Ukol bavka O l sce u jsem nem la dn iluze P ich zela a odch zela ranila a n kdy taky ne Lid nemaj b t spolu nav ky bez ohledu na to co se zp v v p sn ch Remy nev v l sku a ostatn pro by m la Jej matka se po

  • Title: Ukolébavka
  • Author: Sarah Dessen Miroslava Kopicová
  • ISBN: 9788074470820
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback
  • O l sce u jsem nem la dn iluze P ich zela a odch zela, ranila, a n kdy taky ne Lid nemaj b t spolu nav ky, bez ohledu na to, co se zp v v p sn ch Remy nev v l sku, a ostatn pro by m la Jej matka se pop t vd v a jej otec, kter ho nikdy nepoznala, j zanechal jen jednu ubohou p se Ukol bavku, kterou si lid tak asto a tak absurdn nech vaj hr t na s O l sce u jsem nem la dn iluze P ich zela a odch zela, ranila, a n kdy taky ne Lid nemaj b t spolu nav ky, bez ohledu na to, co se zp v v p sn ch Remy nev v l sku, a ostatn pro by m la Jej matka se pop t vd v a jej otec, kter ho nikdy nepoznala, j zanechal jen jednu ubohou p se Ukol bavku, kterou si lid tak asto a tak absurdn nech vaj hr t na svatb ch.Remy ale v na z bavu, a tak o kluky nem nouzi, s kamar dkami chod pa it a v bec si u v ivota P esn podle pl nu, s cynismem, nadhledem a jistou d vkou blahosklonnosti nad city ostatn ch Pak se ale objev Dexter a sna se j p evr tit ivot vzh ru nohama Ot zkou je, zda o to ledov kr lovna Remy v bec stoj

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    1. "This Lullaby" was my first Dessen book and will probably be the last. It has nothing to do with the writing, but this kind of fairly depressing YA chick lit a la Jennifer Weiner is simply not my cup of tea.This book is normally described as a super sweet romance, but it never felt like one to me. Rather, it was a story of a girl disillusioned in love who finally allowed herself to open herself up to an honest relationship with a man.There was really nothing wrong with this story. The characters [...]

    2. To truly live life is to always make risks. I’m a living testimony to this philosophy or more like a fact of life. But to a cynic, everything has measures, standards and requirements. Things have always to be in control because a step to an unknown direction will lose the balance that one keeps or at least hopes to maintain. To Remy, the main character in the story, her lack of faith in relationships and love is reasonably based on her own personal experiences, on what she has witnessed all th [...]

    3. I’ve been reading a lot of children's classics lately, so it felt good to pick a young adult romance novel by a familiar author to switch atmospheres. This is exactly what I expected and wanted from Sarah Dessen: a profound, but not too heavy, relationship-focused contemporary book. You’ve probably read dozens of novels, if not more, like this one. Or so you might think. The main character—Remy—doesn’t believe in everlasting love, which is why she breaks up with her boyfriends after a [...]

    4. Reviewed by Jocelyn Pearce for TeensReadTooSarah Dessen's THIS LULLABY is one of the best teen books I've ever read. It's the story of Remy, a girl who has no faith in love. Part of this is because her own father never even saw her, only wrote a now-famous song, called "This Lullaby," about her before he died. It certainly doesn't help that her mother has been married four times, and, at the beginning of the novel, is about to have her fifth wedding. Remy says about her mother's marriages, "She [...]

    5. After Just Listen, let’s just say that I wasn’t all that impressed with Sarah Dessen. And to be honest? I just couldn’t see why she was so popular so with great reluctance (a month after reading Just Listen in fact,) I went ahead and read This Lullaby. Well, this review is me eating my words: Sarah Dessen deserves all the praise she has gotten/gets.I loved it! (Yes, this is even despite my having come across what one reviewer calls the “the Sarah Dessen Syndrome,” of a female protagoni [...]

    6. I did *not* like this book. I found the main character to be completely unsympathetic and I could not relate to her or with her to save my life. I understand WHY she was a bitch at time to Dexterbut quite honestly, I didn't really care. I just couldn't really get into it. Especially towards the end, when she flipped out on Dexter over the whole picture incident. I wanted to rip out my hair, throw my book against a wall and throw her over a bridge all at the same timeok, well maybe the last bit i [...]

