Imitation in Death

Imitation in Death MP CD hoursPolice Lieutenant Eve Dallas encounters one of her most difficult cases in this latest offering from J D Robb alter ego of bestselling author Nora Roberts With the very first victim

  • Title: Imitation in Death
  • Author: J.D. Robb Susan Ericksen
  • ISBN: 9781593352233
  • Page: 202
  • Format: MP3 CD
  • 1 MP3 CD 11 hoursPolice Lieutenant Eve Dallas encounters one of her most difficult cases in this latest offering from J D Robb, alter ego of bestselling author Nora Roberts With the very first victim, Eve realizes that the killer stalking the streets of New York City isn t a run of the mill serial murderer The copycat executions are imitating the methods and victim c1 MP3 CD 11 hoursPolice Lieutenant Eve Dallas encounters one of her most difficult cases in this latest offering from J D Robb, alter ego of bestselling author Nora Roberts With the very first victim, Eve realizes that the killer stalking the streets of New York City isn t a run of the mill serial murderer The copycat executions are imitating the methods and victim choices of an ominous list of notorious serial killers, beginning with Jack the Ripper And when the killer leaves a distinctive note at the crime scene, it s clear that he s targeting Eve personally a fact that worries Roarke, Eve s shrewd husband Assisted by her aide, Peabody, Eve compiles a list of suspects that includes several high profile possibilities Their very prominence, however, complicates the investigation, for they have the power and influence to make the search difficult All of the suspects are reluctant to cooperate but one of them is playing with Eve like a cat with a mouse by tempting her with crime scene notes and challenging her to find him Can Eve stop him before he slaughters again Or will his next victim be Eve herself Author Robb, a.k.a Roberts, doesn t miss a beat in this police procedural thriller The futuristic setting is rich with imaginative details the cast of supporting characters offers an intriguing variety, while Eve and Roarke s relationship is layered with emotional intimacy and spiced with sex Whether you re a faithful follower or new to the series, you won t be disappointed in the edge of the seat suspense in Imitation In Death Don t miss this one Lois Faye Dyer

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    1. Another brilliant episode in this series from J.D. RobbThis one is outstanding for the development in the relationship between Peabody and Eve. They are a laugh a minute as they bounce repartee off each other like a comedy duo. Of course Roarke and Eve have their usual beautiful relationship and lots of other characters take a turn too. Even Summerset has his moment right at the end when he returns from his vacation.I enjoyed all the police work in this one and I was also happy that I picked the [...]

    2. I started reading this series in 2012. I dip in now and again I read maybe two in a row sometimes but then change to something else. I love the books. I love the characters. I love the writing. Eve Dallas must be the most kick-ass heroine out there. She takes no shit!! She is married to the sexiest man on earth! Roarke - swoon - he is perfect, fucking perfect.There was Ireland in his voice, dreamy wisps of it that could, unexpectedly, wind around her heart. "Eve is on the trail of a serial kill [...]

    3. Suspense 4.5 stars / Romance 4.5 starsExtremely interesting and twisted suspense. A murder, who imitated historic serial killers. My girl Eve and me knew his identity from the very beginning, the others needed more time plus the evidence *lol*Eve, you are a Goddess!!!Romance: Roarke wins my heart, slowly, but anyway <3Peabody is a detective, yeah! Und Eve in uniform -> hot. Love love love this series!!!Every book is a winner. Thanks God I have more to come ;-)

    4. ”How do you eat feet?” Eve wondered. “Do you start at the toes and work up, or at the akle and work down? Do ducks have ankles?”“I’ve spent many spleepless nights pondering just that.” (Peabody)I wouldn’t wear them, but if you want to be swept from your feet…*shrug*”Is the U.N. in session?” (Eve)“U.N.? As in United Nations?” (Peabody)“No, U.N. as in Unidentified Numbskulls.” (Eve)”You have conversations with strangers all the time,” he (Roarke) pointed out. “Y [...]

