Seven Dogs in Heaven

Seven Dogs in Heaven Part memoir part fable and part fantasy this is the story of a man who dies unexpectedly and makes his way to Paradise with the help of the canine friends who shared his life What if you lived in t

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  • Title: Seven Dogs in Heaven
  • Author: Leland Dirks
  • ISBN: 9781466352759
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • Part memoir, part fable, and part fantasy, this is the story of a man who dies unexpectedly and makes his way to Paradise with the help of the canine friends who shared his life What if you lived in the middle of a beautiful nowhere, with a dog who mysteriously appeared at your door What if you were out hiking one winter day, you broke your leg, and you froze to death APart memoir, part fable, and part fantasy, this is the story of a man who dies unexpectedly and makes his way to Paradise with the help of the canine friends who shared his life What if you lived in the middle of a beautiful nowhere, with a dog who mysteriously appeared at your door What if you were out hiking one winter day, you broke your leg, and you froze to death And what if the angels who met you had four feet instead of wings Would you listen to the lessons they wanted to teach you This edition also includes a bonus short story, Christmas with a Collie.

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    1. “When Imagination changes from hoping to knowing, it makes things real.”Seven Dogs in Heaven by Leland Dirks (and Angelo, of course) has a creative storyline that grabbed my attention right away. Just the title made me weepy. Losing dogs is such an emotional subject. But this story was an uplift even if it could be emotional at times. There are lessons. Real life lessons that if we pay attention we will learn something. I really enjoyed the unusual path the author chose to take us on.Seven D [...]

    2. What if you died and awakened in a world where the dogs you had shared your previous life with judged your actions and attitudes in a court of law? How would the verdict turn out in your case? Leland Dirks has imagined just such a world and described it masterfully in "Seven Dogs in Heaven." Of course this was with the help of Angelo Dirks, a beautiful Border Collie who is his lifetime partner and friend. The book is well written with humor and some sadness. It brings a message to all dog lovers [...]

    3. Leland Dirks’ view of heaven is a little different than what I had been taught. I like his version better. Dogs have been a big part of my life and that’s probably why I enjoy Leland and Angelo’s books so much.Our four-footed companions should be the ultimate judge of our life on Earth with their no nonsense approach to what is right and wrong. I just hope my furry friends rate my life worthy of an afterlife in Heaven.

    4. sweet story about a man who dies and before he gets to heaven he reunites with the dogs he had in his life. they are there to offer advice. he ends up in a judgement before he gets to heaven. I love to read stories about dogs. this was a nice book for dog lovers.

    5. "If Dogs Were To Judge Us"This is a very moving, fascinating story of meeting up with all the dogs one has had throughout life. It's extremely well written, and at first I thought it was a collection of short stories, but I was wrong. The first chapter, "The End" reflects the last days of an older man's plight in the frozen elements of winter with a broken leg. His companion and loving dog, Angelo, is at his side. The next chapter, "Imagination" is where the man appears to have visions as he fee [...]

    6. Seven Dogs in Heaven by Leland DirksI don't read reviews before reading books--and I'm glad I didn't in this case, also--too many spoilers (but I must admit, it would have been nice to know I needed a box of kleenex at my side).Seven Dogs is the first of Leland Dirks' books that I've read. It is a compelling, well written story about the journey an old man, after his untimely death, made to heaven. I was uncomfortable in how it began--I actually put the book down before finishing the first chapt [...]

    7. What an interesting and different kind of dog story, it actually made me cry twice, one was related to my very first dog. This one is "the best" of Leland's books thus far. Even though it is fiction you leave it thinking "what if" and "maybe it could really happen". There's a lot of things that make you think about life and dogs and their place in it. I loved the inclusion of the Marines in the story. When a man dies we are carried along in with his confusion from his eyes and have a million que [...]

    8. Follow Leland as his trusty K9 companions show him the ropes after his death. If you had to stand trial for your past treatment of your furrbabies would you be found "lacking"? How about if the jury were those very furrbabies? The author has a humorous touch that can put a smile on your lips and tears in your eye. After reading Leland and Angelo's story you won't be able to deny that this writing team is one to keep an eye on. This is the second of Angelo's books I have read and they are a must [...]