    7. Sarah Dessen's books always leave my heart feeling so full. I loved Remy's cynicism, Dexter's optimism, the idea of taking risks and opening up yourself to every opportunity. Such a great story!

    8. I was 18 when I read This Lullaby, and it was the first Sarah Dessen novel that I had read. To this day, it is still my favorite book by Dessen.The main character Remy is very relatable to many teenage girls, and even to young women who remember being the way Remy is when they were in high school. Remy's family and friends are a very loveable group of characters and their development is flawless. There are little twists here and there that carry the book toward the end. It does start off a littl [...]

    9. Short review: FINALLY FINALLY, FINALLY I'm finished this book (Did you see the date I started and finished this novel? Life gets in the way book lovers as you know. Life and school.) but no's over?! No! I loved it so much! I thought I would be happy that I got it done because one more book read right and I could chat with my friend Erin, whom I buddy read this wonderful jem of a novel with? No. I wish there was more! I'm sad now but in a good way. ;-) I guess I will read another Sarah Dessen boo [...]

    10. Rating: 5 STARSThis Lullaby is my favourite Sarah Dessen book along with The Truth About Forever. There is no denying that Sarah Dessen follows a specific formula when writing a novel, a formula that doesn't change too much (if at all) from book to book. But not only does this formula work, she manages to make it work wonderfully. In my opinion, Dessen has a gift, in that she is able to turn simple plots into beautiful and deep stories that work when in the mood for an entertaining, light, fun b [...]

    11. I actually really enjoyed this book, i've heard such mixed reviews of Sarah Dessen books that I was quite hesitant to pick up one of her's but to be honest I wasn't disappointed, it was such a nice read. What I like about this story as that for once the guy (Dexter) wasn't there to 'heal' our heroine (Remy), if anything he helps her reach the stage where she needed to be, with them help of her friends and family of course.What I liked about Remy was that I felt like she was different to most mai [...]

    12. Let me begin yet another Dessen review on a high note: Remy Starr is officially my favorite Dessen girl, hands down. She actually actively took part in what happened around her, making her mistakes big and bold and beautiful. Her cynical rants immediately captured my heart and her wit and vulnerability sealed the deal. I just got her.I also fell in love with Dexter from the moment he appeared on the page. His charm and all around adorable-ness made me want to reach into the story and pull him ou [...]

    13. “Love is needing someone. Love is putting up with someone's bad qualities because they somehow complete you.” I really enjoyed this book, I feel like it was much better compared to The Moon and More. My marathon for Sarah Dessen books is going really great and I haven't been in a Reading Slump so I am really happy! I loved this book although I was expecting more for the ending. So many people recommended that I should read this or Just Listen and those two are my favorites, along with Along [...]

    14. This lullaby is only a few wordsA simple run of chordsQuiet here in this spare roomBut you can hear it, hear itWherever you may goI will let you downBut this lullaby plays Remy doesn’t believe in love. Her mother’s fifth marriage only encourages her to stop believing in the nonsense. To her, love means having fun with guys, making sure that they know the relationship won’t last long, and leaving before things get complicated. No worries. No entanglements. The no-strings-attached rule has w [...]

    15. It feels almost sacrilegious to run a Young Adult blog without having read Sarah Dessen. She's one of the biggest names in YA with a massive, devoted following. I wasn't sure where to start but when Anna suggested This Lullaby and threw in Veronica Mars as a selling point, I couldn't resist.This book definitely surprised me. I expected Dessen to be light and fluffy. However, instead of The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants, I got The Sisterhood of the Traveling Diet Zip and Cigarettes. I know it's c [...]

    16. “Some things don't last forever, but some things do. Like a good song, or a good book, or a good memory you can take out and unfold in your darkest times, pressing down on the corners and peering in close, hoping you still recognize the person you see there.”Most people did not like reading about Remy, the heroine in this book mostly because she’s so cynical about relationships that she’s actually keeping tables and graph to when a relationship is going to end. I mean you can’t blame h [...]

