backpacking, like hammocks and bivvy sacks. Townsend's comments and anecdotes are thoughtful, well-considered, and really help the reader to develop a deeper under standing of not just specific gear categories but of what kinds of un foreseeable situations one might encounter.Belongs next to your Collin Fletcher as i [...]

    9. Very helpful info for one who has never backpacked. Includes all sorts of information about stuff I wouldn't have thought about. Some info I skipped as it didn't pertain to me (like the snow stuff), but mostly I found myself spouting off tid-bits from the author to my hiking buddies. Thumbs up in my book.

    10. I read segments of this as I found it useful (read about packs before buying a pack, tents before buying a tent, etc.). The author has broad experience, and I felt like he gave me the foundation needed to start making gear decisions myself. I don't think I've read the whole thing, but all parts I've read have been very helpful.

    11. A good reference if you are planning a backpacking, camping tripor even just wanting to travel lighter. Chapters are updated in this new edition and it will be one I refer back to from time to time.

    12. Super thorough guide from a highly competent and active adventurer. Several theories with regard to camping and hiking style are presented, with plenty of specific examples of gear and strategy. Really love this as a reference and as an entertaining read.

    13. Excellent coverage on gear choices, including the latest developments in ultralight backpacking. The chapters on wilderness survival and adventure travel seem more like an afterthought. Great choice for a gear guide, however.

    14. Some of the info is a bit out-of-date of course, but it is very informative. While he makes personal recommendations and shares his own hiking philosophies, Townsend kindly provides others as well so you can make up your own mind.

    15. This book is an excellent resource as I consider a multi-day backpacking trip! It is incredibly readable and gives a ton of information while taking away a bit of the naiveté.

    16. Great book. Sorely in need of metric measurements. I found myself glazing over at all the incomprehensible numbers after I became bored of trying to convert them.

    17. Great book. Very helpful for a guy like me, who was a beginner. Would be great for veteran backpackers too.

    18. The Backpackers HandbookThis is a book cocked full of great information, resources, and my favorite, the checklist. I am adding this book to my essentials to have in print.

    19. Author provides a great overview, as well detailed information for backpacking, camping and outdoors enjoyment.

    20. I'm still reading it, but seems very informational. terrains and hiking styles. Of course, backpacking. I'll let ya know more when I do.

    21. FANTASTIC. Positively bewildering amounts of very practical information. LOVED it!The Shelf: Accepted. (Be sure to get the latest edition, though.)

    22. Yeah backpacking!And don't just walk out the door with a bag-- pick this up, it will save so much hastle.

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