The Religion

The Religion May Suleiman the Magnificent emperor of the Ottomans has declared a jihad against the Knights of Saint John the Baptist The largest armada of all time approaches the Knights Christian stronghol

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  • Title: The Religion
  • Author: Tim Willocks
  • ISBN: 9780765357557
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • May 1565 Suleiman the Magnificent, emperor of the Ottomans, has declared a jihad against the Knights of Saint John the Baptist The largest armada of all time approaches the Knights Christian stronghold on the island of Malta The Turks know the Knights as the The Hounds of Hell The Knights call themselves The Religion In Messina, Sicily, a French countess, Carla laMay 1565 Suleiman the Magnificent, emperor of the Ottomans, has declared a jihad against the Knights of Saint John the Baptist The largest armada of all time approaches the Knights Christian stronghold on the island of Malta The Turks know the Knights as the The Hounds of Hell The Knights call themselves The Religion In Messina, Sicily, a French countess, Carla la Penautier, seeks a passage to Malta in a quest to find the son taken from her at his birth twelve years ago The only man with the expertise and daring to help her is a Rabelaisian soldier of fortune, arms dealer, former janissary, and strapping Saxon adventurer by the name of Mattias Tannhauser He agrees to accompany the lady to Malta, where, amidst the most spectacular siege in military history, they must try to find the boy whose name they do not know and whose face they have never seen and pluck him from the jaws of Holy War.The Religion is Book One of The Tannhauser Trilogy, and from the first page of this epic account of the last great medieval conflict between East and West, it is clear we are in the hands of a master Not since James Clavell has a novelist so powerfully and assuredly plunged readers headlong into another and time Anne Rice transformed the vampire novel Stephen King reinvented horror Now, in a spectacular tale of heroism, tragedy, and passion, Tim Willocks revivifies historical fiction.

    One thought on “The Religion”

    1. I guess The Religion is a good title's cryptic and kinda ominous sounding and does have a connection to the actual contents of the story. Despite that, I think that Fucking, Killing & Shitting: Malta 1565 might be a bit more appropriate here. While I can certainly agree all three of those things are an unavoidable part of life and can be an enjoyable part of fiction, I really don't think that's what Mr. Willocks was intending for me to see as the identity of his story--but that's what I came [...]

    2. I hated this book. I love violence and don't mind sex in my fiction, but this book was absolutely wretched, despite having those two ingredients. The main fault, I think, was the hero. He was too perfect and was therefore absolutely obnoxious. He knows how everything should be defended, he is looked to grudgingly for his experience in the Muslim world, he turns the loins of women to water and the hearts to men to envy. And unfortunately there are precious few scenes where he doesn't suck out the [...]

    3. Chuck Norris se može sakriti, stigao je Mattias Tannhauser.Kakva je to ljudina od čovjeka, mužjaka, borca, lukavca, jebača (stavi ovdje što ti padne na pamet)Srećom nema light-sabre pa je netko i živ ostao :)(ima još jedan veći momak, ali dosta tupaviji pa je Matt ostao glavni)Imamo jedan ratno-akcijsko-avanturistički roman namijenjen besramnoj i bezmozgovnoj zabavi prije svega mužjaka, a i poneke djeve lomne u struku i željne avanture smješten u sredini 16. stoljeća pokriven stva [...]

    4. There are a lot of rare things in this world that I would like to get my hands on. Pink diamonds. Vintage John Paul Gaultier Corset Dresses. Black Limited Edition Burberry Trenchcoats. An Aston Martin Vantage (V8 or V12, I am not fussy) and. lengthy books that stay consistent in pace and quality from front cover to back cover. Obviously, for me, only one of these was ever going to be attainable. And it wasn't the Aston Martin Vantage. It was, of course, a lengthy book with pace and quality finis [...]

    5. I was really disappointed with this book. It's essentially a Harlequin romance with a heavy dose of graphic violence. Willocks is clearly a very bright man, but his writing is schmaltzy, to say the least. Try this on for size:>>>>[Tannhauser compliments Carla]Carla felt her cheeks burn. She felt inadequate to the compliment and to acknowledge it seemed improper. A sense of sin clenched inside her. Such fears and doubts had hedged her life for as long as she could remember. Yet in the [...]

    6. Je n’avais rien lu des polars de Willocks avant de m’attaquer à ce pavé de plus de 800 pages. Ce titre me faisait envie depuis longtemps, et il a comblé mes plus folles espérances.C’est mirifique, épique, grandiose, sanglant, cruel, dégueulasse, violent, puant, chatoyant, apocalyptique, véhément, échevelé, passionné, trépidant, viril, sensuel, sexuel, animal, tendre, sauvage, poétique, tumultueux, puissant, cinématographique, hypnotisant, envoûtant, obsédant, émouvant.C’ [...]

    7. From the sublime to the ridiculous. But I figure the sublime earns four stars, without taint from ridiculous content. You don't get sublime often, do you?Has a big dose of swashbuckler. When the swashbuckler’s in the cockpit this isn’t ‘real-feel’ historical, because Mattias Tannhauser has been everywhere, can do everything. I was comfortable with that, I’ve swashbuckled of old, the secret is don’t try too hard to believe. It’s more realistic when it comes to the war, and most of t [...]

