The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love

The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love Cautious Grace Singleton uncertain of her place in an intimidating world Outspoken Hannah Parrish harboring private fear that may change her life Fragile Ameila Declose shattered by devastating gri

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  • Title: The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love
  • Author: Joan Medlicott
  • ISBN: 9780312979454
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cautious Grace Singleton, uncertain of her place in an intimidating world Outspoken Hannah Parrish, harboring private fear that may change her life Fragile Ameila Declose, shattered by devastating grief Circumstance has brought these disparate women of a certain age to a Pennsylvania boardinghouse where three square meals and a sagging bed is the most any of them canCautious Grace Singleton, uncertain of her place in an intimidating world Outspoken Hannah Parrish, harboring private fear that may change her life Fragile Ameila Declose, shattered by devastating grief Circumstance has brought these disparate women of a certain age to a Pennsylvania boardinghouse where three square meals and a sagging bed is the most any of them can look forward to But friendship will take them on a starting journey to a rundown North Carolina farmhouse where the unexpected suddenly seems not only welcome, but delightfully promising And with nothing than a bit of adventure in mind, each woman will be surprised to find that they years they ve reclaimed from the shadow of twilight will offer something far rare confidence, competence, and even another chance at love

    One thought on “The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love”

    1. I have to say I was glad when this book ended as I thought it was a good 50-75 pages too long. And I wanted to tell those three ladies to GET OVER IT! and move on. Okay, I'm 58, not quite the same age as the characters in the book, but hello, my family will never "put" me in a retirement home - I will do that if I think I need it. The basic premis for the story was a good one and it is so nice to read about characters in my own age bracket and it did give me even more incentive to take good care [...]

    2. My apologies to the many people who loved this book, but I had to force myself to finish it. Grace, the main character, is extremely weak and a doormat. Amelia, scarred horribly from mental and physical pain, is self-centered and vapid. Hannah hides inside a hard outer shell. In what has become a cliche' (but maybe wasn't in 2000, when this book was first published), three women (one who cooks, one who does the handy-man work, and one artist - of course) move to an old, dilapidated but charming [...]

    3. The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love is what I would describe as a gentle read. Yes, there is tension; and yes, there is conflict. More than that, however, there is a sense of serenity and joy. I would even describe it as the ladies from Ladybug Farm 10+ years down the road.Two older (and I use that term loosely since they are my age and a little older) have been shuffled into a rooming house by their children, and one chose to go their herself. The landlady is mean-spirited and believes that [...]

    4. I enjoyed this one more in the beginning and then a little less as it went on and on. Reminded me a bit of Jan Karon's books--very character and place driven, and these ladies of Covington are interesting girls for the most part, but I think Karon does a better job over all. Medlicott has a curious, almost unfinished writing style, and her sentences sometimes just don't work. And while I found myself invested in these characters right off, in their appealingly mundane ordinariness with a little [...]

    5. What I loved about this book is its location and its concept. What I gagged over what the writing. When is a book wonderful because of its characters, ideas, setting, resolution and feeling? And when does the writing intrude so often one longs to take a red pencil to it. Location, western North Carolina, near Mars Hill College which I attended long enough ago to be nostalgic about it. Near Hendersonville where most of my family since 1700 are buried. One of my favorite places on Earth. The conce [...]

    6. I have several senior friends in the same situation as the women in this book--single and not sure if they can afford to live on their own. And not really wanting to be alone. This book provided food for thought and an inspiration to think outside the box regarding living arrangements for seniors. I loved the idea of senior women facing their last years with vigor and new boldness. I liked the beginning of this book best. I liked the way the characters were introduced and how the author examined [...]

    7. I've been smitten with the Ladies of Covington, as well as her other novels. I've read them all! Perhaps I enjoy them so much because of the life stage--since I'm approaching it. I appreciate that these women continue to grow, to learn, to love, to LIVE. Though I don't always agree morally with choices they make, I would enjoy these women as friends. I've appreciated Medlicott's bringing to the page mature women! I've also wondered if I could move in with two other women!

