Ever Fallen in Love

Ever Fallen in Love Richard fell for Luke at university Luke was handsome dissolute dangerous together they did things that Richard has spent the last decade trying to forget Now his career is on the brink of success

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  • Title: Ever Fallen in Love
  • Author: Zoë Strachan
  • ISBN: 9781905207732
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • Richard fell for Luke at university Luke was handsome, dissolute, dangerous together they did things that Richard has spent the last decade trying to forget Now his career is on the brink of success, but his younger sister Stephie s life is in pieces.

    One thought on “Ever Fallen in Love”

    1. I was very disappointed by Ever Fallen In Love. I picked this up at the library because the blurb and comments on the cover made it sound right up my street – dark obsessions and dysfunctional relationship. Strachan is also the girlfriend of Louise Welsh, a writer I admire so I was curious to see how she compared. Ever Fallen In Love never quite reaches its potential. The darkness of the characters is too bland for me. Strachan has a very different definition of dark than I do. I liked the way [...]

    2. This is a tightly written book that skips along at a good pace. The central character is Richard and the narrative is delivered in two time frames, first person from his university days and third person in the present day where he’s in his thirties looking back. This is neat in that it helps easily delineate the two strands but also serves to emphasise the way Richard has come to feel more removed from himself as he has aged and lost touch with the visceral experience of his university days. S [...]

    3. Unfortunately, the review I posted last week has disappeared - sorry, Zoe. This is a story which will have resonances with anyone who has become the close friend of someone with looks/talent/charisma overload. Our protagonist Richard also has the misfortune to fall in love with his dazzling friend Luke, who is straight. Caught up in the whirlwinds of university life Richard is swept into deep waters in Luke's wake.The story moves between this early period and the present day, when Richard is bec [...]

    4. it was OKI liked the main characters. I think the lead character is a bit mixed up. I wanted him to go further but he didn't. I guess if he'd got what I wanted him to get then maybe the message in the book wouldn't be there. I'm only now seeing the message as I type this review.Although I felt it lacked, it kept me busy from beginning to end so on that basis it's worth anyone's time and opinion.

    5. Ever fallen in lovewith a way how the author puts the story toghether? It has been an amazing pleasure to keep the track of thoughts in the past, present and the inner twists between the times. I recommend to everyone and mostly to those who have prejudice against queer literature.

    6. Realistic, harsh and sometimes cruel. A very thorough work in combining present and past events + the changes of characters.

    7. My first gay-book ever. Also the first book I read that features cellphones, LinkedIn and has a game-designer as main character. Refreshing.

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