Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror

Uncle Montague s Tales of Terror Uncle Montague lives alone in a big house and his regular visits from his nephew give him the opportunity to relive some of the most frightening stories he knows But as the stories unfold a newer and

  • Title: Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror
  • Author: Chris Priestley David Roberts
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Uncle Montague lives alone in a big house and his regular visits from his nephew give him the opportunity to relive some of the most frightening stories he knows But as the stories unfold, a newer and surprising narrative emerges, one that is perhaps the most frightening of all.

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    1. Young Edgar grows increasingly unnerved as his strange Uncle Montague spins tale after haunting tale. The hour grows late in that dark and eerie house. There are noises - creaks, groans, someone dragging something across the floor in the room upstairs Is it Franz, the mysterious butler whom Edgar has never seen, or something much more sinister?Do not be lulled into complacency by the almost whimsical Edward Gorey-like illustrations. The stories in this book are genuinely creepy. Children feature [...]

    2. I've read Chris Priestley's 'Tales of Terror' series in a strange order which has meant I've come to this, the first one published, last. I also liked it the most. The formula used in the other volumes, with a central narrative tying all the other tales together, is at its best here. Naive young Edgar goes to visit his ancient Uncle Montague to listen to his macabre stories, each of which seems to be linked to an object in the room where they sit. Though he feigns bravado, Edgar grows increasing [...]

    3. "These things around us are possessed with a curious energy. They resonate with the pain and terror they have been associated with. My study has become a repository for such items. I am a collector of the unwanted, of the haunted, of the cursed - of the damned."A sinisterly brilliant little book. I have loved these stories since I was 11 and even at 17, I still find them fascinatingly creepy. Excellently and maturely written, wildly entertaining and deliciously disturbing. The main plot linking [...]

    4. «Qualcun altro vive qui, zio?», chiesi titubante.«Vive?», chiese stranamente lo zio. «No, Edgar».Un romanzo piuttosto deludente, con uno stile goffo che penalizza anche gli elementi interessanti. La presenza massiccia di pulci nell’orecchio grandi come procioni e suggerimenti vari da parte del narratore finiscono presto per annoiare il lettore, che sin da subito sa cosa aspettarsi. Tre storie su nove mi sono piaciute, ma non basta a promuovere un libro intero o consigliarlo.Recensione ap [...]

    5. 4,5Es posible que si tienen gusto por las historias macabras, de aquellas que tranquilamente pueden contarse en ronda durante una fogata en la noche, más un acompañamiento de ilustraciones creepy al estilo Gorey, con otro toque de Tim Burton, este libro sea el indicado para ustedes. Olvídense de los prejuicios y las restricciones mentales que les pueda generar la etiqueta infantojuvenil del mismo, dejen esto último de lado si planean darle una chance a una antología sumamente entretenida. E [...]

    6. I picked this book up from the library on an excursion to find something different. And I definitely found it in this book. I have always been a fan of things that touch on the darker side of things, but not going too far into it. I like my horror, don't get me wrong, but I also like the books that give you that little knot in your stomach without making you freak out every time the house settles or your dog barks.That being said, I am an adult the stories in here were written to frighten childr [...]

    7. Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror turned out to be a good choice to read for my 2nd Annual October Scare Fest. It's a creepy and unsettling book that features a story within a story narrative.Uncle Montague tells his young nephew (more like great, great nephew) chilling tales based on knick-knacks and artwork the old gentleman has in his creepy house. These stories are short and edgy, with endings that are quite disturbing (for a children's book). In short, horrible things happen to some of these [...]

    8. “‘Give me a funeral over a wedding any day,’ said Uncle Montague with a sigh. ‘The conversation is almost always superior.’”Edgar’s Uncle Montague owns a lot of random knick-knack and there seems to be a story behind all of those items. Full of curiosity as he is, Edgar is eager to hear every single one of them and his Uncle is more than willing to narrate. But as it gets darker and the stories get spookier, Edgar starts to wonder if there is more to the stories than his Uncle is t [...]

