Dark Need

Dark Need AN ACHING EMPTINESSHomicide detective Samantha Brown is a tough highly decorated cop But for the past twelve lonely years since she nearly died of a gunshot wound she has felt a deep inner longing

  • Title: Dark Need
  • Author: Lynn Viehl
  • ISBN: 9780451218667
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • AN ACHING EMPTINESSHomicide detective Samantha Brown is a tough, highly decorated cop But for the past twelve lonely years, since she nearly died of a gunshot wound, she has felt a deep inner longing.A LONG LOST LOVEThe mysterious Lucan, with his timeless ability to seduce women, is focusing on the emotionally battered Samantha, who has awakened his wild memories ofAN ACHING EMPTINESSHomicide detective Samantha Brown is a tough, highly decorated cop But for the past twelve lonely years, since she nearly died of a gunshot wound, she has felt a deep inner longing.A LONG LOST LOVEThe mysterious Lucan, with his timeless ability to seduce women, is focusing on the emotionally battered Samantha, who has awakened his wild memories of a long ago love.A PASSION THAT WILL BE FULFILLED.As Samantha pursues a deranged killer, her only clue is a medieval cross inscribed Lucan the name of a man who owns a nightclub near the murder scene Drawn into a seamy underworld, Samantha falls for Lucan, who believes that he s a vampire and that Samantha is his reincarnated first love Now she must save this man who seems beyond redemption and who fulfills her deepest, darkest desires.

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    1. We met our hero in the previous book (Private Demon), where he was introduced as a really, really nasty guy. One thing I like about Lynn Viehl is that there's not a single characters of hers that is two dimensional -- even the bad guys have their redeeming qualities Lucan reminds me a lot of Lestat from Anne Rice's novels He's selfish, powerful, and has a bad temper, but is also tired of all the bullsh. Yeah. Samantha, our heroine, is a homicide detective with a really disgusting cool "power", e [...]

    2. this book just confused me. i have no idea how or when Sam and Lucan suddenly fell in love. come to think of it i cant possibly understand why either. well, other than the fact that he sounds to be thrilling in bed. after Sam's look into his past and having a good idea he isn't after her but chasing the ghost of love past, i can't see where this love affair comes from. Alex and Michael make healthy sized appearances and saved me from getting bored with the book. Again i am not so sure why Alex i [...]

    3. Good read and I'll forgive them for the cliff hanger ending since I have book 4 on my desk. After finishing 3 of these very intense books containing multiple incidences [both current and historical:] of mayhem, torture, murder and other assorted atrocities committed by various cast members - I really wonder how there are any Kyn left? Medieval villages weren't all that large and they've been unable to make more [until now:] for 500 years - and there have been mentions of jardin wars, multiple as [...]

    4. 5-SEXY-TORTURED-HERO-STARS!!!Why oh why does this author not write epilogues!!!!!! The story is brilliant, the characters are brilliant but the romance oh the romance Lucan and Samantha have moments of pure hotness and attraction and even a mind-blowing submissive sex-scene (not the bdsm kind) but the exploration of their love and romance is tragically skimmed on by the author. Its like she just wanted mind-blowing action climax out the way and thought "oh yeah, the H/H need an ending, lets give [...]

    5. I disliked this book intensely. This is what I get for impulse buying and not waiting to read reviews. I would estimate that well over half this book was spent in povs that weren't the main characters. A lot of time was spent on one of the previous character's brother, John. That man was the most boring character to read about! Why was so much time spent on him? It wasn't his book!I have once again accidentally picked up a book in the middle of a series. I hate when that happens. I think I'm goi [...]

    6. Ok I seriously didn't think this was going to be a series of books where I would cry , let alone full out bawl my eyes out for more then half the book! HOLY COW! I have to say I am in love with Lucan :) When we first met Lucan , we came to hate him, even before we knew who he was - he was the evil guy who without any provoction at all decided to break into Michael's house and check out his new sygkenis - he ended up taking blood from Alex's nurse and having his way with her, twice, almost killin [...]

    7. Because of Lucan's gift, he has become known as the executioner for the King of the Darkyn when it's time for a life- or a walking dead- to be exterminated. But more people than those who are to be brought to justice seem to end up dead around Lucan. When the deaths cross over into the world of the humans', Det. Samantha Brown is called in.With a cool exterior, Samantha is often misunderstood. But for all her strong-will, she can't seem to keep her buried passionate nature in check when around t [...]

