The Child

The Child This story is no longer available via Mrs Darcy s Story Site

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  • Title: The Child
  • Author: Jan Hahn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Online
  • This story is no longer available via Mrs Darcy s Story Site.

    One thought on “The Child”

    1. Quick (just over 100 pgs) good read for this P&P variation. This book goes down the path of the WHAT IF Darcy left the country and travelled with Bingley for 2 years after his disatrous proposal in Kent?? For one, he wouldn't have bumped into Elizabeth at Pemberley when she's travelling with her aunt and uncle and thus he is not there to save Lydia from running away with Wickman. You first see Darcy and Elizabeth in London. Darcy notices her with a child entering a carriage when he is remind [...]

    2. After reading Jan Hahn's 1st published book, I went and found an additional book on the Meryton Assembly site. This book is written from Darcy's perspective and Elizabeth and Darcy don't meet until 2 years later. A lot of things happen, for one He's not there to save the Bennet family from Lydia's indescretion. So the story starts out with angst on Darcy's part and him trying to overcome his prejudice and find his happy ending. I like this story but was a little weary in parts but it was still w [...]

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