Naruto, Vol. 55: The Great War Begins

Naruto Vol The Great War Begins Evil masterminds Kabuto and Madara instigate a skirmish with Naruto and friends on Turtle Island The Allied Shinobi Forces prepare to attack but are they ready for Kabuto s horde of reanimated dead n

  • Title: Naruto, Vol. 55: The Great War Begins
  • Author: Masashi Kishimoto
  • ISBN: 9781421541525
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
  • Evil masterminds Kabuto and Madara instigate a skirmish with Naruto and friends on Turtle Island The Allied Shinobi Forces prepare to attack, but are they ready for Kabuto s horde of reanimated dead ninja

    One thought on “Naruto, Vol. 55: The Great War Begins”

    1. The great Ninja war has begun, and all the old and dead masters of the art is under Kabuto's control. He's actually one of my favorite necromancers in any series, but he has to grow into it first. These are just the opening salvos, but what really stands out is the return of Zabuza and Haku. I'm meh about the return of the 7 great swordsmen.

    2. The Fourth Great Ninja War has finally begun. The Five great nations have come together to form the Great Shinobi Alliance under the direct command of Gaara. Kabuto revives past villains and heroes to fight alongside Madara and throw off the Shinobi Alliance. This volume of the war kind of starts off slow but really ends with a punch, Kakashi and his 4th Ninja Unit facing off against the revived Seven Ninja Swordsmen!!!

    3. Naruto vol. 55 Summary: Naruto is a young shinobi with an incorrigible knack for mischief. He's got a wild sense of humor, but Naruto is completely serious about his mission to be the world's greatest ninja!THE GREAT WAR BEGINSEvil masterminds Kabuto and Madara instigate a skirmish with Naruto and friends on Turtle Island. The Allied Shinobi Forces prepare to attack, but are they ready for Kabuto's horde of reanimated dead ninja!?MY OPINIONYamato has been captured and the island is on the move o [...]

    4. Naruto riceve l'addestramento all'enneacoda da Killer Bee (che ha anche rotto le palle con le sue frasi in rima). Intanto Madara attacca i villaggi ninja con un esercito sterminato di Zetsu bianchi e una piccola ma potentissima pattuglia di zombie riportati in vita dal sempre più temibile Kabuto.

    5. Perang dimulai!Di buka oleh Gaara juga ditutup dengan kemunculan pada panel terakhir juga.Kyuubi mini ketika belajar bijuudama xDKabuto itu menyusahkan, ya

    6. Naruto continues working on controlling his buju power while Kabuto and Madara search Yamato's mind for intel. The allied shinobi force organizes itself with Gaara as the commander. Kabuto has revived the previous jinchuuriki, Akatsuki members, previous gokage, and other shinobi of interest. The revived shinobi still have their minds but their bodies are being controlled. Gaara gives a pretty good speech about being an undivided force and working together. Kabuto captures Anko and is planning to [...]

    7. That was pretty good! The volume moves between many characters but thanks to the overarching war storyline it comes across as more cohesive than messy. It gives Kishimoto a chance to remind everyone of how large his universe is and how much history this cast has accrued. I felt really nostalgic watching Gaara giving his speech. Remember the first redemption by Naruto storyline? Remember how it was actually emotionally effective because the shared biju connection made you believe he really would [...]

    8. This feels like the volume that should have came after fifty-three, quality wise. After a rather lackluster and spotty as hell fifty-hour, this latest volume brings back the story-telling and action that marks Kishimoto’s skills as one of the best shonen manga-kas in Weekly Shonen Jump today. With the return of many supporting characters to the main arc and the start of what looks to be a multi-volume ninja war, it’s clear that Naruto is finally back to form.You can read the rest of my revie [...]

    9. The one of the most strongest ninja Uchiha Madara that was dead. has been revived from the dead and the akatsuki a gruop that seeks revenge declares war with the 5 nations leaf village cloud village rain village rock village and the sand village after reviving all the legendary ninja like jinchuriki (monsters inside a ninja) hokage and kazekage and raikage the past king of each villages. Sasuke who wants to destroy the leaf village take control of the eternal mangyekuo sharingan. Will Naruto and [...]

    10. This is another superb volume of Naruto, with the Great Ninja War finally starting and learning how edo tensei actually works. It also contains the infamous panel that was poorly translated online that sent fanboys and girls into a tizzy thinking that Hatake Kakashi was actually going to go on a “rampage” and use the other 999 jutsus he claims he knows. He then uses chidori.But I still haven’t given up hope of seeing this rampage 108 chapters later…

    11. It's difficult to review a book that's this far into a storyline. If you're already reading the series, there's no reason why you'd stop here, surely.Anyway, this is a very action packed volume since the War between Madara's forces and the Allied Shinobi Force gets underway, with some nice battle sequences as well as some new skills for Naruto. Everything is bubbling along nicely, and I'm sure it'll only get more fun next time.

    12. The biggerest humungousness ninja war since the last one has kicked off. Now whilst we can already probably guess the winner of the world's biggest biff, but it'll be close, because otherwise it wouldn't be very interesting, and the Shonen Jump editor would be excluded from the Friday night sake-fest. I may have over sold it, but someone prove me wrong.Meanwhile Naruto is still under training of the greatly annoying rhyming Octopop.

    13. Giving it a 4 cause it didnot impress me out of my mind . I like it a lot , the feeling of the new people who are going into war.Zetsu seems very very intriguing. Bringing back the old dead people do has its own charm.Seeing Haku and Zabuza , feeling of nostalgia do strikes me .Happy to see Sai and his brother's ending.Loved the introduction of the seven swordsman.

    14. The war begins!I'm so glad that we have an enemy who isn't Sasuke for a little while. I'm getting sick of that kid. Gaara's speech was actually very moving and I'm impressed for the first time in a while with Naruto's growth in terms of power.

    15. With three color pages; what's not to love in this volume? Starting Chapter 515: The War Begins!Naruto starts to suspect their is something amiss with the island he's on. He also starts the task of controlling the Kyuubi chakra in detail starting with stacking blocks.

    16. The one in which I'm still uncomfortable with Zabuza and Haku's relationship because it's never defined. On one hand, it could be a strong friendship or a father and son like bond. On the other hand, it might be a grown ass man in love with his teenage meat shield.

    17. La partenza della quarta guerra mondiale dei ninja è molto buona, direi quasi promettente.Tralasciando i soliti intrighi fini a sè stessi, il fattore nostalgia (Haku, zabuza) e la curiosità (sette spadaccini della nebbia) permettono al volume di emergere.

    18. Loncat dari vol. 49 ke 55, jadi banyak yang nggak ngerti. Ditambah lagi udah lama nggak baca Naruto. Bingung deh :DSeru dan (seharusnya) mengharukan. Kayaknya harus lanjut baca vol 56 biar kerasa lagi keseruan cerita Naruto :)

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