Bodyguard Elizabeth Chapman is saved from an armed robber by a giant Kodiak bear who shifts into a large well muscled and fully bare human But when it s revealed that the robber is the brother of a dangerous

  • Title: Bodyguard
  • Author: Jennifer Ashley
  • ISBN: 9781467974677
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • Elizabeth Chapman is saved from an armed robber by a giant Kodiak bear who shifts into a large, well muscled, and fully bare human But when it s revealed that the robber is the brother of a dangerous criminal, Elizabeth finds herself the target of a vendetta Ronan, the Bear Shifter, takes her to Shiftertown, where she finds that mateless Ronan takes care of Shifters whoElizabeth Chapman is saved from an armed robber by a giant Kodiak bear who shifts into a large, well muscled, and fully bare human But when it s revealed that the robber is the brother of a dangerous criminal, Elizabeth finds herself the target of a vendetta Ronan, the Bear Shifter, takes her to Shiftertown, where she finds that mateless Ronan takes care of Shifters who have no families or clans of their own Having grown up in foster care herself, Elizabeth can only admire how protective Ronan is, even while she chafes at the confinement But Ronan will only let her leave the safety of Shiftertown if he becomes her 24 7 bodyguard Elizabeth finally agrees The trouble is, the sassy human Elizabeth is triggering Ronan s long buried need to find himself a mate.

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    1. 4 Shifter Lovin' Stars“I lived a long time alone. You learn to take life slowly when you live like that. Why worry about what terrible thing will happen tomorrow?”-RoninBodyguard is a novella in the Shifters Unbound Series. I came across this series on audible and decided to give it a try. I liked the first two books so much it was a no brainer to continue this series. Anyone that enjoys a tender and steamy paranormal romance should give this series a try.Elizabeth Chapman is an independent [...]

    2. We had met Ronan the huge teddy bear in the previous book where he was almost killed twice. He is the bodyguard at shifters'bar. Elizabeth owns the store where Andrea shops underwear for Sean.They were perfect for each other and I loved their story.Ronan has to look after 3 more bears. The little polar bear was adorable. And their house was very homey and cosy. I wish I was invited at their breakfast table: 5 packages of bacon, 4 cartons of eggs, one loaf of bread and honey because "bears love t [...]

    3. Written July 6, 20143.2 Stars - a sweet sexy big teddy fall in loveBodyguard is book #2.5 in the Shifter Unbound series about three species (big cats, wolves, and bears) of shape shifters in Shiftertown Austin. Romances I really enjoy to read now and then. This was the first one in this series I was listening to. And? ~ Not the best one (not even comparable to the very good full-length books) in this series, but this is a nice enough in-between-in-the-series book. Easy and quick to read (d nicel [...]

    4. This story was about Elizabeth, a human who owns a store on the edge of Shiftertown and it gets robbed. What she doesn't know if while this is going on Ronan is behind watching this happen. Ronan is a Bear Shifter, and I gotta tell you I fell in love with this guy! Well the man who robbed her store is a member of a gang and soon the gang tries to threaten her and Ronan.Well of course Ronan to the rescue along with the rest of the Shiftertown folk we know from previous books. It was wonderful to [...]

    5. ~ 5 Bodyguard Stars ~Bodyguard is #2.5 in Jennifer Ashley Shifters Unbound series. Each novella can be read only, but they fit perfectly in the book series. I get goosebumps every time I read Bodyguard. It is my favorite novella next to Hard Mated in the Shifter Unbound series. I just want a sexy lovable bear shifter all too myself. Jennifer Ashely knows how to write a story. The written flows, the characters are interesting, and the world building is exquisite. She knows how to pull you into he [...]

    6. demonloversbooksandmoreWhen Elizabeth's gift shop gets robbed late one night, the last thing she expects is a large bear to come to her rescue. Scratch that, the last thing she expects is to see a large bear shift into a naked hunk of a man. But that's what happens. In Jennifer Ashley's Shifters Unbound series, the shifters are second class citizens, so when Ronan backhands the kid holding the gun, he gets arrested for hurting a human.Elizabeth goes with him to the police station to try to convi [...]

