The Vision

The Vision There is an alternate cover edition for this ASIN here The Vision is book in the Fallen Star Series Gemma thought she was trapped that Stephan had finally won But then time resets and she s given an

  • Title: The Vision
  • Author: Jessica Sorensen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • There is an alternate cover edition for this ASIN here.The Vision is book 3 in the Fallen Star Series.Gemma thought she was trapped that Stephan had finally won But then time resets and she s given another chance.The clock is ticking as Gemma tries to figure out how to change the vision that ends the world in ice If she can, then maybe she can save the world from StephanThere is an alternate cover edition for this ASIN here.The Vision is book 3 in the Fallen Star Series.Gemma thought she was trapped that Stephan had finally won But then time resets and she s given another chance.The clock is ticking as Gemma tries to figure out how to change the vision that ends the world in ice If she can, then maybe she can save the world from Stephan and give her and Alex a chance at a real future But changing visions can be dangerous, and sometimes one small mistake can lead to disastrous results.Newly edited version released on 11 25 11 If you purchased a version that contains incorrect grammar or missing words, please call 1 866 216 1072 to request the updated version free of charge Or for the UK call 1 206 266 2992.Books of the Fallen Star SeriesBook 1 The Fallen StarBook 2 The Underworld now available Book 3 The Vision now available Book 4 The Promise Coming March 24, 2012

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    1. The Vision was the best book in the series so far. I mean right now, after finishing the book, my emotions are all over the place. Gemma/Alex in this book was perfect. We see their true feelings for each other and how their relationship changes in this book. And most of the time I was fangirling hard over these two. Would it be too weird if I told you I actually felt the electricity between them? And also, Gemma becomes more confident in this book. And I loved it. I mean, she actually grows up i [...]

    2. So. Either this book is way shorter than the first two, or i read super fast. I really enjoyed this book (as well as the first two) but this one just felt more rushed. And - im not sure if this is the same with the actual book - but there were a lot of random question marks at the end of sentencesSo that annoyed me.But, something else that annoyed me was the fact that there seems to be nothing with Laylen and Gemma. What is up with that?? I thought after the whole biting thing there would be som [...]

    3. Owlnestly ReviewsowlnestlyreviewsI don't normally review series as a whole, or the whole series, but this one I just had to. This author is a genius, literally a genius. One word to sum up my thoughts for this series is: OBSESSED. I read all four of these books in four days, they were that good. At first I thought the series was going to be a bit cheesy, with the end of the world bit and all, but instead I ending up loving it. There were so many new concepts put into play like tattoos for differ [...]

    4. In the third book of the Fallen Star series, Gemma has escaped from being captured by Stephan and has been sucked into a vision with her father, who gives her very vague instructions on how to solve the problem of the world ending. She ends up sending herself back to the beach where she was taken by Nicholas and as the book progresses, a whole mish-mash of crazy things happen, including Gemma getting her Keeper's mark. Because of this, she turns into someone who is able to easily fight and kill [...]

    5. Giving up. The Main charcacter is getting on my nerves. She only thinks about herself-Gemma: you lied to ME. Alex: To save your live.Gemma: have to save MY mom. Alex: You could die, think of a plan.Gemma: I'm mad you have an ex have to make sure she is not prettier than ME. Alex: Don't come she could kill you.Gemma: I love you. Alex: Being with you, would kill you.Gemma: don't you care about ME. Alex: Gemma: Kiss ME.They kiss, giving up.

    6. Clap. Clap. ClapI have got to say Mrs. Sorensen you are definitely the QUEEN of Cliffhangers. No other series that I have read has ended in such a edge-of-your-seat cliffhanger like your books. Deep down I'm totally impressed though it'll take a while for that to come out since at the moment I find myself very annoyed, considering that this was supposed to be the last book of the series where the moment I've (ok ok we readers, at least I hope) have been waiting for. Which would be Gemma $ Alex f [...]

    7. Ahhh, this book was infinitely better than book 2 and back on par with book 1. I'm going to say it , makes me breathe a sigh of relief to know that going into book 4 this series didn't go downhill. There are still a ton pf unanswered questions, and for every answer we get two more questions, but I can feel it moving along. Book 2 was so stagnant at times, but this one moved along nicely. I was said that Alex felt he had to leave but I understand it. Its also jard to remember that Gemma is only 1 [...]

    8. I don't have a lot to say about this book because it's a filler book until the end of the series. This is about the time when I get frustrated that not enough people realize that a good book doesn't have to be split up into multiple sequential novels just because that's what you had planned. It's sort of the same feeling I have about movies that are from one book being split up into multiple sequential films. Just share the important information and forget about all the superfluous detail and gi [...]

    9. Omgodness, I'm hooked.This book was fantastic. I thought I really enjoyed The Underworld, but this book was THE BEST by far. It was fast-paced, the relationship between Alex and Gemma was so FREAKING fantastic and I'm left craving for more. What more can I ask in an series? I cannot cannot cannot wait to see what happens in the next book, to be sure I will buy it as soon as it becomes available.Ugh, the anticipation is killing, Jessica Sorensen, thank you for writing such an AMAZING series, I sh [...]

    10. Again a great follow up to the second book, it keeps you guessing throughout. When Nicholas dies I was so sad, he was one of my Favorite characters along with Gemma and Alex. However all was good when he came back in the end. He might be dead but at least he's there. I'm glad gemma's dad is there i think shell find a way to save him in the end. And they'll find a loophole. Even if they dont they die in eachothers arms which is so romantic. However i think they'll all survive and gemma and alex w [...]

