The Cosmic Clues

The Cosmic Clues Sonia Samarth couldn t have predicted it after only a day her first advertisement had drawn dozens of responses In the bustling city of Pune India with its winding alleys and exotic customs Sonia

  • Title: The Cosmic Clues
  • Author: Manjiri Prabhu
  • ISBN: 9780440241720
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sonia Samarth couldn t have predicted it after only a day, her first advertisement had drawn dozens of responses In the bustling city of Pune, India, with its winding alleys and exotic customs, Sonia is launching a brand new business private investigation using Hindu astrology as a crime solving tool In an ancient city steeped in tradition, Sonia s unique brand of invSonia Samarth couldn t have predicted it after only a day, her first advertisement had drawn dozens of responses In the bustling city of Pune, India, with its winding alleys and exotic customs, Sonia is launching a brand new business private investigation using Hindu astrology as a crime solving tool In an ancient city steeped in tradition, Sonia s unique brand of investigation is raising eyebrows But she seems to have found a niche and, before long, a case of murder.When a cat leads Sonia to her very first investigation, she quickly unmasks a killer, using astrology as her guide Suddenly clients begin streaming in a persistent, handsome TV personality a terrified bride to be a missing husband with suicidal tendenciesl challenge Sonia s astrological abilities to prevent a crime All apparently isolated experiences, but bound by an invisible thread And while Sonia has stellar success in unraveling the truth, very soon she ll have to look closely at her own stars Because the most notorious international criminal has just crossed Sonia s path and he has his own plans for her future

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    1. In the city of Pune, India, Sonia Samarth opens an investigation agency, which combines standard investigation techniques and astrology. With the support of her uncle in the police and her assistant, Jatin, Sonia solves several puzzles and crimes. This is really a series of short stories linked by a number of recurring characters and references to an impossible to catch criminal called the Owl. Sonia also attracts an unknown admirer and some new friends. Each story usually has an interesting plo [...]

    2. Rule #1 show don't tell.This book does a lot of telling and very little showing. I haven't done so many eye rolls and huffing in a long time over a book. The Owl, notorious international criminal is mentioned throughout the entire novel but doesn't really come into the story until the last chapter and it's fast paced when The Owl shows up.The characters are bland in my opinion. I never connected with any of them. My heart only went out to a minor character and she was in the novel for a chapter. [...]

    3. b00kr3vi3ws/2014/01/TheSonia Samarth is a smart and independent woman who is an entrepreneur of a brand new business – private investigation guided by Hindu astrology. The initial response that she receives from her newspaper ad and after solving her first case is awesome and clients keep pouring in. But soon Sonia discovers a connection between more than two of her seemingly different cases and there is no turning back. With her new friends and admirers in tow, Sonia is all geared up to solve [...]

    4. This author reinvented the wheel! It doesn’t proceed in the usual formulaic direction and I was wise to be open minded about a new rhythm. After surprise that Manjiri Prabhu’s first case closes in the span of a few chapters; I enjoyed her new approach to a mystery novel. This is not one puzzle that stretches across a book, nor is it a short story compilation. I adapted to her mission, that it is miniature adventures which acquaint us with a brand new heroine, in a setting I’ve never read b [...]

    5. I couldn't decide what to rate this book: I went back and forth between 2 and 3 stars.I found this book fascinating, but I didn't feel like it was the most well-written book I've read. That may just be because it is SO different from the books written by US authors. It definitely has a foreign rhythm and pattern of speech.This is written by a woman who lives in Pune, India, and I found the glimpses of life in India the most fascinating part of the book. The book revolves around a woman who start [...]

    6. Great light mystery which combines the study of astrology with solving problems. Good view into everyday India, especially highlighting Pune. Although I grew up there, the author made me see its beauty in a way that I had not before. I've seen some comments on how this doesn't represent the "true" India (where India is exactly as in Slumdog Millionaire) or that the language is not, well, American English. To the first, I will just say that I think the author has done a very good job of depicting [...]

    7. Manjiri Prabhu, the author of this book, seems resolved to create an Indian Sherlock Holmes, a feminine detective, who combines astrological science with her investigations – and this very combination prompts a pick of this book.The book does not contain one plot through out the novel, but is a collection of different cases. All the chapters have different crimes committed by different people at different places, this making this book more like a collection of short stories. One does not have [...]

    8. This book was amazing. The story line kept me totally immersed in the book. Manjiri has an amazing talent, she brings you into the scene of each page, you feel as if you are totally there with the characters. I recommend all of her books to everyone :-)

    9. a simple story of a woman who uses astrology and horoscopes in her investigations.a light read. some humor, some anecdotes, some musings, a feeble little bit of romancead the whole review here - jigar-doshi/2013/10/cosmic

    10. I read a lot of mysteries; this one, I read in high school. As a teenage girl obsessed with her horoscope and Sherlock Holmes, I found this to be a stellar collection of short mysteries. Read the book multiple times, found it to be very engaging. Would definitely recommend.

    11. A nice novel. Well written. Introducing horoscope in investigation is something unique, and very descriptive.

    12. Whenever I think of a Detective Series, the one name that instantly flashes in my mind is ‘Sherlock Holmes’. I think harder, and smile at the thought of Agatha Christie’s brilliant characters – Miss Marple and Poirot. I knock my brain a bit more, and instantly the adventures of Feluda by Satyajit Ray come calling to me.Reading good detective fictions are always a pleasure. You can laze around on your bed, tucked under a warm blanket, in a frosty rainy evening, imagining yourself to be on [...]

    13. When I first heard of this book, I had no idea what to expect. The Cosmic Clues by Manjiri Prabhu is indeed a one of a kind genre of novels. As the cover page claims, it is the first Indian book about an “astro-detective”. Being one of those who don’t believe in Fate, Destiny & the stars, I admit being perplexed with the idea of an investigator who works with astrology. The combination was indeed worth a shot & though I still didn't ‘get it’, it can be safely regarded as a good [...]

    14. A quick, light read and a silly little book that doesn't tax your little grey cells. I just breezed through it, enjoying the experience and not taking anything too seriously. A fun way to spend a rainy day (which it was for me).There are no deep plots or puzzles, it's just a bunch of little episodes that this private detective blunders into. It makes no literary pretensions, but is quite a fun read if you don't take it too seriously. Girlish writing with dollops of flowery feminine descriptions [...]

    15. This mystery, written by an Indian, takes place in India. That was interestingly different enough to tempt me to pick it up. I felt that the description of India was sugar-coated - nothing like slumdog millionaire was presented. The characters a little too stereotypical and an all too cheery protaganist.If you're a fan of the exclamation point then this book is for you.This is an ok read if you're not looking to get much out of it.

    16. The original review of this book is posted on my blogTo read the original review of this book, click here

    17. The Protagonist- a private lady detective uses a beautiful blend of Astrology and Investigation to solve criminal cases. The author has crafted a wonderful world of Mystery by using the "What Next" Element very well.

    18. Set in India. I am reading an advance copy picked up at Half-Price Books. Really more in the style of the chapters being short stories, with a thread continuing from one chapter to the next.

    19. It was a marvelous book that gave me some real insight on modern India. Although I certainly don't believe in astrology, I still enjoyed it.

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