    8. LOVE this book. about three ladies in their 70's who become friends and move to the Asheville, NC area when one of them inherits a house thereI just find it so inspiring and hopeful and heart-warming to read about people who gain wisdom AND HAPPINESS as they age, who are moving on in life into their better and better years. Lovely.

    9. A fun book to read about three dear ladies and their move to Covington, South Carolina. Three ladies living in a rest home meet and decide to go it alone in a new city. They have their ups and downs and there are lots of interesting characters. I look forward to more adventures with these three.

    10. I have to say I am only about 70 pages into this book but so far.'s just so gooey. About these cozy goofy old ladies- that AREN'T REALLY IN THEIR HEART OF HEARTS SO OLD.I'm sorry but it just seems like a Norman Rockwell painting of old ladies. I swear that I can smell my grandmother's talcum powder in these characters. I'm giving it 20 more pages and then I'm out of here. Too gooey. Too cozy. Too something or other for me. JMOkay I finished.This woman-Joan Melicott is a good writer. I just can't [...]

    11. This title begins a domestic fiction series full of likeable and relatable characters, the type you just might recognize among people you know. There is a faint Christian fiction feel to it, but it is possible that some Christian-fiction readers may not agree with some of the directions the story goes. The three main female characters between them are all working through tough, but common issues such as: physical changes due to aging, loneliness, domestic abuse, sex in the older years, financial [...]

    12. This book involves three women "of a certain age" that has lived very different lives, but become very best friends. They begin their friendship while living in a boarding house in Pennsylvania. Circumstances lead them to a very small town, Covington, North Carolina. Most of the book's setting is near the mountains, in western North Carolina, which is close to home. The three ladies come to life through the pages. Although I wanted to "hurry" some of it along, I did enjoy the book. If you enjoy [...]

    13. This was an honest book about growing older, friendship, and family. It is laden with religious subtext. Amazingly, the mentions of church and bible verses were not distracting because the characters seemed believable in their own challenges in life, love, and faith. From the publisher's: Joan Medlicott writes lovingly about the complexity and tenderness of women. she writes with honesty about relationships, about love and passion, about commitment and friendship, as well as about the intricate [...]

    14. Grace and Hannah have rooms in a retirement house owned by Olive, when Amelia comes to join them. None of them are really happy there, so when Amelia inherits a house in Covington, North Carolina, and money to fix it up, they all decide to live there together. Amelia is a photographer, and Grace teaches reading at a school where she meets Bob. Hannah has a greenhouse built for commercial use. Then, the villain shows up, a man who claims to have been the caretaker, with a will naming HIM. Amelia [...]

    15. This is a fast, easy read. It takes you to a simpler place and time where life moves at a slower pace. I loved the detailed descriptions the author provided and by the time I was finished, I felt as if I knew the house, the area, and the ladies. Friendships like these are hard to find and maintain in such a busy world. I loved the characters, the whole concept. I remembered all my friends from Indiana fondly and thought of how we would do in in a similar situation. I think I just long for simpli [...]

    16. This author is from Barnardsville, NC which is only about 20 minutes from my home. Having been there and seen the school and the area she describes, her descriptions of the mountains and valleys put into words what I feel as I look at my beautiful surroundings. The characters in the story are near my age and I easily relate to their joys and problems as we reach those silver haired times. I will definitely read more of the books in her series about the Ladies of Covington. I already have the nex [...]

    17. The harsh circumstances of life have brought together three very different women of "a certain age" in a Pennsylvania boardinghouse where the most any of them can hope for is a sagging bed and three square meals a day. Grace Singleton is an extraordinarily cautious woman who remains uncertain of her place in such an intimidating world; Hannah Parrish may be outspoken about a great many things, but she harbors a profoundly private fear that could change her life forever; Amelia Declose is a fragi [...]

    18. A very sweet story with dabs of suspense thrown in. How lovely that three ladies of a certain age--in their 60s and 70s--can start an entire new and unexpected life. And how delightful that this has turned into a series! I loved all three characters--stern Hannah, with her love for gardening, sweet Grace who is a natural caregiver, and artistic Amelia. Believe it or not, this is a coming of age story for these three women, proving that we can continue to grow into our best person now matter how [...]