    5. This was a fun book if you find serial killers interesting. Our bad-guy is a copycat killer and emulates Jack the Ripper first, followed by another couple of famous serial killers. It was really interesting to read about them as we went along. Personally, I love stories with a lot of killing and death, but never have any interest in reading about real-life killers. So, although I am extremely blood-thirsty in my reading material, in real-life I want puppies, rainbows, and cotton candy. Is that a [...]

    6. ★★★ 3.75 Stars ★★★The story progressed quite slowly until the last 20%. Loved the characters and lead couple as usual.But I wish I had seen a bit more personal character development and a few sweet moments between Roarke & Eve .(Even though we do get a scene or two in this one :) Looking forward to Book 18 ! #Longwaytogo

    7. 5 stars - Romantic Suspense/Futuristic/Romantic ThrillerI love this series and just can’t get enough of these characters, especially Roarke.There was Ireland in his voice, dreamy wisps of it that could, unexpectedly, wind around her heart.“When I came in and you were sleeping, I thought: There’s my soldier, exhausted from her wars.” He lifted her hand, kissed her fingers. “Now, I look, and I think: There’s my woman, soft and lovely.” Her lips curved as he undressed her. “Where do [...]

    8. I have such a horrible memory. Really I do. I’m not sure how I came upon this series. I’m sure it was by a friend’s recommendation. Was it you Mo? However it came to be I am grateful because I have loved every single one of the books I have read.The two main characters have stolen my heart. Eve is something else. I love her strength. I love her humor. I love her compassion. And most of all I love how she loves Roarke.Roarke is breathtaking. I love his strength. I love his weakness when it [...]

    9. 5 Stars! J.D. Robb does it again Seventeen books in and this series is still going strong!! It never gets old for me and it just keeps getting better. Roarke and Eve are so comfortable in their relationship, it makes me smile. I love the way they tease each other, Eve comes off as so aloof and annoyed, all the while loving it when Roarke irks her into submission. The passion and desire they have for each other gives me the warm fuzzies. On this particular case Eve brings Roarke on board as a con [...]

    10. Gawd, this was good. I was guessing right up until the end.The last chapter was simply amazing. Peabody is still my #1 girl.

    11. Imitation in Death4.5 StarsHomicide Lieutenant Eve Dallas is in pursuit of a vicious killer with a penchant for copying the crimes of the most notorious serial murderers in history. With several suspects to choose from, Dallas and her team will have to use all of their skills and wits to narrow the field before the monster strikes again. The best book in the series so far, but then I have a Jack the Ripper fetish, lol! In terms of the case, my preference is for those with several suspects and c [...]

    12. Finished rereading Imitation & remembered how much I enjoy the relationships in this one. Eve & Roarke, Eve & Peabody, Eve & Mira, Eve & Nadineour Eve has a family and she is finally realizing & acknowledging it. She finally remembers her mother through yet another nightmare & that is just sad. On the other hand, there's Peabody & she just makes me laugh! She-Body can justify eating anything! Love the donut scene. I should also mention a murderer is imitating the [...]

    13. I love this book - imitation of all the notorious serial killers like Albert DeSoto, Jack The Ripper, etc.! Peabody finally gets her detective shield and Eve has a "glimpse" of what her birth mother was like - sad really. Eve wears her "blues" in this one and surprises even Roarke!!!2 thumbs up and 5 stars!

    14. As always, the bulk of my enjoyment of this series comes from 2 things: how much did Eve annoy me and how much Roarke did we get? Eve annoyed me in this one, but we got a lot of Roarke, middle of the road.Eve can be such a biotch! Sometimes, it really is hard for me to like her when she's in 'copmode'. She really does have a soft heart under all the tough exterior, but sometimese's just so rude to people who are only trying to do their job, or suspects that she doesn't really think are guilty bu [...]