    8. I have a weird "relationship" with this series. There's much to love: the UF setting, pace and plot, the darker world, the heroine. And yet. And yet I can't really warm to it. As a UF it's good enough, but with too many unexplained points (why doesn't she freak out? why is Raphael playing cop? her past is only hinted at, but could be used more), as a PNR you wonder where the love came from.The overall arch makes also a strange bedfellow. Stories are left hanging, including the main couple's. I k [...]

    9. Samantha Brown was a policeman that was busy with cases of killing, she was highly appreciated as a cop. But once she was shot by a madman. The only evidence she had was the a medieval cross inscribed "Lucan"-the name of the owner of a new nightclub near the murder scene. Drawn into a seamy underworld, Samantha falls for Lucan-who believes he's a vampire and Samantha is his reincarnated first love. Now, she must save this mysterious, seductive man who seems beyond redemption if he is to fulfill [...]

    10. Another book I've read during my vacation was Dark Need. I've been enjoying Viehl's Darkyn world and this book 3 in the series was no exception.Homicide detective Samantha Brown is a tough, highly decorated cop. But twelve lonely years after she nearly died of a gunshot wound, she aches with a deep inner longing. In pursuit of a deranged killer, her only clue is a medieval cross inscribed "Lucan"-the name of the owner of a new nightclub near the murder scene. Drawn into a seamy underworld, Saman [...]

    11. 2 starsThis book was ok. I liked Samantha I thought she was a great and intriguing character. I found many parts of this book dull (especially when the preist was involved) and felt like a lot of them could have been excluded. There was not enough scenes of Samantha or Chris who were the characters I really enjoyed reading about. I also feel that Lucan using his mind powers to make Sam dream about him and want him kind of creepy and un-endearing. He did redeem himself in my eyes in the end but o [...]

    12. I enjoyed this one much more than Private Demon It got me further hooked onto the series.These are really strange books for me, because although I enjoy them, there are certain parts which make me distinctly uncomfortable. The l'attrait thing for me is very close to mind control and to use it to (almost) have sex is just a bit to near to the bone for me. But still I feel compelled to read them (no pun intended).

    13. I enjoyed the premise of this book, but it all seemed really rushed and disappointing at the end. I liked Lucan and Samantha, but their relationship seemed forced too quickly. The mystery of the murders was initially quite engaging, but seemed more of an afterthought at the end of the book. I think it could have been a lot better but was left feeling like Viehl must have been on a deadline and had to quickly wrap everything up rather than taking the time to develop relationships and provide a sa [...]

    14. Police officer Samantha Brown is chasing down a lead on a murder when she meets Lucan. Lucan one of the Darkyn is immediately reminded of a long lost love when he sees Samantha. The fiercely independent Samantha is unwilling to yield to his powers over her, but Lucan wont take no for an answer. As the murders begin to pile up, Samantha discovers Lucan is her best ally but he is his own worst enemy.I started really intrigued and the end fell flat just a bit.

    15. Really enjoyed reading this book! He still isn't my favourite MMC, but yeah, still a really great book! I can't wait to read more, because oh, that ending! *First read April 1st, 2011*He's not my favourite MMC but I guess he'll do. His love is the one thing that I like about him, and even then, he doesn't exactly treat her the right way. Yep :) Good story though!

    16. Samantha and LucanI presume you know what the book is about. I'm letting you know what I liked or disliked about it.Lucan well, yum. e. :) I genuinely enjoyed this story in the series and I'm certain you will too.

    17. Lucan was the bad boy in the previous books. I was so glad he didn't change 360 degree. Sam and her partner's relationship was very realistic.

    18. This review was first posted on rubysreads.Lynn Viehl is, of course, only one of many writers that has dipped her toes in the vampire genre. Her take is that vampires (here called Darkyn) are former Knights Templar that contracted a sort of viral infection that forced them to drink blood, grow fangs, have supernatural gifts and be sensitive to the sun. Oh, yes, and live very long lives. In the first book, we meet the head of the American vampires, Michael, and his lifemate, Alexandra Keller. In [...]

    19. This is the third book of the Darkyn Series.Lucan, the pet assassin of the Darkyn King, has settled in Florida and has been given his own Jardin to rule. He is no longer at Richard's beck and call and is still nursing a deep hatred of Michael Cyprien. He has opened a nightclub with a Goth theme that is his playground where he uses the women who frequent the club indiscriminately for sex and food. He is one of the few Darkyn whose powers work on Darkyn and human alike. He can kill just by touch.S [...]

