Os Sobreviventes

Os Sobreviventes Kai and Varian awoke from their forty years of coldsleep only to discover that mutineers had taken over Ireta But they were determined to save their planet and its unusual dinosaurs All they had to do

  • Title: Os Sobreviventes
  • Author: Anne McCaffrey A. Martins Lopes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Kai and Varian awoke from their forty years of coldsleep only to discover that mutineers had taken over Ireta But they were determined to save their planet and its unusual dinosaurs All they had to do was solve the planet s myriad mysteries and gain the trust of the most dangerous beings in their Universe.

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    1. Well, the title says it all, doesn't it? What did you expect? Some kind of dramatic escape from a dinosaur world? Sorry to disappoint. There are virtually no dinos at all, and there is virtually no action in this book, either.I made it halfway, then skimmed. The majority of the book is so BORING as to be depressing to crack open. Virtually nothing happens of any importance, and any drama that actually exists is either completely glossed over, or written so poorly that you get no satisfaction out [...]

    2. First half of book is a continuation of Dinosaur Planet, which had many unresolved story lines. In this sequel, the crew members awaken after 43 years, acclimate to their surroundings slowly over many days, encounter the giffs (later identified as pteranodons), and discover the mutineer colony. No action takes place - only descriptions of the planet flora and fauna. The meeting with the descendants of the mutineers takes only one short paragraph. The book takes a bizarre turn in the second half. [...]

    3. Ok, I was actually enjoying it there for a while and then we got to the climax which was what I had figured out half way through the first book. That's sad. I guess she was still learning to write then. On the other hand, you've got to give her credit for developing some interesting non humanoid intelligent species.

    4. Read this about 20 years ago and reread it in May 2012. One of my favorite authors. Read it a second time in a collection called The Mystery of Ireta. It amazes me how Anne was able to come up with so many worlds and so many different cultures and plots.

    5. Anne McCaffrey is one of my all time favorite authors. I have yet to read anything she has written that I have not liked. Her series on the Dragons of Pern are historic, and time lasting. This book follows in kind. Excellent book. Highly recommended to all.

    6. Dinosaur Planet Survivors (Dinosaur Planet, #2)McCaffrey, AnneThey have slept through a millinia of time, to awaken to a new society to a new world that has changed dramatically from the world they left. How can they find their place after all the time that has passed.

    7. This series was a surprise find for me. The more I read them, the more I appreciate McCaffrey's colonization novels. Some of the characters in this book also appear in the Planet Pirates.

    8. Quite hard to read at times, but I enjoyed the previous book, so stuck it out. Like the storyline, would be great to see what happens next to all the characters too.

    9. Readers looking for fighting, killing, action, war, murder, etc. need not look at this book. It's about imagination, aliens, space, new planets, discovery, etc. It's about half way in between hard science and fantasy. It rambles and is longer than it should be. Overall not boring and will hold your attention. Not escape literature though.

    10. Dinosaur Planet Survivors by Anne McCaffrey is the second book in the Ireta series. This book takes place 43 years after the events which took place in Dinosaur planet and in many ways answer many of the questions which were raised in that book. The survivors of the mutiny are woken up by Tor, Kai's Thek friend. As the survivor's reacquaint themselves with the planet they discover that there are many survivors of the mutineers as well. However the neighborhood is soon tto become much more exciti [...]

    11. It took some time to track the second book down as I thought it was out of print. You now can buy both 'Dinosaur Planet' and 'Survivors' in an omnibus 'The Mystery of Ireta'. I have always been an Anne McCaffrey fan and having enjoyed the first book in this pairing I set out to find and read the second to complete the story. Warning - don't read the back of the books for the older editions (not sure about the new ones) - the blurbs sum up the whole plot. Like the first book Dinosaur Planet, the [...]

    12. This is kind of a part of the Pirates series that Anne McCaffrey cowrote with other authors. Thank goodness I found it because it really should be combined. Same characters but different times periods or points of view. If I wouldn't have read this and went directly to Pirates series book #3, I would have missed the resolution of the cliffhanger at the end of Pirates book #2. Lunzie is in the book and does have a fairly large role but it's mostly about Kai and Varian after the big (view spoiler) [...]

    13. I also grabbed this one off the cafe shelf, but with some amusement, because I vaguely remembered reading it in junior high when McCaffrey was one of my favorite authors.Despite the lurid title and cover, it's actually a pretty good sci-fi tale, although it is pretty cliche.But Well, I found the protagonists to be assholes, and there was just this huuuuuuuuge plot hole that drove me crazy at the end of it.[SPOILERS:]So, these dinosaurs were transported from earth to this planet 6 or 7 million ye [...]

    14. SUMMARY:To escape extermination by their Heavyworld colleagues, Kai, Varian and their companions sought refuge in the suspended animation of cryogenic sleep. Now time has elapsed - how much is hard to tell, but at least two generations - and the survivors emerge from their hibernation. Ireta, the Dinosaur Planet, is much changed. The Heavyworlders have regressed to primitive barbarity. Much necessary life-support equipment has malfunctioned or disappeared. The very face of Ireta has altered.

    15. This is the second book in the series I have read (by accident)Both were well written with great characters. It's just the stories are so bland.Yes there is a dinosaur planet, but the dinosaurs are elsewhere and all anyone wants to do is study them. Then there is some drama for about four pages, then it gets sorted and we are back to cataloguing fungus.I liked it to begin with, it was benign and comforting. But it became a mission to finish it.

    16. The first book in this "series" Dinosaur Planet, was a good read, but this sequel to me was weak. The first book ended with the original heroes going into cold sleep -- now 40 years has gone by and when they awake, they have to contend with both space pirates and the original mutineer's descendants plus the mysteries of the planet. At the end I was wishing that the survivors were still asleep and a different book entirely had been written.Skip it.

    17. Spending 40 years in coldsleep to hid from the mutineers who took over the planet Ireta, Kai and Varian awake. Unfortunately, the mutineers are still around. Then, the alien Theks, who have a purpose of their own, appear. Can Kai and Varian save the planet and its unusual dinosaurs? They just need to earn the trust of the dangerous Theks. Can they do it? I really liked this one.

    18. This is the sequel to "Dinosaur Planet" and wraps up the plot begun in that book. Beyond that (I.e. resolving the cliffhanger), there isn't too much to recommend this book. The characters are just as wooden as they were in the first book, and Theks were really sort of odd. There are better Anne McCaffrey books to read than this one.

    19. Again a disappointing book. What I thought was going to be a human vs. dangerous dinosaurs survivalist narrative turned out to be a walk in the park – they got rescued straight away!! I don’t usually skim read books but I did with this one – even the ending was underwhelming (I can’t even remember it).

    20. A satisfying sequel to Dinosaur Planet. The group wakes up from cold sleep and we get to meet a Thek. The Thek are a bit of great imagination from McCaffrey. I can only assume she must have had a good time writing this YA series.

    21. Well, it was better than the first one. Not bad, but took me a bit to get through. It meandered and the pacing was slow through most parts, but had some cool concepts. I did like the ending which did after two books explain why I would bother reading a book with such a silly title.

    22. I like this one better than the first. Having to resort to cryo sleep, Kai, Varian and the rest of the group who survived the mutiny of the heavyworlders must now fight to save the planet Ireta and the dinosaurs from illegal colonization. And where exactly do the Thek fit in?

    23. A rather dull book about life on the planet Ireta (earth 100 million years ago), just like book 1 in this 2 book series

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