    15. in this installment Eve and Peabody are going after a serial killer who is copycatting other famous serial killers. Peabody also goes after her detective Shield not realizing that means Eve will no longer need an aid. fantastic read just wish we had more Eve and roarke time in the book.

    16. Another great story with great characters. That being said, I had to laugh softly when one of the most polluting country on Earth was posed as the recycling champion. One can always dream

    17. This book is a case of solid police work and some delightful banter between Peabody and Eve concerning relationships. It totally made me giggle. The series continue to be utterly captivating, and it's the developing character arc that I find so irresistible. Recommended!

    18. Os livros desta série são sempre os mais aguardados do ano ADORO ADORO ADORO!Adoro as personagens, a dinâmica entre elas, as suas histórias e o caso policial que nos é apresentado. E quando acho que já não haverá nada se novo na série sou surpreendida amei cada bocadinho.

    19. Ünlü seri katilleri taklit eden bir sapik bu bölümde uğraştırdı Eve Dallası.Bu bölümde de kendi annesini hatırladıBu serinin belli bir kalitesi var asla aşağıya inmiyor

    20. Strong police procedural highlights 17th Eve Dallas !We continue to be astounded at the publishing pace of Nora Roberts. Despite her "regular" books under her own name, these fun NYPD homicide Lt. Eve Dallas stories, written as "JD Robb", keep coming at the rate of one or two a year. "Imitation", the 17th entry in the " In Death" series, is not the emotional blockbuster of the just prior two ("Purity" and "Portrait"), but nonetheless entertains throughout this tough-minded police procedural. Whe [...]

    21. I don't know what to say anymore except another awesome addition to this series. A killer who emulates historic serial killers like Jack the Ripper, Al Desalvo and others. It was frustrating trying to guess whodone it and failing. Oh well, no plans of being a detective in the near future. I love Eve's job and I love to be in her mind. I love Roarke and Eve together. And the rest of the gang of course. "You like having conversations with strangers. I don't get that about you." Eve to Roarke."You [...]

    22. 4.5 StarsImitation in Death starts off with a licensed companion who is brutally murdered and mutilated in the manner of Jack the Ripper. This begins a chain of events which requires Lieutenant Eve Dallas to go head to head with a copycat killer who is slowly and methodically making his way across the city. I absolutely loved this installment with its creepy killer and plenty of new developments for the In Death cast.1. I really liked the idea of a copycat serial killer and how it provided inter [...]

    23. Even though I read a bunch of this series years ago and fell out of love with them, as I am reading them this time around I find more things I enjoy about them. This one touched on one of my many fascinations: Jack the Ripper. I can't tell you why I am so fascinated with his legend, but I just am. I love seeing the different takes on it, and this was no exception. I liked seeing the "futuristic" chase of Jack, and how he morphed into other killers as well. Eve has quite a few zingers in this boo [...]

    24. This one is not on my favorites list. I have never liked the suspects and just found this book to be only ho hum for me. I did enjoy watching Eve mess with Peabody's head as she had her bouncing one suspect after another up to the top of her most likely list. This paralleling with Peabody taking the Detectives exam was pretty entertaining. I had forgotten also how much I enjoyed the take down scene at the end of the book. I love a great ending. Not a favorite, but still a 5 star read. on to Divi [...]

    25. Ay resmen özlemişim ya okumayı.Keşke Epsilon biraz daha özense seriye.her ay gibi ütopik bir beklentim yok ama en azından senede iki üç kitap çıkarsa fena olmaz yani.

    26. omundoencantadodoslivros.cMais um livro desta série e mais uma vez a autora consegue surpreender…Não consigo explicar as razões de tanta surpresa, mas a verdade é que mais uma vez a autora consegue deixar-me com aquele misto de sensações incríveis, em que só existe a vontade de ler mais um livro desta série. A verdade é que depois de tantos volumes seria normal que já existisse um cansaço, aquela ideia que seria mais do mesmo e que não valeria a pena ler o livro assim que este fos [...]

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