    9. This book really goes to the heart of our relationship with our dogs and how we treat them. I also could not help thinking of this as an analogy to human's relationship with God and how we are being judged by God. Without giving too much away, one man get's an opportunity to visit dogs from his past who are now in heaven. When I first started reading the book, I was not sure I would like it, but it really is a must read for all dog-owners. This is likely one book that I will read more than once. [...]

    10. Great book! Great lessons!Great book! Great lessons!I gave this book 5 star rating because it had lessons of life to teach us. Lessons that u may not have even thought of. We are all God's creations and should treat each other as such, man or beast! I would recommend this book to anyone that needs uplifting. Even though it's not a true story I believe the message is clear. May God bless the authors and all who had a hand in putting this book out for us to read, Clearly God had a big hand in it. [...]

    11. Seven Dogs in Heaven by Leland DirksReviewed by Alex Canton-DutariI approached this book with some apprehension, thinking that Angelo would be the main character, again. I was relieved when I found myself identifying with his owner ascending to "dog heaven" and having his final judgment in quite a unique setting.The central plot -- reincarnation -- reminded me of Grizabella's plight in Cats. I hope the author doesn't mind. I enjoyed the book, immensely.

    12. Ok, this made me cry.It's about a man who dies and finds himself in heaven(?). He's met by all the dogs he's had in his life while they tell him what virtue they tried to teach him. But he's put on trial to find out if he ever really learned their lessons.It made me think of all the pets I hope are waiting for me.My copy says the author is Leland Dirks.

    13. Not sure about this book, at times I found it very sappy, then heartwarming, funny after I cried, then gasping at an unexpected turn of events. It's not stellar writing but worth $2.49 on kindle. Love the border collie Christmas story at the end, I am very partial to border collies, kept thinking about my beloved angel Guthrie!

    14. Seven Dogs is a wonderful journey into the imagination as well as the human spirit. Exploring the afterlife is well visited terrain for authors but this is a very fresh and compelling vision of it. This book satisfies on a number of levels and I only wish I could have spent more time with these fantastic 7 dogs.

    15. Excellent short book with great lessonsFantasy and wisdom combined in this short book. When I first began reading I wasn't certain but I was so happy I continued reading. Your mind is opened to doors of lessons and the journey of growth. There are smiles and tears combined with "ah ha" moments.

    16. Angelo is a personal friend of mine and his owner usually says "Hi" also when we meet. The concept of this story is intriguing and it is certainly an all time favorite of mine in its well-developed pages. I have read it out-loud to my grandchildren and I have enjoyed it many times. If I need something inspiring to pick up--this is my go-to.

    17. Short story but touching! This book really shows the relationship between humans and dogs. It shows how dogs treat us with such love and how much fidelity they are to their master. Recommend to all dog lovers.

    18. A must read for people who have enjoyed the companionship of several dogsOutstanding tale - readers who have lived with and bonded with several dogs over the years will easily relate to this endearing story. Oh, you will tear up at times but that is a good thing. di

    19. This is a story about dogs that one has in their life and when they get to "dog" heaven they actually judge their owner in the end as to if they will get into their heaven. It is an interesting concept, a story both my husband and I enjoyed reading.

    20. To think you could spend eternity with all your pets, how glorious it would bed learn lessons from them even in the afterlifeI'd die tomorrow. :)

    21. GentleMust read idea to touch even the hardest of hearts with a better outlook for the future don't miss this chanc

    22. e reader"Part memoir, part fable, and part fantasy, this is the story of a man who dies unexpectedly and makes his way to Paradise with the help of the canine friends who shared his life"

    23. I loved this book. Having had multiple dogs in my life and still owning, I reflected on all of them and what they taught me and what they are teaching me. Will reread this again.

    24. Very nice book that is also a quick read. Great message and even greater angle for those of us who are dog lovers.

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