Class A

Class A Drugs cars and guns Keith Moore is Europe s biggest cocaine dealer The police have been trying to get enough evidence to nail him for than twenty years Now four CHERUB agents are joining the hunt Ca

  • Title: Class A
  • Author: Robert Muchamore
  • ISBN: 9780340881545
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • Drugs, cars and guns Keith Moore is Europe s biggest cocaine dealer The police have been trying to get enough evidence to nail him for than twenty years.Now, four CHERUB agents are joining the hunt Can a group of kids successfully infiltrate Keith Moore s organisation when dozens of attempts by undercover police officers have failed James Adams must start at the botDrugs, cars and guns Keith Moore is Europe s biggest cocaine dealer The police have been trying to get enough evidence to nail him for than twenty years.Now, four CHERUB agents are joining the hunt Can a group of kids successfully infiltrate Keith Moore s organisation when dozens of attempts by undercover police officers have failed James Adams must start at the bottom, making deliveries for small time drug dealers and getting to know the dangerous underworld they inhabit He needs to make a big splash if he s going to win the confidence of the man at the top.

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    1. If the story wasn't so brilliant, great to read, and impossible to put down, I'd throw this book away for it's language. The author clearly states he's going for "the-real-world-feel", but what kind of writer wants to fill kids' minds with swearing and 12 year olds getting passionate about their "girls". It's a bit inappropriate. The story, the whole idea of CHERUB, is great. I love reading the action, the adventures, the scrapes these spy kids get into. But the book definitely has a low standar [...]

    2. This book was originally called The Dealer and my copy goes by that title so I got confused because I was searching for a different title. I was surprised at how many there are in this series when I searched by series title. I'm really into books like I, Q; Alex Rider; and, of course, Cherub Missions. They are all so awesome, I just love the whole teenage spy thing! It sounds so cool! If you like that sort of thing, go for it! The Cherub Missions are absolutely amazing, the first one, Mission: T [...]

    3. I'm so glad that I'm re-reading this series!!!I remember being a young teen and being so obsessed over Cherub. I wanted to be recruited as well and become badass :)Also, I must say that, now being almost 22 years-old, I'm seeing things in a different light. There are certain details that I'm not okay with, the first and main one being the fact that these kids act way more mature than they are, and the nasty that goes on on their lives is taken into consideration. What I mean is, sometimes stuff [...]

    4. This book IS AMAZING! So much more gripping than the the 1st book of the series. This book has made me want to keep reading on. I couldn't put it down and kept myself reading late into the night till early morning! Yet again, I felt very evolved in this story with James and sometimes felt like I was at the scene or wanted to be in the scene. Furthermore, you fell so engaged in the book that you were feeling some of James emotions and helping him throughout the mission. I know at times I was gasp [...]

    5. A YA with some daring espionageNot my usual SciFi fare, but a really great read anyway. James , now an aging agent of twelve? Fifteen? Hard to guess as most all of the agents are under age you see. The author makes it clear that children were used during the world wars in Britain with great effectiveness. This is the basis for the series. This is book two, which sets James up as a drug dealer against a seasoned gang of coke dealers. The usual antic unfold with a bit of hilarity, coming of age se [...]

    6. Cherub book number two Class A aka "The Dealer." This is a great book. It starts off with James and his friend Bruce in practice training, but the author makes you think it is a real mission. They both fail miserable and lose to the girls. They do so badly that they have clean-up duty back on the Cherub campus. They also have to walk 10 kilometers back to the hotel. The girls Kerry and Gabriella (the girls they lost to) start making fun of them. Things quickly get out of control. Kerry and Bruce [...]

    7. This book has lots of action, suspense and cliff-hangers at the end of most chapters. It's a great book for anyone who enjoys what I just described. This book is second in it's series. The entire CHERUB series has 12 books in it, starting from The Recruit and ending in Shadow Wave. ( WARNING: SPOILERS) Class A is James Adams' second mission. James works for CHERUB, a secret agency that uses kids as agents instead of adults because they are less suspicious. CHERUB was founded by a man named Charl [...]

    8. InhaltSein Name ist Adams. James Adams. Und er ist Mitglied der Spezialeinheit CHERUB des britischen Geheimdienstes, die Jugendliche zu Undercover-Agenten ausbildet. James neuester Auftrag führt ihn in die Welt der Drogenmafia: Er soll Beweise gegen den international einflussreichsten Drogenboss Keith Moore beschaffen, der skrupellos Kinder für seine Zwecke missbraucht. Tatsächlich gelingt es ihm, dessen Geschäftsverbindungen auszuspionieren. Als das Drogenkartell Wind von der Sache bekommt, [...]

    9. I quite enjoyed reading this book as it was very exciting the whole way through. The book also continued the story from the first book well but it wouldn't have mattered if you hadn't read the first boo because it would have made sense anyway. A lot happened in this book which was different to the first one, so I think that each of the CHERUB series books are different however still linked with characters and a basic storyline similar throughout all of the books. This book makes me look forward [...]

    10. I thought this was a good book because the characters were well developed and it had great detail. It had an interesting plot and kept on making me want to read on.