    9. Chris Priestley oldukça ilginç bir yazar bence, bana Neil Gaiman'ı hatırlatıyor. Karanlık hayalgücüyle çocuklara yazdığı korkutucu öyküleri tam Gaiman tarzında. Belki de bu yüzden merak ediyordum yazarın Dehşet Hikayeleri serisini. Korku kitabı yazmak başlıbaşına bir iştir zaten ama çocuklar için korku öyküleri yazmak çok daha başka bir yerde. Ve bana sorsanız hangisini tercih edersin diye düşünmeden "Çocukların için" olanları seçerim. Çünkü çocuklar ca [...]

    10. Gothic tales about naughty kids, with a little twist in the tale, probably perfect for 8-12 year-old readers.As a kid - and yes, still, more recently - I loved Rudyard Kipling's* 'Puck of Pook's Hill' and 'Rewards and Fairies'. Both are collections of stories about English (and pre-English) history - ranging from folk to historical tales - connected together through the figures of Dan and Una, who one day accidentally summon Puck (yep, Shakespeare's one) who becomes their guide through these tim [...]

    11. Christopher Priestley's Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror is the kind of book that begs to be read aloud, with a British accent, and in the dark of night sitting next to a roaring fire while an unnatural storm brews outside. This book is an anthology of ghost stories and cautionary tales, all told by the mysterious Uncle Montague to a rather dimwitted nephew, Edgar. Most leave you with a crooked smile after finishing.Uncle Montague's home is filled with odd collectibles. An old brass telescope. A [...]

    12. Throughout this book, I kept trying to decide whether or not I would have liked it when I was a kid. Like most kids I liked spooky stories. I always had a Goosebumps stuck in my backpack. I would sit in my best friend's room and we'd dare each other to open Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark to a random page and see how long we could last before being too freaked out by the illustrations to continue. (Seriously, just looking through Google Images for pictures like this one and this one is kind of [...]

    13. Reviewed by Grandma Bev for TeensReadTooUncle Montague is a bachelor who lives alone in a house that is packed with artifacts and collectibles. Edward loves to walk through the woods and visit Uncle Montague to hear his spine-tingling stories. Uncle Montague is reminded of each story as he picks up an artifact that is associated with it in his memory. Edward's imagination is sent into a tailspin when he begins to wonder how Uncle Montague knows all of these frightening stories, and a darker side [...]

    14. imagine a cross between M R James and Edward Gorey, in particular 'The Gashlycrumb Tinies', and you pretty much have this book spread out in a nutshell. Solitary Edgar is in the habit, during the school holidays, of visiting his Uncle Montague, an equally solitary soul whose house (or at any rate the study, the only room Edgar has ever been in, save the lavatory) is filled with curios, each of which has a story behind it. A ghastly, creepy story which inevitably ends in the grisly death of its j [...]

    15. Edgar listens to the dark-themed stories told by his Uncle Montague about the collection of items that have, over a lifetime collecting, filled his study. Eventually, Uncle Montague ties all of the stories into his own dark, chilling past.5 STARS

    16. Çok korkunç olmasa da akıcı bir kitaptı. 4 yıldız verip vermemekte kararsızdım ama sonu sayesinde verdim. Montegue Amca'nın hikayesi beklenmedikti çünkü. Diğer hikayeler de fena değildi.

    17. Sabem aquelas histórias de terror que todos nós ouvíamos quando crianças?? Pois bem, foi o que me fez recordar este livro :)Adorei!! Quero ler mais livros deste autor :)

    18. 2017 Popsugar reading challenge (avanzado) #7. Un libro con un personaje excéntrico."¿Crees que exista una edad en la que tal vez te vuelvas inmune al miedo?""—Como ya debes haberte dado cuenta —continuó—, estas cosas a nuestro alrededor están —¿cómo diría?— poseídas por una curiosa energía. Resuenan con el dolor y el terror a los que han sido asociados. Mi estudio se ha transformado en un depósito de objetos como estos. Soy un coleccionista de lo indeseado, Edgar; de lo pose [...]

