Dressing Up

Dressing Up Skipper has just arrived at college on a football scholarship The year kicks off with a costume party Skipper ends up going as Tarzan in an all too brief costume At the party he meets Lake but can L

  • Title: Dressing Up
  • Author: Todd Young
  • ISBN: 9781466084933
  • Page: 250
  • Format: ebook
  • Skipper has just arrived at college on a football scholarship The year kicks off with a costume party Skipper ends up going as Tarzan, in an all too brief costume At the party he meets Lake, but can Lake and Skipper ever be than friends

    One thought on “Dressing Up”

    1. Todd Young can actually write. There's a lot of completely unmemorable cookie-cutter m/m fiction out there, but Young has given thought to crafting characters that have lives, personalities, motivations, and flaws. I found the story quite challenging, and in several places I wanted to stop reading, because I like the light and floofy, and this was getting fairly dark. I mean, I'm all for dark in terms of dungeons, slaves, and some harsh BDSM, but show me a college boy feeling ostracised for his [...]

    2. As always, Todd's way of telling is pretty unique. Sweet, captivating, hot, recognizable in every line, very enjoyable and ingeniously crazy. The last is very typical for Tod's writing. Well, I am his fan and there is no need to hide it. ♡

    3. The writing was great and detailed, maybe a little too detailed at parts but I won’t complain about since most MM books I read feel so rushed you’re lucky to get any details or development. Honestly this book does not fit into what I normally read. I usually prefer Lighter books and I probably would have quit after a few scenes made me uncomfortable but the writing and character development where so good I had to read on to know what happens to Skipper. The start was a little slow for me and [...]

    4. 4 stars for a captivating, totally different book--Skipper is no hero. He is damaged, partly broken. He is naive, a bit dumb. He is a good guy and he is different.Skipper just realised he is gay. He is in his freshman year at college, his first time away from home.It’s not an easy time for him. He is made fun of, he is blackmailed. People are mean and homophobe.Skipper has his first sexual encounters with men, and he has a crush on his roommate, Lake.Yes, that is about all I will give away of [...]

    5. In Dressing Up, Todd Young tells the story of Skipper, a college athlete who must come to terms with his sexuality in an environment where being gay is not accepted. Beyond that, Skipper suffers the pain of unrequited love, made worse by the fact that the boy, who insists he's not gay, constantly flaunts his goods in front of Skipper.Todd Young does a remarkable job of pulling the reader into Skip’s head. I felt Skip's pain and anguish right along with him. I was worried and frustrated and con [...]

    6. This is my second Todd Young book and I have to say the 'erotica' doesn't really dominate his stories for me. The characters are so alive and sympathetically portrayed that the sex scenes - giant cocks included - just flow right into it like they belong there. Hell, I get so absorbed in the internal ramblings and my own empathy for these boys that it doesn't occur to me until after the fact that gee, maybe I should have been appalled or shocked or at least somewhat morally offended at some point [...]

    7. Nothing like falling asleep and cuddling with your straight buddy and waking up with jizz everywhere. Ah those Scouting days

    8. I knew what I was reading, but I wanted to jump outside my box a little and this book had great reviews from people who’s tastes I have in common. I was expecting sex, and it usually doesn’t bother me but that’s not what I got. So Beginning of the book I want to be two people all at once. Myself , so I can befriend him and take care of him and one very big and scary guy that can beat the shit out of all of the jerks that were abusing Skipper.It’s not only that he’s dumb, he’s also in [...]

    9. The second Todd Young book I've read and this one has definitely made me a fan. He knows how to hook a reader (this reader, anyway) with unique and fascinating characters. The undercurrent of ongoing eroticism in this book stems completely from the way he's drawn the MC. He's dumb, gullible, naive, well hung and gorgeous. (The mind boggles at the thought of meeting someone like him on a rainy afternoon.) Whatever will someone do to him next that he'll just go along with without thinking? The ans [...]

    10. I'm actually embarrassed to have read this book. This is probably one of the worst books I have ever read. The writing is extremely poor and the two main characters are ridiculous. For one, their names are Skipper and Lake. I mean, really? I have a problem with gay fiction crap like this where one character completely rapes another character but it turns out to be okay because he was really into it the entire time that's neither believable nor something that should ever be written into a book.

    11. I stayed up all night reading this on the day before I start my first day at my new job. That's how much I loved it. Skipper was just so damn sweet and every time someone made fun of him or took advantage if him my feelings were hurt. I loved the slow burn of this one. Absolutely loved it. And it was so hot! Best free book I've ever read I think! I'd pay for this. Not what I was expecting at all.

    12. Poor Skipper, you couldn't help but feel bad for him. People were mean to him, made fun of his because he wasn't as smart as everyone else. And all he wanted was to be loved. Book was a little silly at times & some of the things that happened to Skipper were ridiculous, but i still enjoyed it. Glad Skipper got a HEA!

    13. A unique story of two college guys coming to terms with being gay. Todd Young doesn't disappoint with choosing unique characters and scenarios for his stories. The writing wasn't as strong as some of his other books, but it made me feel like it was written this way to emphasize the "dumb jock" character of Skipper. And who wouldn't love a book that features a hot, blond Canadian stud! :-)

    14. At first I wasn't really sure if this book was my thing. Skipper seemed pretty dumb and I spent most of the book feeling sorry for him and how nearly everyone around him took advantage of him in some way.In the end, I have to say that this was an entertaining read. I mostly focus on sci-fi and fantasy, so this was a little outside of my purview, but I did end up liking Skipper. I'm not sure whether I really liked Lake though. And there's about a dozen other people whose asses I would happily kic [...]

    15. This is my first Todd Young book, and it probably won't be my last. I didn't exactly enjoy some of it, but I felt Skipper was very well written. He is mentally challenged, and this is not an easy character to write. Mr. Young did a very good job giving us a believable character. Life is messy, not everyone is an angel, and not everything everyone does is proper. Just because a person makes mistakes, or has really poor judgement, that does not make them a bad person. Although in Ash's caseGRRREno [...]

    16. I found this awful, eveyone took advantage of Skipper and abused him in some way. We got hints of his background but much of the book was him cleaning himself, lusting about Lake or being bullied. This was just awful, badly written, bad plot, bad characters. I really regret buying this and the time I took to read it, I had to make myself finish just to see if there was a redeeming ending or anything that might make me like it - nothing. I have read so many books and this is the worst I have ever [...]

    17. Dnf at 5%. Was rolling my eyes, cringing, and grossed out all within the first few pages. Not for me. :-/

    18. Whatever the message was that the author was trying to impart with this book, unfortunately it passed me by.

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