    7. 3.75 starsThis was a fast paced entertaining read with lots of likable characters. I just can't rate it higher because I feel like the romance could have been portrayed in a bit more passionate, emotional way. Maybe it felt a little detached because (1) Ronan was a very calm, cool (but very kind), take everything stride kind of guy -- definitely bear-like and (2) Elizabeth kept her emotions carefully inside for a majority of the book. The HEA was lovely though. And I will give Ashley some credit [...]

    8. Meet Olaf. He's a cute, traumatised 9-year-old polar bear cub struggling to master English, his second language. His past is so sad it brought out my maternal instincts, especially when he was too scared to sleep alone. And he's not the only vulnerable character in Ronan's informal foster home for abused bears. There are three others. Ronan's Papa Bear act is surprisingly sweet. He's a gentle giant who works as a bouncer, exuding a fierce and dangerous demeanor as a bulky 7ft shifter. His gentle [...]

    9. Ronan was such a sweet, cuddily bear of a guy. Just loved him. Ronan happened to be in the right place at the right time to save Elizabeth from certain death. But the save has some far reaching consequences that could effect Elizabeth's life. Now does she take the offer of Ronan's protection, a tall shifter bear with the gentliest deep brown eyes on the planet or take her sister and run for their life? Ronan on the other hand has had his eyes on Elizabeth for awhile and felt that hopefully fate [...]

    10. This story was so much fun to read, a lot of that was due to Ronan, he makes me want to find my very own bear shifter. I loved that right away he was protective of Elizabeth, that as an acquaintance he did what he could to stop her from being robbed and killed. Of course all of this lead to Elizabeth hiding away in Shiftertown, being protected by them all. Being human, Elizabeth, had her eyes opened about Shifters.I loved how Ronan seemed to be the foster home of choice for damaged bears. It lef [...]

    11. I think bears are in my top five of favorite shifters. They are so gruff, strong and protective. Ronan doesn't disappoint me. He's exactly what I like in a bear shifter. He has taken in the young bears of the town and is raising them.Elizabeth owns a store that is pretty popular with the Austin Shiftertown. Not many stores allow shifters inside. It is a great thing that Elizabeth does, otherwise she wouldn't have had a bear in her store when a punk tries to rob her.Unfortunately the little punk [...]

    12. OMG! I want an Alaskan Kodiak Bear so badly! This is a way cute story! The first one I've read of this series - but I already see a few people that have been mated - probably from other books, so I should probably start from the beginning next :) Awesome story! This story is about Elizabeth and Ronan - When the book starts off, Elizabeth is being held at gun point by a big time gang member. The store is all she and her sister has, so giving up the cash meant giving up a lot more - Luckily the gu [...]

    13. I liked this book a lot. Trust issues are big for Elizabeth. One night at her shop she getting robbed by a drug sellers little brother. With a gun put in her face and the money being taken, she has had enough. But Elizabeth is not the only one in the store a shifter is their also looking for an chance to save her life. Ronan in saving her life gathers her problems as well. So at the end of this robbery Elizabeth and Mabel her sister are put in the shifter town for protection. And Elizabeth sees [...]

    14. A nice addition to the Shifters Unbound series. A little low on the steam, but an interesting story about one of my favorite characters, Ronan. Who wouldn't enjoy a real live "teddy bear", and hot one at that, to be your bodyguard?! That's what Ronan offers Elizabeth and more, lots more. It was fun to see her fall for him, and learn about the unique residents of Shiftertown. What I really enjoyed was the inclusion in the plot, and updates on characters from the previous books. Liam, Sean, Dylan, [...]