    8. I am torn between giving four stars and five. The language and vocabulary are exquisite. It is only the incessant warring that makes one weary in the reading. The slaying and butchery would have been more striking had it not gone on and on and on and on.The book relates the true tale of how the island of Malta (the stronghold of the Christian Knights who call themselves "The Religion") was besieged by the Ottoman hordes. The fictitious tale that runs parallel with this battle is about a man, Mat [...]

    9. This is the first book I've read in years that I felt was NOT written at a 6th grade level. Willocks' writing is like reading poetry. Even though in this particular book the "poetry" is about knights hacking each other to death on mounds of dead bodies. I felt like I was reading a book written at an adult level. No, not smutty, just smart and intelligent. I'm not putting much here regarding the subject or plot other than the Knights I've mentioned. But if you like stories about Knights Templar A [...]

    10. This one is a bit too long but to tell you the truth I could not put it down. An ex-Janissary and adventurer takes up the challenge of finding a beautiful Maltese countess's illegitimate son on Malta just as the Ottomans begin their legendary siege of the Mediterranean island and commence a titanic struggle with the ruthless Knights of St. John. The battle scenes are so sickening that they must be true to life, and the intrigues involving the inquisitions, the Ottomans, the knights of St. John a [...]

    11. I came to this novel from the author's outstanding work Green River Rising, which is one of the most memorable books I've ever read. Haunting hardly captures the effect it had on me. So when I read that this was a book about the Knights of St John defending Malta by the same author who wrote such a powerful novel about a contemporary prison riot I was intrigued. And how timely, a novel about the defence of European civilization. Yes, this is the 1500s, but times, apparently, don't change all tha [...]

    12. This was most interesting as to the time period -- 16th century -- Knights of St. John [Hospitallers] enduring the siege by the Ottoman Turks under Suleiman the Magnificent on the Island of Malta. Enter our protagonist, Mattias Tannhauser, the larger-than-life picaresque hero and soldier-of-fortune. As a former Janissary, Tannhauser can inflitrate the Turkish camp as necessary. The battle scenes were very good; however they were much too graphic in places -- too much mention of body parts and bo [...]

    13. Book Recs: Extended action scenes, battle scenes, meaningful depictions of large scale violence, can be hard to depict in prose. I don't tend to enjoy reading them; maybe the screen is a better medium in this area. But there are some masterly literary practitioners of combat on a large scale (Abercrombie, McCarthy, Doctorow spring to mind). Willocks is another writer who excels in this area, and not only does he excel at depicting the appalling savagery of historical warfare, he also excels at r [...]

    14. I cannot describe how I felt about this book. As anyone who knows me can tell you, I don't usually put a book down. I will stick it out to whatever end it brings, horrifying or otherwise, as I am an avid believer in redemption, whether of the author or character(s), and I understand that characters do not always reflect the nature of the author. After all, writing (in my case, anyway) can often be a form of escape, or assuming an identity opposite of reality. In the case of The Religion, however [...]

    15. This book was truly one of the most captivating novels I've ever read! Willocks develops his characters with great detail, and in that detail you begin to live through them as the story unravels. The battles have you feeling exhausted, the treachery has you wrathful, and the suspense is breathtaking. This is not an easy read, and it requires some patience as you get a feel for how Willocks writes and the vocabulary with which he is working. This is not a light read, rather a rich, chewy journey [...]

    16. Incredible story about the Siege of Malta. I got more insight into life during the 1400's and the struggle between the Ottomas and Europeans. I'm curious to visit Malta now. I had always wondered about the Knights Templar. They used to have a mystique about them in my eyes. Now I get them in the everyday sense of an organization of Christian Aristocrats with a thirst for war. Whenever I get the everyday sense of an event in history I always feel more in touch with it.

    17. I really wanted to like this book more. It's very well-written, and the Siege of Malta is one of my favorite periods in history. Though the violence was often gratuitous, I could get past that (barely). It was the several very graphic, drawn-out sex scenes I couldn't tolerate. I felt they cheapened the novel. From the other reviews I can see I'm in the minority.

    18. Tim WIllocks u ovom nam je romanu odlučio prepričati veliku opsadu Malte, povijesni događaj koji bi se mogao nazvati i modernijom verzijom Trojanskog rata, ali s drugačijim ishodom. U svojoj priči, Willocks ostaje vjeran povijesnim činjenicama, koristeći se stvarnim osobama koje su sudjelovale u tom sukobu (i s jedne i s druge strane) za svoje likove, od la Valletea i sultana Sulejmana Veličanstvenog do znamenitih vojnih zapovjednika Turguta Reisa i Pijalea.Sam Tannhäuser, oko kojega se [...]

