God Gave Us You

God Gave Us You When a charming polar bear cub climbs into bed one night she asks her Mama a very important question one that little human cubs often wonder about too Where did I come from As Mama bear tucks her yo

  • Title: God Gave Us You
  • Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren Laura J. Bryant
  • ISBN: 9781578563234
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When a charming polar bear cub climbs into bed one night, she asks her Mama a very important question one that little human cubs often wonder about, too Where did I come from As Mama bear tucks her youngest cub under the quilts, she gently, tenderly, and reassuringly communicates the message loving parents everywhere bears and non bears alike want their little onesWhen a charming polar bear cub climbs into bed one night, she asks her Mama a very important question one that little human cubs often wonder about, too Where did I come from As Mama bear tucks her youngest cub under the quilts, she gently, tenderly, and reassuringly communicates the message loving parents everywhere bears and non bears alike want their little ones to hear We wanted you very, very much, and we are so very glad because God gave us you Perfect for bedtime, naptime, storytime or anytime, God Gave Us You provides a valuable opportunity to build children s self esteem every day and assure each one that he or she truly is a welcomed, precious, and treasured gift from the Lord.Also available in the God Gave Us series God Gave Us TwoGod Gave Us ChristmasGod Gave Us HeavenGod Gave Us LoveGod Gave Us So Much

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    1. My wife, Tanya, and I picked this out together to read to Carter. It was the second book we acquired for our little guy, the first being Goodnight Moon. Anyway, we'd been rather lax at reading to him, so we did just that last night. As Tanya held him, his eyes and rapt attention never left me as I read it aloud. It is an experience I hope to never forget; not due to the story (which is very similar to ours, BTW,) but simply for the once-in-a-lifetime experience, the bond shared between the three [...]

    2. “Where did I come from?” An innocent question with a complex answer. In God Gave Us You, Little Cub asks this question of her Mama who replies that “God Gave Us You.” Mama goes on to explain that Little Cub was in her tummy, how they prepared for Little Cub's arrival, and how happy they were when Little Cub finally arrived. Colorful illustrations illustrate the classic theme that children are a precious gift from God.God Gave Us You, written by Lisa Tawn Bergren and illustrated by Laura [...]

    3. Description:When a charming polar bear cub climbs into bed one night, she asks her Mama a very important question--one that little "human cubs" often wonder about, too: "Where did I come from?"As Mama bear tucks her youngest cub under the quilts, she gently, tenderly, and reassuringly communicates the message loving parents everywhere (bears and non-bears alike) want their little ones to hear: "We wanted you very, very much, and we are so very glad because--"God gave us you."Perfect for bedtime, [...]

    4. Absolutely delightful! What a wonderful way to answer the inevitable question that every child eventually asks: Where did I come from?This sturdy children’s board book offers a beautifully illustrated story about a young bear cub who presents that very question to her mother. Mama’s wise, thoughtful answers are sure to build self-esteem and confidence in young listeners and/or readers, as each reply to Little Cub’s numerous queries reinforce the overall answer: You are a treasured gift fro [...]

    5. An excellent story for monotheistic parents, this book helps capture the miracle of life, what happens to a mother's belly as a child grows, and the value in the birth of a child. This book sparks great conversations and builds a confidence grounded in the child's value to God. This is one of the cutest ways to make your child feel loved with 0% spoiling. I will admit that I would change the "she" in the story to a "he" to read to my son. I wanted him to identify how special the cub was to how s [...]

    6. LISA TAWN BERGREN'S "GOD GAVE US YOU" (A REVIEW)This was a beautiful little book meant for ages 0 to 5 years. The story employs the theme of a family of polar bears telling their young cub how she came to be and why they were so blessed by God to have her. A definite must read for any family with children of this age. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is simply adorable.-Kitty Bullard / Great Minds Think Aloud Book ClubRead more: greatmindsthinkaloudobo

    7. God Gave Us You is a sweet story of faith, parents explaining to their young child their experience of praying for a child, that prayer being granted, the anticipation of waiting through the pregnancy and then the joy of holding their child and the gratitude for this, their greatest gift.

    8. Love this book! I bought it for my daughter and she still has be read it today. Great pictures and beautiful story of a mothers journey though pregnancy. My daughter asked tons of questions regarding the animals. One of my favorites.

    9. This was the first book we bought our daughter, while I was still carrying her. It is so special to us, and I teared up the first time I read it to our baby girl, and still found myself doing that from time to time. It's just beautiful!

    10. This is the second book I have reviewed written by Lisa Tawn Bergren and I am now officially a faithful fan of hers. This is an amazing children's book. The illustrations were done by Laura J. Bryant and they are amazing as well. Here's a bit of a description about the book:A baby polar bear cub climbs into bed and asks her Mama Bear where she came from. The Mama bear tells her how much she was wanted and how much they love her. Then she lovingly responds "God gave us you" She then goes on to e [...]

    11. Small (15 pages) but adorable, Lisa Tawn Bergren and Laura J. Bryant have created a beautiful board book (and series) revolving around a little bear and her quest to know things.God Gave Us You, is designed to answer Little Cub's question, "Where Did I Come From."The book provides a sweet, yet honest way to tell a child how they were born - through the eyes of Little Cub and her folks.It's definitely a book for birth parents - since Little Cub "grows" inside of mommy's tummy. In fact, Bergren sa [...]

