The Forgotten Islands

The Forgotten Islands The I learned the I realised this was an Australia I hardly knew This was stormy weather Australia an Australia of shipwrecks and sealers of brutality and extermination of folly and heroism of wild

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  • Title: The Forgotten Islands
  • Author: Michael Veitch
  • ISBN: 9780670071814
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Paperback
  • The I learned, the I realised this was an Australia I hardly knew This was stormy weather Australia, an Australia of shipwrecks and sealers of brutality and extermination of folly and heroism of wild weather and explorers in flimsy boats of thousand foot cliffs and amazing birds and strange vegetation of places well trodden and others believed never to ha The I learned, the I realised this was an Australia I hardly knew This was stormy weather Australia, an Australia of shipwrecks and sealers of brutality and extermination of folly and heroism of wild weather and explorers in flimsy boats of thousand foot cliffs and amazing birds and strange vegetation of places well trodden and others believed never to have felt the impact of a human foot This was a truly gothic Australia, as real and as valid as the gold and the drovers and the deserts, yet known to almost no one Michael Veitch has long been fascinated by the islands of Bass Strait, between mainland Australia and Tasmania a multitude of cold, dark isles, regularly pounded by atrocious weather and hardly visited, but rich in atypical Australian history This is the story of his personal odyssey among them plagued at times by appalling seasickness, airsickness and stinging nettles The Forgotten Islands is an incredible, evocative read that shines a light on this little known part of Australia and its extraordinary history.

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    1. I loved this one!A most excellent birthday present from the prescient Shawn. As a complete Island addict the authors fascination with the Bass Strait islands made perfect sense.With an elegant turn of phrase and an engaging style of writing the author tells of his mission to investigate the islands of the bass straits. This is a fascinating part of Australia situated between Victoria and Tasmania. While studying Marine Biology I had read and heard a lot about this region in therms of geology, ti [...]

    2. The strange thing about reading the work of an enthusiast, is that after a while the author becomes more of a puzzle to unlock than the subject matter itself. Veitch comes across as socially awkward for most of the book as he travels and explores the history of the islands of Bass Straight. He attempts to link the various accounts of the many islands together by the consistent retelling of a mythical story he heard as a boy that allegedly took place on Deal Island. However, it never quite works. [...]

    3. It's hard to believe that the desolate islands off the coast of Bass Strait could be a fascinating topic. Veitch however threads a gripping tale of shipwrecks centuries past and the unfortunate souls who ended up in the inhospitable isles with the beautifully understated humour of locals somewhat baffled by his enthusiasm for these deserted rocks. The romance he imbued them with is contagious, sketching dark forbidding rocks battered by crashing surf that in this portrayal really do become somet [...]

    4. What could be quite a dull travel log about a few featureless islands turns out to be more intriguing than expected. Stories from shipwrecks, sealers , isolated light houses, to the horrid treatment of aboriginals. I initially thought Michael Veitch reading style seemed a bit dull and monotonous. But then if I want to read an action novel, the story of isolated, cold islands is not the place to start. Instead, his WWII airmen books are certainly full of exciting exploits. Yet I appreciate his st [...]

    5. An insightful perspective on a few of the islands in Bass Straight - a sometimes scary bit of water between mainland Australia and Tasmania. I'm as attracted to islands as the author, so had to read this book. The islands have an amazing history of exploration, terrible shipwrecks, passive extermination of Tasmanian aboriginals, agriculture and hardship. The author's self-deprecating adventures are refreshingly honest but it is hard none the less to get below the superficial.

    6. ‘This trip through Bass Strait and its islands had felt like one day discovering a door to a room in your home that you never knew existed.’A story set on one of the islands in Bass Strait both spooked and intrigued the young Michael Veitch. Years later, he decided to go in search of the source of the story. This book is the result of his personal journey through the islands of Bass Strait. Bass Strait is the body of water that separates Tasmania from mainland Australia. A couple of its isla [...]

    7. What an exciting and poignant adventure Veitch draws the reader into. His self professed love for islands is infectious and has fanned the flames of my own passion for the windswept and remote islands of Bass Strait. Veitch leads the reader on a modern day odyssey from the meditative seclusion of Three Hummock Island, through dangerous gales, to the eerie Skull Rock, and on the hunt for a modern day Kraken! For the lover of nautical adventure, travel writing, family mysteries and the often bruta [...]

    8. Pretty much the perfect book for a beach read if you got any interest in the islands of Bass Strait. It's easy to read, nice big print an interesting insight into some places you'll probably never go. Don't expect much literary merit and the central story gets a bit repetitive after a while. For someone like me, who has always looked at those islands off Wilson's promontory with interest, it was very enjoyable.

    9. Michael Veitch has a terrific writing style. This book is a fascinating insight into the Bass Strait islands. A record of his journeys visiting the myriad islands that dot bass Strait and some interesting history.

    10. Captivated with the depth of history in this book and very interesting stories of each of the islands the author visited. Made me feel like I had made the trips as well.

    11. interesting though i found him a bit pedantic at times. made me want to go to flionder's island and deal island

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