    20. Yes, I am averaging about one and a half of these books a day. I’m eating them like candy. I love them like a fat kid loves cake; like a vegan loves carrots You get the idea.So Private Demon leaves off with a fairly wrapped up ending – which was nice because If Angels Burn just sort of – stopped. That didn’t mean I wasn’t salivating for the 24 hours I had to wait until I could get my hands on Dark Need; I’ll resist making self-depricating puns. I was especially interested in this bec [...]

    21. I had such hopes for this book. I love the misunderstood not as bad as he seems bad boy so I had been waiting for Lucan's but it was such a let down. The book itself was ok ad it was progressing nicely but the ending of it was ridiculous. You have this cop with clearly a bad past going by how she lived her life, a stalker cop who made her miserable and terrified her and yet when she goes to question a murder suspect/person of interest and he's all over her se thinks nothing of it. Lucan's right [...]

    22. "Dark Need" by Lynn Viehl. Book 3 in the Darkyn series.Yup. I liked this book. It's a good addition to the series. Lucan and Samantha (Sam) are the main characters in this book. The book is classified as a paranormal romance but it has a dark, urban fantasy kind of feel to it as well.Lucan is a Darkyn and he's the high lord's assassin. At least, that's what he was until he "resigned" the possition. Now he's the head of his own jardin (group of Darkyn) in Florida and is the owner of a nightclub. [...]

    23. This is the third book in Viehl's "Darkyn" series and the one in which the Darkyn's chief assassin and all-round bad boy Lucan is given centre stage. Lucan is being framed for a series of murders, and this brings him into contact with homicide detective Samantha Brown who just happens to be the living likeness of his long lost love.In addition to the obvious plot line between Samantha and Lucan we are drawn further into the battle between the Darkyn and their enemies - The Bretheren (a brotherho [...]

    24. I love how the Cyprian/Alex relationship continues through the books. How all the previous characters are woven together, just adding the new ones to the mix. Though some aren’t as prominent as others, they are at least mentioned now and then. So we see how they progress in their relationships instead of just disappearing. In this one Lucan finds his match. It has several unexpected twists and an ending that makes you desperate to read the next book. And we get more of the fascinating details [...]

    25. This was my kind of book!Samantha was ehh. I mean she was okay, but now that Alex had finally grown on me I really didn't think a whole lot of Sam. Sam's been through a lot of stuff, so I didn't think she'd be so trusting.She was alright, but it wasn't her personality that made me turn the pages -that was Lucan's job! Lucan is hateful, selfish, belittling, uncompromising, and dare I say a little bit of a sadist when it comes to sex He just flat out doesn't give a sh*t.There are things he says to [...]

    26. I'm only giving this one 4 stars instead of 5 because it took me so long to get into it. There is so much involvement and information to absorb and try understand. And then I realised why. It is the 3rd book in the series. Dahhh Angela. LOL.Well, once I understood all the terms and connections between the many characters of this story I found myself intrigued to see what would happen in the end. Most stories I have read only follow one of two main characters. This one I believe ended up with may [...]

    27. Again, I enjoyed the vampire parts of the story, and thought they were interesting. The twist at the end was pretty interesting as well. I enjoyed Sam's and Harry's characters, and Lucian was alright. In researching these books, it appears that I'm a bit in the minority when talking about them. I enjoy them, but think that a lot of the things that happen are just a little too convenient. It seems like Lynn spins this highly complicated, complex story and then in the end, the outcome is super sim [...]

    28. I've got to the point where I left this series several years ago. It seems that books follow a basic formula, matching up a human woman with a vampire and later her getting turned to join them. However the author manages to tweak the story each time to keep it engaging an interesting. Sometimes the male protagonists can get a bit similar, over-protective, possessive, domineering But the female main characters are each unique with their own personalities and reactions to the situations they stumb [...]

    29. Plots, Counterplots, and more than a few surprisesExcellent. The story of the Darkyn, who are vampiric Knights Templars, continues with Book 3. Lucan is in control of the Darkyn of Florida and still antagonistic to Michael Cyprian the overlord of America. Richard is Michael's and everyone's Lord and Master. All three intertwine with varying goals and objectives. Totally enmeshed and somewhat confused are former priest John Keller, his sister Dr. Alexandra Keller Cyprian, and a police detective S [...]

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