    19. I meant to read this on Halloween and got sidetracked:) The stories are definitely spooky and not for you if you don’t like hearing of unhappy ends for children. But I don’t normally like horror stuff and this was fine for me, so it certainly wasn’t extreme.

    20. Beautiful gothic writing style, creepy stories and a nice twist at the end! The Gorey-esque illustrations fit it perfectly.

    21. Edgar besucht seinen Onkel Montague, der gerne Geschichten erzählt. Er wohnt in einem Haus, versteckt in einem Wald und bei einer Tasse Tee erzählt der alte Herr dem Jungen unglaubliche Geschichten über Kinder und unheimliche Ereignisse.„Tales of Terror“ fast den Inhalt ziemlich gut zusammen, denn es sind Geschichten des Grauens, die der alte Onkel hier dem jungen Edgar erzählt. Geschichten in denen Kindern unglaubliches zustößt aber Edgar, gewitzt und skeptisch, glaubt natürlich kein [...]

    22. It is more of a 3 1/2 stars than a full 4.This is a fine little book. I found it in the childrens section at Hatchard's a while back. And though it is meant for children - but of a certain age, it is quite scary at times! I know I would've been impressed reading it younger - those tales are still very enjoyable to read as an adult (as is the case with any good childrens fiction). I read them mostly one a day, as bedtime stories.I don't particularly care for collections of short stories, although [...]

    23. Chris Priestley's work appeals to me, even though I'm a grownup and should probably have left the realm of children's books behind me when I left my teens. Saying that, children's literature is magical and wondrous and unpredictable, and I don't want to lose those qualities; they are just as important for grownups, in my opinion. If I therefore want to read a children's book I will do so, and I will do so proudly; hence my wish to pick up Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror.I love Gothic fiction, a [...]

    24. ste livro conta-nos a história de um rapaz chamado Edgar, que durante as férias escolares, ficava em casa dos seus pais que lhe ficavam indiferentes, por isso vai muitas vezes a casa do seu tio Montague.O Tio Montague é um mistério, toda a sua casa é um mistério, e Edgar não sabe muito acerca dele, só que conta histórias assustadoras que inventa ou que lhe são contadas dos objectos da sua casa, da sua sala e que Edgar vê por todo o lado, embora só conheça um quarto da casa escura.As [...]

    25. Edgar loves listening to good stories and his uncle Montague loves to tell stories. So the boy will visit him in his old mansion to learn more about all the knickknacks his uncle has accumulated over the years. Being the first part of a series of books by Chris Priestley, this is actually intended for young readers, but I enjoyed the stories regardless the fact that I'm by no means young anymore. The narrative is both captivating and intricately written, and the authors love for storytelling def [...]

    26. I chose this book as I am a fan of David Roberts' illustrations. They suit Chris Priestley's creepy book very well. It is a series of short scary stories tied together neatly by an equally unnerving narrative thread. I had only one niggle with the book, just one word in fact that put me off! 'The sound of slow and heavy footprints could be heard in the corridor outside the bedroom door.' Do footprints make a sound? Shouldn't it be 'footsteps'?Anyway, apart from that tiny glitch I thought it was [...]

    27. Una raccolta di racconti per ragazzi che mi avrebbe fatto rizzare i capelli dalla paura se l'avessi letta da bambina: molto inquietanti le storie e ben gestita anche la cornice narrativa che le lega tra di loro. I diversi racconti giocano molto con l'immaginazione del lettore a cui spesso viene lasciato intuire l'epilogo senza raccontarlo in maniera esplicita, espediente che aumenta ancora di più il brivido perché lascia la mente libera di vagare sulle conseguenze di ciò che si è appena lett [...]

    28. It's exactly the type of book I love. It's that fascinating creepiness that made me love this book, even though my main reason for reading it were David Roberts' drawings. I loved them with Philip Ardaghs books but in this creepy fashion they are even better. The whole harmony of the stories and the art was amazing and it is 100% enjoyable and recommendable. Loved it!

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