    19. I did not enjoy this book. It was quite boring. I read it to fulfill "a genre or subgenre I have never heard of" and found that there is such a thing as matron lit, where the characters are older women. Well, this one was a bore.

    20. This book and author was recently recommended by another Jan Karon enthusiast. Loved the characters and story. Looking forward to another installment in the lives of the Ladies of Covington!

    21. This was one of those books that came along when I needed it, as I was randomly pulling books off the shelves in the library looking for something gentle during a time of a lot of personal stress.After the first few pages, I set it aside - these older ladies are my age!! After sleeping on it, I realized that was an argument to read it rather than to set it aside. Their concerns are the concerns I'm facing: aging, being alone, trying to find meaning, trying to make friends, trying to figure out a [...]

    22. The Ladies of Covington is the story about three women, Grace Singleton, Hannah Parish and Amelia DecloseEvery woman have theirs problemGrace is nice person but she afraid if everything will change amd she have issued with her gay sonHannah had a problem with her knee, and with her family, she feel failed become a good mother and grandmother.Amelia, she always use a scarf around the neck, afraid people will see her scar, the scar that remind her when she lost her child and her husband afterwardU [...]

    23. After finishing the Miss Julia books and mentioning them, a friend who had just finished the Joan Medlicott series recommended the 'Ladies of Covington', and I just finished this first book. The lead characters are seasoned veterans of life (in their 70s) and still learning. And, in a most wonderful place, the small town of Covington in North Carolina (an imaginary place). However, as many problems can exist in an imaginary place as in the real one (in fact, even more!) A small, rural community [...]

    24. "Cautious Grace Singleton, uncertain of her place in an intimidating world. Outspoken Hannah Parrish, harboring a private fear that may change her life. Fragile Amelia Declose, shattered by devastating grief. Circumstance has brought these disparate women of 'a certain age' to a Pennsylvania boardinghouse where three square meals and a sagging bed is the most any of them can look forward to. But friendship will take them on a startling journey to a rundown North Carolina farmhouse where the unex [...]

    25. I so wanted to like this book and the premise was promising. Especially now that I've passed the 60 mark it's enjoyable to read about women my age having adventures and experiences that I have, or wish I had. But this book disappointed on many levels. I don't know if the author was fleshing out the characters in the first book and will move the story on in later ones but there was way too much introspection and, if I must say, too much whining. Granted, each character had challenges, sorrows and [...]

    26. You have heard of chick lit. Well this is hen lit. The definition of hen lit is popular fiction that focuses on one woman or a group of female friends and the vicissitude of their lives as they turn 60 or so. The tone is generally warm, gentle, and optimistic above all humorous. Emphasis on family and friendship. Ya-Ya Sisterhood and Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons are two that werementioned that I had read and enjoyed. This book was not quite up to the standards of the other two. Another good [...]

    27. It started out great! I loved the idea of inheriting an old farmhouse nestled in the Carolina mountains and even being left enough money to restore it. Dream come true. Three ladies, stuck in an independent assisted living home with a cranky caretaker, bossy kids, these ladies had given up, thinking old age has taken over. They're not even that old, in their sixties. The book went on far too long and I am saddened, sick and tired of the gay agenda infecting most new novels I read. Not too many h [...]

    28. From the cover: "The heartwarming story of three women of a certain age who build a home for themselves and a future together." It's a really good story of three widowed ladies who are living in a "care" home in Branston, PA, bullied by their children and the proprietor of the home. One of the ladies inherits a farmhouse in North Carolina and everyone is hysterical when the ladies decide to pack up and go to see the house. The rest of the story is about growth and love and loss. Excellent read.

    29. Three very different older women band together to live together and build a life for themselves that none could afford or handle for themselves. That is a great premise for a novel, and the author does pull it off. The interplay between the women was brought out at a level of detail that sometimes bogged down. The depiction of their personalities seemed very realistic. Their relationships were the entire focus of the book, and it did become a bit tedious in spots. Still, an interesting book abou [...]

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