On Being a Rat and Other Observations

On Being a Rat and Other Observations None

  • Title: On Being a Rat and Other Observations
  • Author: Chila Woychik
  • ISBN: 9781935600473
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Unknown Binding
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    One thought on “On Being a Rat and Other Observations”

    1. Me read poetry, prose? I came in the mail, I probably requested it or at least said send me a copy. It got its greedy little paws on me, made me think, laugh, and introspect. Read it.

    2. People deal differently with both the good and bad in life. Loss, pain, and doubt are often dealt with in prayer or in alcohol, in conversation or bad poetry. Chila Woychik creates art. "On Being A Rat" is a tapestry of poetry and lyrical prose, masquerading as a collection of autobiographical essays. The collection is expressive and raw: not as an open wound, but instead like the flesh of an arm which has been scrubbed too clean. The result is fresh skin, peeled back and red, both stinging and [...]

    3. I've often wondered if publishers are crazy. After reading this book, I've come to the conclusion they are. At least this one is. Good crazy.An agnostic in practice, yet faith-based in theory. I had to ponder that one. I found myself agreeing with the author that abuse tends to wring out faith, but as she says, "there's magic in the number seven. In my life, Seven years later, faith's back, stronger, but much quieter. Much more understanding of another's pain." As this author has, I've also wond [...]

    4. Part memoir, part stream-of-consciousness ramble, part poetic reflection on "life, the universe, and everything," and part intimate confessional, Chila Woychik's On Being a Rat, and Other Observations resists tidy definition, but it's a fun ride.Ms. Woychik is the elemental force behind Port Yonder Press, a small, award-winning, independent publisher with a bent toward literary fiction and a focus on quality worksmanship. Her struggles as a writer and publisher play heavily in the content of On [...]

    5. This mixture of poetry and autobiography is all told with poetic skill. The author is boldly honest in retelling some intimate stories that will move you to more boldly experience your own life. Strong voice throughout, with extraordinary retellings of the recovery from a major car accident and how she first met her husband. Some of the poetry went over my head, but it was worth it, because her literary talent inspired me both to observe life more profoundly and to write those observations down [...]

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