    12. When I found out that this board book was coming my way I was full of pure delight! What perfect timing too as it is here just in time for AppleBlossom's second birthday! A great addition to her shelf and a great way to talk more about her little sister who should arrive within the next few weeks I love Lisa's Christian Historical Fiction for adults, and I'm learning to love her Young Adult series too (in my TBR pile). It is without explaination needed to say that I also have come to love her Ch [...]

    13. God Gave Us You is an illustrated board book perfect for children ages 1-3 years. It is a short story about a baby polar bear asking the question, "Mama, where did I come from?""From God," Her mother answered. "Your papa and I were alone and we wanted a baby.""And you got me?" Little Cub asked, her voice muffled by the covers."Yes, my special child. God gave us you."The pictures are colorful and engaging for young minds and the story is very sweet. It drives home the point that children come fro [...]

    14. God Gave Us You is a richly illustrated board book with artwork that depicts the tenderness between parents and their baby. This book is just the right size for small hands. Its sentiment is comforting and clearly stated for a child to understand.As mother bear is tucking her little cub into bed one night, she is asked the question most children ask at some time, “Where did I come from?” Mother Bear answers, “From God”, and then goes into just enough detail to settle the question without [...]

    15. This book is completely adorable!! The illustrations are absolutely beautiful! This story is so well written and easy for a child to understand. It also uniquely tells the story of creation in a way that the little "human cubs" can understand and not get confused by all the adult language that goes along with this topic. It also takes the awkwardness away if your child is asking questions about where babies come from no fretting over what to say or how to explain it. This is such a loving story [...]

    16. Baby bear asks his mother where he came from. Mother bear explains that God gave him to her. Baby bear kept asking why questions about his birth. The answer always incorporated God's gift.The illustrations in this are very soft and tender, just as the text is.****Fritz selected this as tonight's bedtime story. He kept thinking I was making fun of the story title when I read the repetitious line throughout the story. After tucking him in, I peaked in. He looked at me. I told him I loved him becau [...]

    17. God Gave Us You is a story about a polar bear who is asking his mom and dad where he came from. His mom is explaining to him that he was given to them by God. Mom and Dad were all alone and so they asked God for a baby. And "God gave us you." This book goes through the cycle of having a baby - how mom gets bigger and bigger until one day the baby comes. This book would be a good way to introduce the idea of where babies come from with a religious background. The illustrations go along well with [...]

    18. This book is about Little Cub asking his mother where he came from--a question that could go a different direction. She is sure to explain that "God gave us you." She goes through explaining how God put him in her tummy and he grew and grew and grew, until he finally wanted out. She says they wouldn't trade him for the world because God gave him to them.I thought this book was really cute. It's important for kids to know that they were created by God and given to their parents.I think this would [...]

    19. This is not a children's book for those that don't wish to "indoctrinate" their children. It should be obvious from the title, but this is a religious book.Anyway, we are a pretty deeply religious family and so we loved this sweet little book about our children being gifts right from God. I think there are a couple more books in this series, probably one that specifically deals with expecting a new sibling. Regardless, this was still a great jumping off point to talk to my son about new babies.

    20. God Gave Us You is a sweet, touching story. My three-year-old LOVES it and thinks the bears are absolute adorable. (She says “Awwww!” when looking at the pictures.) This book offers a very sweet story to help parents of the really young give a great answer to the “Where did I come from?” question. I have told my oldest that God gave her to us, and she accepted that. And now, I have the cutest storybook to help tell my youngest the exact same thing. It is a very precious, touching story t [...]

    21. I have read several books by Lisa Tawn Bergren and this would bring tears to your eyes. Just like any child, little Cub wanted to know where she came from. And her mother replied, “From God”, without going into full detail on how babies are made. Explaining that little Cub is a gift from God; she shared how excited they both were to be parents, praying for a healthy and strong cub. This book was beautifully illustrated by Laura J Bryant. This is an excellent book and will make a great gift f [...]

    22. This book is amazing. First off, it glorifies God as being the One who gives a child to its parents and shows how He answers specific prayers. Each page of the story closely paralleled how God answered our prayers for a daughter and brought her into the world. We started reading it to her at 3 months, but hope she will come to appreciate the story even more as she gets older and grows in comprehension.

    23. I loved the book. I read it to my little sister, and she now has no questions about where Babies come from. The book seemed to answer her curious questions. I loved the illustrations and the soft language that was throughout the whole book. I would recommend this book to anyone who has a curious little 4 or a 5 year old around. Great book for a beginning reader. Lots of Love was enclosed in this book between Mother, and the Little Cub.

    24. Gentle and heartwarming! I loved the illustrations, especially the daddy bear listening to the baby bear in mommy bear’s tummy while the “doctor” bear listens to the heartbeat with a stethoscope. Just precious!This is an adorable way to show a child how excited you are when expecting a baby, especially the child you are reading the story to.Simply put…it’s sweet and any child would be blessed to spend time wrapped in mommy or daddy’s arms while being read this charming book!

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