Witness in Death

Witness in Death MP CD hoursOpening night at New York s New Globe Theater turns from stage scene to crime scene when the leading man is stabbed to death center stage Now Eve Dallas has a high profile celebrity

  • Title: Witness in Death
  • Author: J.D. Robb Susan Ericksen
  • ISBN: 9781423302698
  • Page: 175
  • Format: MP3 CD
  • 1 MP3 CD 10 hoursOpening night at New York s New Globe Theater turns from stage scene to crime scene when the leading man is stabbed to death center stage Now Eve Dallas has a high profile, celebrity homicide on her hands Not only is she lead detective, she s also a witness and when the press discovers that her husband owns the theater, there s media spotlight t1 MP3 CD 10 hoursOpening night at New York s New Globe Theater turns from stage scene to crime scene when the leading man is stabbed to death center stage Now Eve Dallas has a high profile, celebrity homicide on her hands Not only is she lead detective, she s also a witness and when the press discovers that her husband owns the theater, there s media spotlight than either can handle The only way out is to move fast Question everyone and everything and in the meantime, try to tell the difference between the truth and really good acting.

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    1. Oh I am so enjoying my reread of this series! This is number ten and it is still every bit as good as the previous nine books! I realise the author has a formula which never changes from book to book but it does not matter at all. It is what she does with that formula that counts and J.D. Robb is a master.In this particular book everything revolves around Agatha Christie right down to the way the final scene plays out with all the possible murderers gathered together while Eve does the grand exp [...]

    2. Book ten in this series and I feel I'm well and truly settled into it to the point where the characters have become old friends. Roarke and Eve are still feeling their way in their lives together producing a few sparks and a lot of passion and romance. There is a lot of humour in their relationship and both are learning to give and take from each other. Peabody is enjoying her two men, classy outings with Charles and hot sex with McNab, but is good at hiding her true feelings from herself. Fun t [...]

    3. I absolutely love this series. Ten books in and I still cannot get enough of these two main characters. Roarke & Eve, I adore both of them. Then you have these wonderful side characters that continue to grow and shine in their own right. There is Peabody, Feeney, McNabb and even a new addition, Trueheart. Round them off with Galahad (the family cat) and you get this perfect blend of characters. I won’t go into the plot at all but I couldn’t agree more with a comment in a review I read wh [...]

    4. I cannot give these books less than 4 stars. I could do with a bit more Roarke and Eve time.When a celebrity is killed right before her eyes, New York detective Eve Dallas takes a new place in crime—as both officer and witness to murderTwo lost souls whose miserable beginnings had forged them into what appeared to be polar opposites.Love had narrowed the distance, then had all but eradicated it.She'd saved him the first moment he'd locked eyes with her. As impossible as it should have been, s [...]

    5. “Death is just the last scene of the last act.”― Joyce Carol OatesA murder is committed as the last act of a theater performance in front of the whole cast, crew and thousand's of people who have come to watch this play including Eve Dallas.As the story progresses we come to know that the Theater world is filled with people who like to perform on stage and outside of it, that relationships are not that simple in this world and you never know who is acting and who is genuine.We also discove [...]

    6. Suspense 5+ stars / Romance 4.5 starsI freaking loved this book.Excellent story, like an “old-fashioned” classically written detective novel by Agatha Christie. Murder on stage. Murder out of love, hate, revenge – the whole kaleidoscope of feelings and emotions. As a huge fan of Agatha Christie, who read all her books approx. 20 times (but who counts *lol*), I know to enjoy a good suspense with a deep and creative background.Big plus *excuse my heartlessness* - the 1st victim deserved to b [...]

    7. "Peabody, am I an ass-kicker?""Are you asking to see my scars or is that a trick question?""Shut up, Peabody."Okay, I admit it, Eve's grouchy, rude personality is growing on me. She kind of cracks me up."Great sweater, by the way. Is it cashmere?"Baffled, Eve looked down at her navy turtleneck. "I don't know. It's blue."Yeah, I can relate to not giving a damn about shopping. She's lucky to have a husband who buys her nice things that she can't appreciate.So, in this book we have a murder that ha [...]

    8. A great mix of romance, and mystery. NR takes us further in the saga of Eve, Roarke and their friends and associates. We a closer look at Peabody, Eve's partner, her burgeoning relationship with McNab, the geek techno wizard and Peabody's sex squeeze and Charles, her LC friend. Nadine Furst, the channel 75 news reporter, becomes more of a central character in this book due to her relationship with the deceased. A treat, for me anyway, is the reappearance of newbie police officer Troy Trueheart f [...]

    9. 3.5-4 stars - Romantic Suspense/Sci-Fi/Futuristic/ThrillerRoarke. . . . . . . . . . They needed each other.Two lost souls, he thought, taking a moment to walk to the tall windows that looked out on part of the world he’d built for himself out of will, desire, sweat, and dubiously accumulated funds. Two lost souls whose miserable beginnings had forged them into what appeared to be polar opposites.Love had narrowed the distance, then had all but eradicated it.She’d saved him. The night his lif [...]