    17. angelerin/2016/08To be honest This Lullaby took me a bit of time to read. To start off I really haven't been in the mood for this genre. I decided to make it my pool read for a while and so I read it pretty slowly. Even though I read it slowly and I wasn't really in the mood for it, I still enjoyed it a lot once I got into it. #ItsMeNotYouI love how Remy and Dexter are so different, but they fit together really well. I love their romance and also I can relate to Remy in some ways. She's a bit of [...]

    18. Edit May 2015: Still one of the best contemporary books I've ever read. ---------------------------------------------------MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE SARAH DESSEN BOOK!Love is needing someone. Love is putting up with someone's bad qualities because they somehow complete you.I totally love love love this story! If you haven't read This Lullaby yet, stop what you're doing right now and freaking read it!! It's that good!I first read this probably like a year ago and have reread it a few times since. It's [...]

    19. Original post at One More PageNote: Just this once, I'm trying a different way of reviewing. This may get a bit personal, but I hope you'll ride it out with me -- I just really need to try this out. :) A short, yet proper review will be at the end of the post.* * *Dear Future Tina,I'm not sure when you'll read this again, or if you'll even be able to ever read this again in a few years or decades from now. I don't know if this blog will still exist, or if this entry will exist because you can al [...]

    20. Definitely not my favorite Sarah Dessen book, but I still enjoyed, especially the second half. It was a light and fun read, with an easy to read writing style.The story follows Remy. She just finished school and is going to collage in the fall, so she isn't looking for a serious relationship. Her mother has been married countless times, so Remy doesn't believe in love anymore, seeing how her mother's marriages fail every time. Then she meets Dexter. He is the total opposite of every guy she has [...]

    21. I don't know, I just didn't like this book. I mean, it was pretty well written I guess, just not my thing. I could NOT relate to Remy in the slightest. She was extremely unlikable, and a compelte bitch, and, for the record, admitting you're a bitch doesn't redeem you. The way she went from guy to guy, dumping them on a schedule, treating them as numbers on a chart and not as human beingswas frankly disgusting. She supposedly has an excuse, because her mom remarried four times. Big deal. You'd ha [...]

    22. “You know, when it works, love is pretty amazing. It's not overrated. There's a reason for all those songs.”__________________________________________I love Sarah Dessen, and out of all of her books that I've read ("The Truth About Forever", "Along for the Ride", "Just Listen" and "The Lullaby"), this one is my absolute favorite. <3"This Lullaby" is so funny and sweet. I love Dexter. (He's in a band, you guys. And they write songs about potatoes.)There were so many scenes that made me lau [...]

    23. I´m a romantic person so reading 300pages about someone who doesn´t believe in love is a bit depressing.

    24. Remy is a girl who thinks that she has this whole love thing figured out, whenever she feels that the relationship might take a step up, she dumps the guy. All that changes when she meets Dexter, a guy who says that the first time he saw her, he knew they were meant to be together. To top it all off, Dexter is a musician, an occupation Remy does not like because her father was one and only left her with one legacy, a one hit wonder called, "this lullaby". This book had a decent amount of faults. [...]

    25. Probably my favorite Dessen novel. Remy is cynical about love, but she's looking forward to heading off to Stanford with no boyfriend attached. There's just one problem: Remy's latest guy, Dexter, isn't buying into her plan. Not only is he a violation of her "no musicians" rule, he's also intent on sticking around.I like teen novels that don't focus on a central romance at the expense of everything else. Remy has friends and family, and they're as much a part of the story as Dexter is. In many w [...]

    26. I actually wasn't going to write a review for this book but I simply cannot leave my thoughts for it uncovered. I cried three times while reading the book and that is a rarity. Big time. The story was so believable and the characters were just as believable and inspiring. Also, Sarah Dessen has a way of words that leaves you speechless. No one could 'philosophize' about life and love and family the way she does. I immediately realized how modest and incredible she is as an author and I hope to r [...]

    27. Remy Starr doesn't understand love. To her, a relationship is basically one huge analytical equation. The process she uses is finding a cute guy, hooking up, spending some time together, and breaking up before things get too serious. Although this makes Remy sound like a class A "vixen", it's hard to blame her callous treatment of others hearts when her own dad died when she was barely a child, and her mother has recently announced her fifth wedding. She is looking forward to getting away from i [...]

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