The Lions of the North

The Lions of the North Soldier Ralph Delchard and lawyer Gervase Bret lead a group of the King s finest commissioners into the war torn lands of Yorkshire to settle land claims and compile The Domesday Book a record of Eng

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  • Title: The Lions of the North
  • Author: Edward Marston
  • ISBN: 9780312146719
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Soldier Ralph Delchard and lawyer Gervase Bret lead a group of the King s finest commissioners into the war torn lands of Yorkshire to settle land claims and compile The Domesday Book, a record of England s holdings The battle scarred country reminds Delchard of his own guilty part in pillaging the shire years before to put down a revolt against the Conqueror However, onSoldier Ralph Delchard and lawyer Gervase Bret lead a group of the King s finest commissioners into the war torn lands of Yorkshire to settle land claims and compile The Domesday Book, a record of England s holdings The battle scarred country reminds Delchard of his own guilty part in pillaging the shire years before to put down a revolt against the Conqueror However, one island of wealth and luxury remains in Yorkshire the castle of merchant Aubrey Maminot There the commissioners learn of two great terrors the rogue Olaf Evil Child, a hero of the poor and conquered Saxon people, and the ravenous lions Aubrey Maminot keeps as pets The lions make a feast of an anonymous young man who tries to sneak into the castle, and Gervase Bret begins to wonder why someone would commit such an act of suicide As he and Ralph seek a reason, both men find themselves agreeably distracted Gervase by Inga, a young woman embroiled in a struggle for her family s land, and Ralph by Golde, a Saxon woman who prods him to do justice for the dispossessed But Ralph and Gervase must address a urgent secret, which threatens their lives, their loves, and perhaps the crown itself.

    One thought on “The Lions of the North”

    1. the further adventures of the group takes them to York and sinister background attempt to stop the tribunal into the land deeds and a few red herrings as well but enjoyed this the next in the medieval mysteries

    2. First Sentence: The two men were courting danger.Soldier Ralph Delchard and lawyer Gervase Bret lead the King’s commissioners to Yorkshire in their continuing task to settle land claims as part of the compilation of the Domesday Book. Ralph is looking forward to this particular location as the castle there is owned by his former comrade Aubrey Maminot, whose two captive lions recently mauled an intruder to the castle. It is also a painful visit for Ralph as it brings back memories of his part [...]

    3. Ah, series mysteries: you just have to love them. I read about 7/8 of this book in less than 4 hours on Thursday and finished it last night.This is Volume IV of the Domesday Books, and we find our intrepid (except for Brother Simon) foursome of King's commissioners heading to York to oversee the settlement of claims in that area. They are now traveling with Ralph's lover, Golde, a holdover from the last book, and they also pick up an assistant in Lincoln.By the time they arrive in York, they hav [...]

    4. #4 in the Domesday historical mystery series, this time the Royal Commissioners are off to York, once again settling land disputes at the behest of the King. Ralph Delchard, Gervase Bret, Canon Hubert and Brother Simon the scribe are joined by a northern noble, Tanchelm of Ghent, who is joining their group at King William's order. There are many disputes to investigate, and it's complicated by the rovings of outlaw bands, including the notorious Olaf Evil Child, who actually has the temerity to [...]

    5. The fourth book in the Domesday series, as the group travels to challenge disputes against cunning landlords in York. Golde has indeed mended Ralph’s womanizing ways, while the quartet is joined by two new commissioners: Brother Francis, a scribe, and Tanchelm of Ghent, an affable and able linguist --- but one or both of them may be a spy, for the commission’s deliberations seem to be leaked. But suddenly the inquiry must be suspended after Tanchelm is strangled, and all clues seem to point [...]

    6. This is the 4th book in the Domesday series. In this one, royal agents are joined by a new man, a Flemish mercenary with a gift for languages. Some of the party are a bit suspicious at first, but Tanchelm is so friendly and so mild that he soon fits right into their group. In the meantime, the royal party is invited to stay at the home of one of Ralph Delchard's old fighting companions. It seems the man has some new companions now - two male lions. It's a little hard to wrap my impressions all t [...]

    7. The Lions of the Northby Edward Marston4 starspp. 227I discovered the Domesday Books by Edward Marston several years ago, but then was unable to find them and so I was quite thrilled to find this book. This series is about the king’s commissioners, a lawyer, Gervase, and a knight, Ralph Delchard who travel the countryside making judgements. They are accompanied by Canon Hubert and Brother Simon.In this book, they travel to Yorkshire to settle a land dispute. While on the way they are robbed by [...]

    8. c1996. Better than the last in the series that I read. The relationship between Golde and Ralph develops a bit more and it seems that Canon Hubert shows his better side this time, Brother Simon is as inept and useless as before and perhaps more should be made of his backgound to see why he is such a wimp. These books will never keep you guessing or page turning but they are indeed a comfortable read.

    9. William the Conqueror sends Gervase Bret and Ralph Delchard into the lands of Yorkshire to investigate a rogue named Olaf Evil Child, but on the way, they hear rumors of two lions owned by a rich merchant that have been killing people. This is the fourth book of the Domesday Series written by the author about the mysteries that took place as these Royal Commissioners settled land disputes for King William. These are really enjoyable reads and recommended for historical fiction addicts!

    10. I'm afraid I found this book the least satisfying of the series so far. I thought the sections about Ralph's new partner were unnecessary and were just there to pad the book out a bit.I felt this detracted from the plot of which there seemed to be very little anyway.I'm hoping Golde is left at home in the next installment of the series?

    11. I think this has been my favorite so far. The foursome move to York plus two. Ralph's new love and a Flemish soldier. Set upon by thieves another series of seemingly connected murders kept me in suspense. the characters are such fun with quite a bit of humor but always a good mystery and great history.

    12. I found this series fascinating and I love the setting. What an imaginative way to present the writing of the Domesday Chronicles.

    13. This was just like the other books, remarkably clever and a very good read. I don't have much time for reading so the length is perfect for limited time reads that you don't want to drag on.

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