    19. Mack Bolan goes to Malta.Historical fiction has a tough challenge: weave a narrative into history that has already been written. You can't flirt with changing history, because your audience will know what must happen.Tim Willocks takes a slice of history that is outside of the modern zeitgeist - the siege of Malta in 1565. This allows him to be a guide to the dramatic ebb and flow of the battle. Good historical novels educate as well as entertain.Willocks in unflinching in his descriptions of th [...]

    20. I found “The Religion” strangely entertaining. I listened to the audiobook version. Initially, and for the first few CDs, I found an excessive use of proper nouns. Everything and everyone had a name, and they ran together. Thankfully, the cast was narrowed down after leaving Italy (or was it France) and setting off to Malta. Here, the characters were more fully drawn – heck, it was a siege so they had time. This is the flowery description of the attack and siege of the Catholics of Malta b [...]

    21. I was given this book by my father, who had it from his father, while I was (interestingly enough) in rehab. I wasn't that thrilled at the premise, but by the time I had finished the prologue I was very invested. I loved the book. Not all of it, but enough of it to validate my giving it the five stars I think it earned. I noticed the complete lack of gloss on anything, the realism of humanity in all of its faults and failings, but also the way that it didn't try to hide that people are beautiful [...]

    22. Awesome I have read this book twice.The first time I was so excited to read a great book about the conflict between Christians and Muslims that I flew through it in a couple of days.The second time I read it really slow and was just captivated by the detail and information. Took me quite awhile to finish as I reread a lot of the descriptions more than once.I am TRULY sorry for the people that did not like this bookHopefully the next one in the Trilogy will be out soon.

    23. Okay, so I think the best way to organize my thoughts on this one is to make a list.1. This book is LONG--but in a good way. Yes, it is 600+ pages, but every single one of them if filled with captivating detail. I didn't even find myself flipping through the pages to get to a place where something more exciting was happening. Nope. I read the entire dang 600+ pages. It was good, well thought out, and contained details that I was not expecting. 2. This book shows both sides of the coin. It is rar [...]

    24. This is one of those touchstone books I come back to time and again. It's an almost perfect blend of adventure, grim combat, pathos, and hope. Mattias Tannhauser is quite possibly the best "barbarian" since Robert E. Howard's Conan -- a lovable rogue with a dark side. Highly recommended!

    25. addendum: i've seen that people have complained about the content of this book on another site. be warned - it's gory, bloody and fairly disgusting. but hey, when you're in an army roughly the size of the population of rhode island doing battle with another army that's comparable to oh, let's say the size of at least half the population of the united states (i exagerate of course, but not by much), it's not going to be pretty. when you see that horde coming down on you, i'm guessing it's reasona [...]

    26. Have just started disc 1 of this 21 disc audiobook. I could see this not working out. The longest audiobook I've previously listened to was 10 discs, and that took forever! This one's started out promisingly enough, though, with the most violent opening scenes I have ever read/heard. It's like the climaxes of five Gibson movies compressed into five minutes. Okay, done: The parallels to Mel Gibson movies carry out the whole way through. Ridiculous amounts of violence, lusty swiving, stupid stereo [...]

    27. Prije svega za ovu se knjigu može reći da je "filmastična". To je za očekivati obzirom da ju je pisao filmašPrimjećuje se autorova težnja da stvori sagu koja bi mogla konkurirati Martinovoj "Pjesma leda i vatre". Da li je uspio, to će pokazati vrijeme i čitateljiA sada malo o knjiziAutor je kao podlogu knjige uzeo stvaran događaj, pokušaj turskog osvajanja Malte 1565. godine. U knjizi su opisani i neki stvarni likovi kao Jean Parisot de Valette čije ime nosi i današnji glavni grad M [...]

    28. If you read this book thoroughly, it is not for the faint of heart! The setting is Malta, 1565. The Knights of Saint John the Baptist, also known as the Religion, have established themselves on the island of Malta after being defeated in the siege of Rhodes by Suleiman the Magnificient, sultan of the Ottoman Turks. The Turks have now come to Malta to annihilate The Religion. Woven into historical details of the battles, skirmishes, scouting expeditions, and atrocities is the story of the lives o [...]

    29. Never has a book given me such joy & pain as The Religion. Tim Willocks delivers a real mixed bag that sits on the precipice of an epic with the wasteland of mediocrity spreading out below.So let’s have a look at what I liked about this book. I loved the characters as they were well fleshed out, each with their own back story that could easily become a book in their own right. The historical context was spot on with enough information given to let you get a good sense of the times. The act [...]

    30. Nie wiem, czy książka idealnie wpisała się w moje ostatnie zainteresowania, czy faktycznie jest tak dobra, ale od dłuższego czasu nie czytałem lepszej powieści historycznej. Nie dość, że Willocks wiernie oddał przebieg Wielkiego Oblężenia Malty (choć zdarzyły mu się wpadki historyczne), to jeszcze w ten wątek wplótł całkiem ciekawą intrygę. Warto podkreślić, że styl niemieckiego pisarza wyraźnie różni się od anglosaskiej beletrystyki historycznej. Jest o wiele ostrz [...]

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