    15. I really liked this I only wished that it was longer and more in depth. It would have been nice to have more interaction with the others sharing the household with Ronan. I loved little Olaf he was adorable and I would like to see more of him as he ages!!! Elizabeth and Ronan are good together and I hope that we will get updates on them in future stories

    16. Nice addition to the Shifters Unbound world. Wish it had been longer but only because I really like this series, not because the story felt incomplete. Loved Ronan the Kodiak shifter. And it was nice to see a non Morrissey story. Not that I haven't loved both Liam's and Sean's stories. I can't wait until Wild Cat comes out. :-(

    17. I seriously loved Ronan! Liam is still my favorite from this series but Ronan is #2 for me. Elisabeth was perfect for him. I wish the story was longer cause I could read about him for a long time and not get bored.

    18. Great story. I forgot I had this in my e-books. Loved it. I love Ronan and Elizabeth's relationship. Can't wait to see what happens with Olaf. Very good book/very good series.

    19. Elizabeth, has worked very hard to make a fresh start, and with her store finally doing well, then one evening someone bursts into her store and attempts to rob her, and then a big kodiak bear saves the day.when Ronan saves Elizabeth from being killed, he ends up being blamed for attacking a human, and only with Elizabeth's testimony does he get free, and he desires to protect her from those who would seek revenge. Elizabeth at first doesn't want to believe in the danger that threatens both hers [...]

    20. Bodyguard ของเจนนิเฟอร์ แอชลีย์เรื่องนี้เป็นเรื่องสั้นที่นักเขียนพิมพ์ขายเอง ไม่ได้ผ่านสนพ.ไหน แต่ในแง่ของคุณภาพแล้ว เราก็ไม่ได้รู้สึกว่าด้อยลงไปเลยนะคะ ปัญหาที่เรามีกะเรื่องนี้ [...]

    21. I've been into shifters for a while now, reading this book just reaffirms my love of all that is shifters.There are a lot of people that has secrets, Elizabeth is just one of many. She is hard and not trusting of most, with her past you can see why. The only thing that is important to her is her baby sister. She worked hard to get to where she is at a small store owner and in one night she could lose everything. But you know fate has a way to always have a hand in things, when danger comes close [...]

    22. Kodiak bearshifter Ronan is in the right place at the right time to save Elizabeth, one of the few store owners who will serve shifters, during an armed robbery attempt by a punk who planned on killing Elizabeth when he was done. But when it turns out that the punk is the younger brother to the leader of the newest gang in town, Ronan's protective instincts go into overdrive and Ronan decides that Elizabeth needs a fulltime bodyguard - him - and brings her to the safety of his Shiftertown home a [...]

    23. I have read the first two books in this series and the twist the author puts on her shifter stories are refreshing. This is why I didn't hesitate to read this book. I love stories that center around bear shifters-I mean they are huge, ferocious, protective, and sexy. This novella had all the ingredients to be a great read- bear shifter-Hello?!; hero with a name of Ronan and a heroine who need to be protected. *Sigh* Unfortunately this book supports my theory about novellas. They are either a hit [...]

    24. I have a couple of books in this series to read and I am COMPLETELY in love with this world after reading this one. The dynamic between shifters and the humans who force them to wear collars and suppress their beast side KILLED ME. So, yeah. I'm going to be devouring this series mighty soon. I can feel it.The entire idea that all these powerful, wily shapeshifters are subjugated and beaten down on so many levels and yet they find ways to work around the system and get what they want worked for m [...]

    25. I've had a soft spot for Ronan since Primal Bonds, but now I am officially in love. LOL. Ronan is such a sweet and caring guy. The fact that he looks after all those cubs made him even more adorable. I Really wish that Jennifer Ashley had used Ronan as one of the main books in this series. With a little bit more page time they could have been incredible (this story was a good length, I'm just being greedy).I was so happy to see all the gang again and that Liam and Kim have had their daughter. Th [...]

    26. The story was okay, but personally, I just didn't "get" the connection between Elizabeth and Ronan. I think this was a .5 novella, so maybe it was just used to introduce some characters &/or educate readers about Shiftertown, but I just didn't get it. A lot of people love this series so I borrowed it, and I have another (Hard Mated) that I borrowed still to read, so I'm holding my opinion back about my personal preference for this series until I give it another chance. I do have to say I wen [...]

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