Chocolate Shoes And Wedding Blues

Chocolate Shoes And Wedding Blues When Tansy Poole inherits a run down shoe shop tucked away in the village of Sticklepond Cinderella s Slippers is born providing the footwear to make any fairytale wedding come true Carrying everythi

  • Title: Chocolate Shoes And Wedding Blues
  • Author: Trisha Ashley
  • ISBN: 9781847562777
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Tansy Poole inherits a run down shoe shop tucked away in the village of Sticklepond, Cinderella s Slippers is born providing the footwear to make any fairytale wedding come true Carrying everything a bride would want to walk down the aisle in, Tansy s shop soon expands to carry shoe themed wedding favours, bridesmaid gifts and even delicious chocolate shoes It sWhen Tansy Poole inherits a run down shoe shop tucked away in the village of Sticklepond, Cinderella s Slippers is born providing the footwear to make any fairytale wedding come true Carrying everything a bride would want to walk down the aisle in, Tansy s shop soon expands to carry shoe themed wedding favours, bridesmaid gifts and even delicious chocolate shoes It s the dream destination for any shoe lover If only everything in her personal life could be as heavenly but with a fianc trying to make her fit into a size 8 wedding dress, not to mention the recent discovery of disturbing family revelations, Tansy takes refuge in the shop s success.But one man isn t thrilled by the stream of customers hot footing it to Cinderella s Slippers Actor Ivo Hawksley, resident of the cottage next to the shop, is troubled by a dark secret in his past and has come to Sticklepond to nurse his own broken heart.However, Ivo realises that he and Tansy have a link in their past and soon, they both find out how secrets shared can make a very strong bond indeed

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    1. I usually like chick lit but when it comes to this book I didn't enjoy it all that much. I just felt nothing all that much happened Tansy and Justin, stale relationship with irrating mum get a move on and move Tansy back to Lancashire. Tansy in Lancs baby & men, she's opening a business but I felt no excitement or interest in it (there were no exciting or interesting events happening before or after) Tansy and the new shopping center could have been a great story line but all happened behind [...]

    2. O primeiro livro que leio desta escritora e gostei bastante.Um livro leve, com uma história muito bonita (estilo Cinderela), personagens engraçadas e muito fácil de ler.Opinião completa em: aviciadadoslivros/

    3. Livro que devia ter ficado bem mais pequeno. Demora demasiado a desenvolver-se (umas 380 páginas), e depois o desfecho acontece num ápice (6 páginas, por aí). História clichê, mas leve e descontraída. Bastante feminino.

    4. I have always found Trisha Ashley’s books a little hit or miss, although I read and enjoy them they never seem to grip me and leave me with a lasting impression and yet there is still something about them that make me pick up her new novel every year.I will be very surprised if anyone can walk past this book and not turn their head as firstly the title of this book must grab the attention of every woman, I mean Chocolate and shoes in the same sentence, is it just me or does that sound like pur [...]

    5. Shame, but this book was not good for me. All the time I felt like a little child being patronized by someone older, I think it is the way it was written - full of exclamation marks, very repetitive and boring. all the characters were behaving as if they were in their 20ies and not 30ies, the way they were behaving and the way there were speaking: "And I went to his garden!" - something like this, and notice please the use of exclamation mark, as if going to his garden was really so an important [...]

    6. Opinião completa em: historiasdeelphabaNão queridos leitores, esta não é uma leitura particularmente natalícia, mas ter por perto alguns doces e uma boa chávena de chá (eu preferi licor) é altamente recomendável – Trisha Ashley sabe como fazer as suas leitoras cair em tentação.Novamente no cenário de Sticklepond, a autora preparou uma obra tendencialmente romântica que explora vários temas interessantes sobre vidas comuns, com personagens tão banais quanto dissonantes, criadas p [...]

    7. Tansy is a down to earth character. One I could identify with as she was not a size zero heroine who loves her baking and is happy with her shape. The same cannot be said of her doctor boyfriend. After several years their relationship is gong nowhere and Tansy's body clock is ticking away.Tansy's Great Aunt Nan is advancing in years and wants Tansy to take over her little shop in Sticklepond. Should Tansy give up on the stagnant relationship and move to the village? Soon the decision is made for [...]

    8. Yes, you’re seeing this correctly, I read chick lit. I read this because the kindle we’re borrowing for our rtw trip is from a friend on which we have a limited selection to read from! So I’m foraying into chick lit- who’da thought?! Needless to say, it was very, very bad.

    9. When Tansy Poole inherits a run-down shoe shop, this happens at just at the right time for her, she is in a relationship that just does not seem to be working out, and when a further revelation is revealed, the shop provides Tansy with the perfect way to escape from the relationship and living in London. Tansy moves back to the Village of Sticklepond in Lancashire where she grow up and was raised by a loving Aunt. Tansy’s dream is to turn her Aunts Bright Shoes shop into Cinderella’s Slipper [...]

    10. Lovely Trisha Ashley, and her lovely, uncomplicated, practical, indefatigable heroines.In this one,the heroine opens a successful wedding shoes shop and falls in love with her dishy neighbour, all while continuing to write and illustrate her series of best selling children's books and do an improbably large amount of baking. The setting of Sticklepond is still rural and cosy without being claustrophobic and as a plus we catch up with characters from previous books.In its own way it's as unattain [...]

