Swung A suprisingly serious book about sex swinging to be precise

  • Title: Swung
  • Author: Ewan Morrison
  • ISBN: 9780224078764
  • Page: 236
  • Format: None
  • A suprisingly serious book about sex swinging to be precise

    One thought on “Swung”

    1. Coming on a bit like a Scottish Michel Houellebecq, with sexual liberation the only comfort in our empty consumer driven existences, Morrison's novel is about keeping (it) up with the Joneses. Swinging is the name of the game, Glasgow's West End is the setting and as an inhabitant I was tickled by the accuracy of his descriptions. Not as filthy as it thinks it is, the book's characters reveal their insecurities through rambling interior monologues that SHOULD have made me like them more. Despite [...]

    2. This is a serious book but still maintains an element of platfulness and a nice sense of humour running throughout.Its a simple story about David and Alice - a middle class couple in Glasgow. They have just moved into a new west end flat but all is not well.We know that David is impotent, losing his job, divorced and away from a child and the quote from revolutionary road at the start of the book shows that they are living a lie.Both Alice and David are failed artistic types - struggling along w [...]

    3. Glasgow's swinging set takes centre stage in Ewan Morrison's literary relationship novel.Scottish David works in HR, and looks near unemployment. His American lover Alice is struggling with her art, and the bitchy work environment that's crippling her TV series proposal. David is impotent, and though Alice seems okay with it, he knows they both need more. Alice starts investigating swingers in Glasgow for work, and she brings David along.This is no genre fiction. It's about sex, yet it's not all [...]

    4. This book had a lot of press/hype so I was really expecting it to be a modern male's erotic memoir. Instead, I found the usual male angst, far too little and mainly unsatisfying sex. I didn't feel much empathy with the main character or his girlfriend. Their experience of swinging was definately not my own and felt very under researched. Still, it was a quick read and Ewan Morrison is definately a writer to watch out for.

    5. Humorously darkdealing with the up's and downs of life. Some of the descriptions had me laughing at some of the most inappropriate things.

    6. Il ne se passe pas grand chose et ça, c'est dommage. C'est très psychologique mais sans être chiant heureusement. Beaucoup de passages ou d'observations cools.

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