    11. this was just simply amazing-a little slow but still amazinga lot more is happening now-i cant seem to remember the time when she went to school and Alex and Aislinn were with heri cannot believe ****** died:Onow i so need to read the last one The Promise! if only i didn't have so many exams, damn!Jessica Sorensen is a brilliant author!

    12. OMG I can't believe how the book ends!!!!!!! So good! I am very sad because I when I finished the book I realized it wasn't the last one, so i searched it on Google and figured out that the 4th and final book doesn't get published til March 24th! Definetely has a twisted ending. Jessica Sorenson is a very good author and I can't wait to read the Promise and the other series she is working on!

    13. This was definitely the best book thus far. I finished in one day. I just couldn't put it down. The new twists and turns really sucked me in. I can't wait to see what happenes next. Time for The Promise!! :)

    14. WOW! Is one word to sum up this amazing 3rd installment to the Fallen Star Series. I, in a way was very lucky to have discovered this series late, meaning I started the first one, only a month or so, before the 4th was due out. SO when I got hooked, I was able to download the rest, and keep reading. This one was also "on the edge of your seat" amazing.Jessica Sorensen has really made Gemma a dynamic character as, looking back, I can see how she has morphed and changed into the strong willed youn [...]

    15. Gemma is given a second chance. She was held captive by Stephan and left to suffer alone. She finds her dad in the Room of Forbidden. He helps her change the past and future to save the world. She’s been given this Mapping Ball, which is the key to save the future. Alex and Gemma’s feelings grow more intense but they need to stay away from each other or else the star will fade and they will kill each other. Nicholas and Gemma make a blood promise to tell the truth, since he has been branded [...]

    16. I was hooked on this series from the very first paragraph of the first book. It took me a few chapters to finally delve into the meat and potatoes of the story but from the very first paragraph I knew I had to find out everything about this girl with the violet eyes. Her story intrigued me and called out to me with each word.Well… pleasantly… the story went wayyy beyond the violet-eyed beauty. We learned of other AMAZING characters as well.The green-eyed, gorgeous, dark-haired, scrumptious, [...]

    17. Oral Assessment - Wide Reading1.I decided to read this book because it a series and I started with The Fallen Star and got hooked into it, and when I finished the second book in two days I couldn’t wait to start the next book in the series.2.I found the main character (Gemmas) dad interesting, as the book was about a new mission for Gemma to travel through a crystal ball and stop her dad from changing the vison that he was trapped for changing. Gemmas dad, Julian is an almighty powerful forese [...]

    18. This book was so, so good. It answered alot of questions that I had. I wasnt ready for it to end though. I didnt want it to end the way that it did. I WANTED MORE!!!I am so happy there is one more book to this series. The storyline is still evolving. So thats a plus! This series isnt what I expected it to be. Its even better. I want to read more books by this author. She has done so good with this series. With the characters they are still very strong. Overcoming so many hurdles and obstacles. T [...]

    19. Read from 03/24/13 thru 03/28/13 all 6 books that has been released so far (The Fallen Star Series 1-4) *1 The Fallen Star, *2 The Underworld, *3 The Vision, *4 The Promise and then the continuation or spin off of the fallen star series goes into Fallen Souls *1 The Lost Soul. Then Shatter Promised Series- *1 The Shatter Promised Adult version of the Fallen Star Series where Gemma is 21 and Alex is 23 with a different twist.I started reading this books a few days ago and just kept reading each b [...]

    20. I honestly have no idea what to say about this. I'm sooooo mind fucked right now. I'm going to state the obvious. I'm hurt and crying like a fucking baby because Alex is gone. :( He just left without saying a word. I'm just really hoping that Aislin and Laylen get back together because I am seriously getting a love triangle vibe here, and let me tell you I'm not liking it one fucking bit. And is it just me or did everybody forget about Aleesa? Hello, you have a 16 year old that's like a fucking [...]

    21. I really enjoy this series. You really have to read them in order though. There is so much that has happened that you really need that backstory. I feel bad for poor Gemma. She is constantly trying to save the world with less than clear information. Everyone seems to have an agenda and they never tell her everything that she needs to know. Plus, everything she does has a domino effect and leads to more issues. I am anxious to see what happens next.

    22. The characters were a bit more likeable in this book, but I was still frustrated because the plot never progresses. There is no point to any of it cuz we end up back in the same place, trying to stop the world from ending along with Alex & Gemma. We are constantly forced to re-read things people have said or done. Not sure I'll read the last book.

    23. I was really into this story, way more than The Underworld. Gemma still annoys the hell out of me and quite frankly I don't think this is going to change considering there's only one book left in this series. I do love Sorensen's writing though and the world she's built really is immersive.

    24. beautifulI havent even started this book yet but I know without a doubt that its going to be great, thanks

    25. *****SPOILERS AHEAD, READ WITH CAUTION*****So, deep breath. Yesterday I finished the Fallen Star Series by Jessica Sorensen. *Insert stars and glitter and magic!*Not taking into account any editing, literary, or any other “normal” review tactics (I’ll talk about that later) the books were freaking awesome! It follows Gemma, 18 years old, and Alex, who I believe is 20-22 years old (don’t quote me), through an epic battle against Alex’s father, Stephan, and this guy who is like the king [...]

    26. "Don't cry." He leaned in, his lips a silver of air away. "It will be alright." "Will it?" I asked. He kissed me like I was everything. "It will." Tears dripped down my frost bitten cheeks. "How do you know?" "Because I'll save you," he whispered. "I'll always save you, Gemma."Jessica Sorensen has done it yet again. She has utterly blown me away and I can not wait to see what is next.When Gemma became trapped by Stephan, she thought she would die but when help comes to her, Gemma is more than sh [...]

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