    11. Para quem já leu, como eu, o livro Noite de Reis e adorou, então vai gostar deste também. Embora no início seja um pouco maçudo mas depois de 50 páginas a história começa a desenvolver e prendeu-me a atenção. É um livro amoroso e fez-me apaixonar pela história de Tansy, fiquei bastante comovida quando perde a sua avó, e vê que ela lhe deixou umas gravações Opinião completa em:aviciadadoslivros/

    12. Yes, it's time to be done with this author/consortium of authors. There is a formula. Old relative + guy whose wife has died + jilted woman + ex who borders on stalker/violent behavior that no one takes too seriously + lots of baking + gratuitous use of exclamation points!!! The first two I read were enjoyable, light reads. The subsequent two were awful.Plus, this book "made" me eat chocolate by mentioning it so damn often.

    13. Chocolate Shoes and Wedding Blues Tansy Poole's relationship with her fiancée Justin is at a stalemate. She returns to the Lancashire village of Stickle pond. Tansy is needed to help her much loved Aunt Nell with her shop Bright's Shoes. Her aunt's age and failing health mean that both she and the shop want more care. Tansy is torn between a boyfriend who spends more time with his mother than with her and who is increasingly critical of everything about her and her aunt who needs her. Guilt a [...]

    14. I knew from the title this wouldn't be my kind of book, but in between library book requests arriving I picked it up. I was so right. This book is a load of tosh. Typical chick lit formulaa shop, selling twee goods; a woman with a couple of ex boyfriends, one who is a bastard, the other who isn't, but both are good looking; an aunt with a secret;a good friend and a house in a village.This one has a Cinderella theme, with two horrible step sisters and a shop called Cinderella's slippers or someth [...]

    15. Finished reading this wonderful book this afternoon, it was very hard to put down let me just tell you that. This story of Tansy-Justin-Ivo-Her Aunt Nan, Bella and Neil. Tansy has a had time shaking of her ex Justin (wait until you hear about him), her first love (Ivo) ends up moving into the attached cottage just after her Great Aunt Nan passes. Well lets just put in here her 2 step sisters and mayhem is just around the corner. A book you will laugh out loud with but also feel the sadness of as [...]

    16. Tansy Poole dreams of weddings, shoes.& chocolate . you will NEVER believe what she doese openswait for ita shop selling wedding shoes & chocolates!! Would've thunk it? ;o)Look, it's a Trisha Ashley book so there's no new surprises hererl gets heart broken, moves on & after a few misunderstandings & interference by wicked stepsisters, lives happily ever after. It does just what you expect it toheart warming fluff at it's best :o)

    17. It's an easy read but far too obvious as always. You always know what is going to happen at the end.I wanted to hear lots about setting up the shop; and those bits were good.The rest was all a bit so so. And there were phrases actually copied and pasted into later sections of the book. They really stood out.

    18. “When you were a little girl you wanted to run the shop when you grow up and find the right Cinderella shoes, as you called them, for every bride.”I'm a big fan of a good chick lit and I can say I enjoyed Tansy Poole's story. Chocolate Shoes and Wedding Blues was my first book of Trisha Ashley and the first time I saw the cover I was sold. The words chocolates and wedding, not to mention shoes, were enough to make me buy this book.The story follows Tansy Poole's story when she inherits her A [...]

    19. This was my second Trisha Ashley book (the first one being her more recent Christmas release "Wish Upon a Star") and it turned out to be even better than my first encounter with this lovely author!Similarly to "Wish Upon a Star", this novel is set in the fictional village of Sticklepond, as are two other Trisha Ashley books - "A Winter's Tale" and "Chocolate Wishes". You can read them in any order you like (seeing as they are but loosely connected), although I still think it's best to read them [...]

    20. Cosa si può leggere tra una pausa e l'altra? Tra un libro atteso e uno che deve ancora arrivare? A me, in questi casi, serve qualcosa di leggero, di poco impegnativo, diverso in tutto e per tutto da quello che vorrei leggere. Il bisogno di staccare, di buttarmi su qualcosa che non conosco e che mi attira solo fino ad un certo punto mi da' una scossa, cancella completamente i pensieri e mi aiuta ad apprezzare di più quello che leggerò dopo. In un certo senso questi romanzi sono degli apripista [...]

    21. O livro: Uma capa que demonstra a idílica vila onde decorre a história.Temas: amor, romanceGénero/público: chick-lit, adultoPersonagens favoritas: a tia Nan pela sua maneira de ser excêntrica, pela alegria pelo sofrimento escondido.Escrita: Escrita confortável (se é que se pode usar este adjectivo para qualificar o tipo de escrita)com um ritmo lento e familiar. Aquelas leituras para dias frios e que não nos põem a pensar em coisas complicadas…História: Eu gosto muito dos livros da Tr [...]

    22. mysweet-book/2014/Cercavo un libro che iniziasse con una lettera compresa tra A ed M per partecipare ad una reading challenge, così ho acceso il mio kindle e ho visto un po’ cosa c’era dentro. Visto che lo riempio di libri per tenere sempre qualcosa da leggere nei momenti di crisi, pensavo di non trovare problemi nel cercare qualcosa che facesse al caso mio. Non l’avessi mai pensato, c’è davvero di tutto nel mio kindle ma niente che in quel momento mi interessasse o che avesse come ini [...]

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