    10. More Roarke and Eve re-read awesomeness! The seduction sceneg! need to say more(; And then the ending: "You can't go back. Can't fix what broke. But you can go forward. And every step matters. Every one makes a difference." She cupped his face in her hands. "From where I'm standing, you're the best step I ever took." Sweeeeet!Re-read in preparation for EchoesFeb 2017:)

    11. The fabulous Marlene Dietrich in Agatha Christie’s wonderful “Witness for the Prosecution,” the play Roarke and Eve go to see. ★★★★★ & a Wow! & a Whoa! (This is a review of the audiobook.) Susan Ericksen narrates these characters as if she wrote them instead of J.D. Robb, she knows them that well. Her narration lets us know them better, too!Loved this one. Adore all of them, actually, but this one was extra-extraordinary. I think it is one of the best in the series. The h [...]

    12. I've said this in my other reviews with the previous books and I am afraid I have to say it again here. Sometimes I think Eve is too much or her methods are a bit much. But she gets the result in the end. She comes out hard, cold, detached and emotionless but readers of this series knows better. She breaks. She feels. She's not just an easy person to like or love. Her relationship with Roarke makes her more human. I couldn't for the life of me guess who done it. I guessed a few but turned out wr [...]

    13. Many times I tried to place this edition, the one I actually OWN, as my edition of this book.I even took time to write a review for this book, the one I actually read, but Goodread's kept switching me over to the other one, which was a lie. GR says I shelved the other edition, and I did, once. Every time I switched GR moved back to other.I won't repeat my review again, after this mess. Just know if you're a fan, you'll enjoy.

    14. 4.5 starsEve & Roarke are such a wonderful couple and even though this is their tenth book, their relationship is still growing and changing. Eve really stretched herself in proving her love for Roarke. It was very sweet & endearing. Two words I never thought I'd associate with Eve. I loved it. On the flipside, Roake had an "insert foot in mouth" moment, which made this entire book worth the read. The man does have faults!Praise Jesus! Oh Peabody. The real star of the show. Thank heavens [...]

    15. 4,5 Stars. I really liked it but it was a little predictable for me. I just loved the last scene with Eve and the murderer. Eve has such a big heart!

    16. Posted onUnder the CoversA man is murdered right before Lt. Eve Dallas’s eyes.My favourite cop and her hunky husband Roarke go out to attend a play. Undoubtedly enjoying the fact that Roarke owns the theatre, Eve feels like she can finally relax a bit.But when someone takes the death of a character into literal means and stabs the superstar of the show, Darco dies with a single stab through the heart.Eve soon finds out that actors are very good liars because she is thrown this way and that way [...]

    17. Another great addition to the series. Didn't feel as intrigued as I did the others but I was entertained by the theatrical bit.

    18. Witness in Death4 StarsIn her newest case, homicide lieutenant Eve Dallas finds herself in uncharted territory when she, along with the entire audience, witnesses the murder of an actor during a performance. Before long, Eve and her team are up to their necks in suspects and motives as the victim was uniformly despised by one and by all. An excellent homage to Agatha Christie's mysteries in general and to her play, Witness for the Prosecution, in particular. Reading this book brought back fond [...]

    19. Fully reviewing every book in the series makes no sense because the main characters are always on point. Sometimes some more are added to the squad, sometimes old faces become important. But at the end of the day, we'll never stop loving them. Especially McNab. If you don't worship McNab, you don't deserve to have the privilege to read this series.However, what changes from book to book is the plot. Some are incredibly entertaining, some are creepy as fuck (the best ones always are). Some are ev [...]

    20. Every time I read this book, I like it more if that's possible. The whole world is a stage - basically sums up this book. Lies, deceit, and more lies - gotta love thespians!Love the scene with Eve preparing for a seductive evening with Roarke - too funny, poor girl!Still wondering about that cone-shaped thing that tinkles - have no idea how that works ;)5 stars and 2 thumbs up!

    21. Witness in Death by J.D.Robb is the 10th book in the In Death series. Lieutenant Eve Dallas is accompanying her husband to the opening of a production of Agatha Christies Witness for the Prosecution when the actor playing Leonard Vole is murdered on stage for real. This is probably my most favourite of the series mainly due to the Agatha Christie references and parallels. Plenty of action, lots of twists and hot sizzling romance culminating in a dramatic revelation. Another amazing book.

    22. Eve & Roark are triumphant once again, of course. The setting primarily takes place in one of Roark'smany businesses. This particular business is a renovated theater house when something dastardly happens during a live performance. Lots of steam created by our two protagonist as usual but tastefully portrayed by the author.Perpetual drama ensues throughout mostly because of the actors' enormous egos and overflowing testosterone. In other words, lot's of steam with the cast member, both prese [...]

    23. Another great book in the "In Death" series, the plot always has me on my toes. Great whodunit police procedurals. They really need to make this into a TV show.

    24. I used to think this was one of my least favourite InDeaths. I've changed my mind. JD Robb shows us how the old adage of "show don 't tell" should be done. Two scenes are pure examples of thiswell maybe three, the scene in the train station when Eve is hunting Kenneth Stiles, the laugh out loud ( and I did) scene where a drunken Peabody and Eve have a conversation during Peabody and McNabb's first date and finally the murderer reveal on stage where the original murder occurred. Masterful. Great [...]

    25. I don't know if it's cause it's been such a long time since I read the last one in this series or what, but I loved this installment of this series! I found myself laughing in several places. I enjoyed the development of Peabody and McNab's relationship and I liked how Eve was more relatable in here. She seemed more vulnerable and she was easier to like :) I know I won't wait another 8 months before reading the next one ;)

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