    11. The dealer, the next book in the CHERUB series, were James must face is most daring mission yet. His mission, track down some of the world's most dangerous drug dealers. James and his partners must track them down. Now these drug dealers don’t deal it themselves, they find children to deal the drugs for them. Now you may be thinking that this book isn’t really good for teens or young adults because of the drugs, but in the end of the book it really does have a point, and the point is that k [...]

    12. 1. I decided to read this book because the first book got me hooked to this series and I couldn't wait to get this one started.2. A character I found interesting in this book was Keith Moore. He is the villain of the book who is the biggest drug lord in Europe. This creates an image of a scary thug like man who takes no prisoners, but as James discovers while undercover, he is actually a nice person who cares for other people as well as himself. James finds out that Keith really likes him as a p [...]

    13. I loved this book! It's SOOO much better than the first one and I really really liked it! I had higher expectations for this book, so thank gods it was good enough!One of the reasons why these books can't be on my "favorites" list is because I have some problems with them James still bothers me a lot. He can be so immature, sometimes. UGH It's not even funny. Also, some of the other kids can be really stupid ocasionally I do not like that at all! Kerry has earned her place as my favorite charact [...]

    14. When I finished reading the first cherub book I never new that it was a huge series, I didn't find out till my mum told me. This book carried on from the first book in the CHERUB series. As I was so hooked into the first book i had to read on or it would be complete torture for me to not read on. This book was not as good as the first book THE RECRUIT. Quite possibly the author Robert Muchamore tried to make a better more action packed book to carry on with the first book but as I was saying; I [...]

    15. Ich finde der zweite Teil von Top Secret ist wirklich sehr sehr gut! Ich habe das buch so gerne gelesen, ich habe garnicht gemerkt wie schnell ich eigentlich vorankam. Aber das ist auch kein Wunder, ich fand die Geschichte so spannend. Erstmal fand ich die Mission super ich habe alle Leute sofort ins Herz geschlossen. Also das James sich mit Junior angefreundet hat. Naja die Umstände sind vielleicht nicht die besten, denn es ist James Mission sich mit dem Sohn von dem Drogendealer der KMG anzuf [...]

    16. Class A is a realistic fiction novel set in modern day, four kids named James, Nicole, Kery and Kyle, who are trained spies are sent to attempt to bring down a drug dealer company named KMG. They begin to get caught up with the friends they make and the lines between what they are supposed to be doing and what they should be doing get blurred. They have to make decisions between what they are being sent their to do and what they think is the moral thing to do.Muchamore creates a very real world [...]

    17. James Adam is a kid about 12 years old, who works undercover as a cherub agent, at an agency who trains selectively chosen kids that have lost their parents, he wanted to crack the "Operation Snort" case. But, Keith Moore, a cocaine dealer and owner of the KMG, the Keith More Gang was James' prime target who had many undercover cocaine production warehouses and was planning an escape. So, James went undercover and became good friends with Keith to find out Keith's secrets to use them against him [...]

    18. Cherub Class A is the sequel of the book Cherub The Recruit. It is about a boy named James Adams who works for a top secret organization called Cherub. Cherub is a organization that uses kids as spies and put them on missions. They use different t-shirts to declare the kids rank. You can read that in my review for the first book. So James Adams is on his toughest mission yet. He has to hunt down the worlds most successful cocaine dealer. With his friends Kyle, Nicole and Kerry, and their mission [...]

    19. James can be such a brat but at least he is a growing character, who learns from mistakes and has a heart in the right place. The mission in this book was related to drug problems and was interesting to read. Obviously it was a madeup story but it had some truth in it and that made it more interesting. Plus spies are soooo cool, even when they are only 12-13 years old :D

    20. This summer i read the book Cherub: The Dealer by Robert Muchamore. The genre of the book is fiction and takes place in england in a kinda offset neighborhood surrounded by poor and sketchy people. There are four main characters, they are named James, Kerry, Nicole, and Kyle. The plot of the story is that there are four kids at the cherub base being trained to be spies. They get sent out on a special mission to get inside of one of the most well known drug gangs around, the Keith Moore gang. The [...]

    21. Theme- “It is hard work to gain someone’s trust, but you can lose it in a blink of an eye”All of me (John Legend)-All of me is a song sang by John Legend, and the lyrics explain how the man simply cannot do anything without the girl. However, the girl is already gone, and the man can do nothing but let her go. This song may have connections to my theme, which is “It is hard work to gain someone’s trust, but you can lose it in a blink of an eye,” The two people are no longer together, [...]

    22. A gripping and intense book can offer an amazing experience to readers. It can transport its audience to a different continent and even alter how they think in their everyday lives. Cherub: The Dealer written by Robert Muchamore and published in 2005 offers this unique occurrence. The book follows James, a young spy, as he takes on missions only previously attempted by highly trained adults. A classic theme told through a young and fresh perspective is joined in this book to produce an excellent [...]

    23. The book I read is The Dealer. This book is the second of the series called Cherub. I rated this book a 5 out of 5 because it is my favorite of all the books in the Cherub series I have read so far and it is the detective type book that I like. What I also like about the book is that the book has a very good plot. The author of this book and all the other books of the Cherub series is Robert Muchamore. The main character James joins Cherub in the first book, The Recruit. In this book, James goes [...]

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