The 27-Ingredient Chili Con Carne Murders

The Ingredient Chili Con Carne Murders The culinary queen of crime returns in a delectable novel of food and foul play Much loved chef and amateur sleuth Eugenia Potter finds herself mixed up in murder in The Ingredient Chili con Carne

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  • Title: The 27-Ingredient Chili Con Carne Murders
  • Author: Nancy Pickard
  • ISBN: 9781560546368
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The culinary queen of crime returns in a delectable novel of food and foul play Much loved chef and amateur sleuth Eugenia Potter finds herself mixed up in murder in The 27 Ingredient Chili con Carne Murders, a book that marks the exciting collaboration of two mistresses of mystery, Nancy Pickard and Virginia Rich When Eugenia Potter receives an urgent phone call fromThe culinary queen of crime returns in a delectable novel of food and foul play Much loved chef and amateur sleuth Eugenia Potter finds herself mixed up in murder in The 27 Ingredient Chili con Carne Murders, a book that marks the exciting collaboration of two mistresses of mystery, Nancy Pickard and Virginia Rich When Eugenia Potter receives an urgent phone call from the manager of her ranch, Las Palomas, in Tucson, she s only too happy to drop everything and fly home After all, something inside her is telling her to get back to the desert ranch why else would she be cooking spicy Mexican meatball soup at her cottage in Maine, when clam chowder should be on the menu But along with the excitement she feels at going home is an inexplicable sense of foreboding, which is tragically realized once she arrives in Tucson The ranch manager and his granddaughter are missing from Las Palomas and feared dead A cryptic note written by one of them containing initials and a meeting time is the only clue that leads Mrs Potter to suspect foul play But why would anyone want to harm her old friends And where could they have disappeared to When a guest at a dinner gathering thrown by Mrs Potter winds up dead apparently from eating her own famous 27 ingredient chili Mrs Potter knows she must get involved in solving the crimes before the murderer strikes again In the midst of these disturbing goings on, an old love from Eugenia s past arrives on the scene to spice up the danger with a bit of romance The mysteries of her own heart prove every bit as perplexing as the crimes, but offer a chance at happiness Mrs Potter had never expected.

    One thought on “The 27-Ingredient Chili Con Carne Murders”

    1. This author is up and down. There are some books I really like and others, such as this one, where I kept skipping over descriptions and fluff to get to the real story. It was really a much shorter story, stretched to be a novel. I wanted to get to the "who dunnit?" part and she added less interesting details that did not add to the forward action of the book. If there had been a sub plot it would have been better. In the end, she didn't even answer the only very thin sub plot question about who [...]

    2. I rated this 4 because it was one of my Grandma's books that I took after she passed away. It has her initials in it and the whole time I was reading it, I pictured her reading it. Couldn't help but feel somehow connected to her.

    3. This story just moved at a snail's pace for me. Instead of using the main character's first name, Mrs. Potter was repetitiously used on every page and through the entire book. Sadly, this all detracted from the mystery for me.

    4. Eugenia Potter loves food! She loves to cook it, research it, and eat it. She dreams of recipes, ponders recipes as she moves throughout her day, and puts her recipes into action every chance she gets. Luckily Mrs. Potter's second love is solving puzzles, because when her ranch foreman and his granddaughter go missing, she realizes that she may be their best chance at being found again. It's a fun mystery. All of the food talk is ok, though honestly I was more interested in all the gossip about [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this. I had read and liked Nancy Pickard's "No Body", and I chose this e-book based on my remembering that author. I didn't realize until the end that she had been chosen to write this book based on the late Virginia Rich's notes. I feel that Nancy did a wonderful job. I'm not familiar with Virginia Rich's work (although I suspect I read The Cooking School Murders some years ago. I really must re-acquaint myself with it). All I can say for sure is that I felt so connected with t [...]

    6. This was a pretty good cozy mystery. It held my interest until the end, and the storyline was pretty good. I read a review that said it seemed like a short story that had been expanded, and I can understand that comment. There were long sections of description, and I sort of skipped over some of that. I would read other books in this series.

    7. I discovered this author and her books quite by accident, scrolling through the listing of new books recently acquired at my local library. I hadn't read a detective novel in quite a few years, and I was intrigued by the plot summary.I immediately fell in love with the main protagonist Eugenia 'Genia' Potter and enjoyed spending time with her for the duration of the book. Of course as soon as I finished reading "The 27ingredient Chile Con Carne Murders, I couldn't wait to get back to the library [...]

    8. I'm rounding this book up to 2 1/2 stars. Meaning no disrespect to the author who wrote this book after the late author Virginia Rich, the main character, "Mrs. Potter," seemed older than her 60+ yrs - more than an elderly woman. To be fair, I've never read any of the late author's other books but I'm sure that all of her others were written this way too. She has a first name, mentioned a few times but throughout the book, she's predominately referred to to "Mrs." which seems to be an elderly wo [...]

    9. Somehow I can't take a book seriously when it includes a recipe for chili, enough to serve 20 people, which has only 2-4 tablespoons of chili powder and 2 garlic cloves. (Though otherwise the recipe wouldn't have been too bad, that's getting down to homeopathic levels of spicing.I read two of the first three in this series, which were written by the original author, and they weren't too bad. I may search out the first, but I'll leave the ones by Pickard strictly alone. Perhaps I wouldn't have mi [...]

    10. Quite a good book, actually. I always liked the main character and this time she didn't really do much to figure out the answer to a series of grisly murders and the kidnapping of a family friend. This shows her very intuitive nature. She also has an apparent beau, which is charming for the storyline. I did wish that the story could have stayed put in Maine but it turned out to be fun in the Southwest too! I know that the author died while writing this book but you really can't tell where her wr [...]

    11. The fourth book in the Eugenia Potter series continued by Nancy Pickard with notes left by Virginia Rich. I admit I haven't read the other books in the series and only picked this up because Nancy Pickard wrote it. Eugenia Potter owns a ranch in Arizona. She's at her house in Boston when her ranch manager Ricardo Ortega calls to urgently have her return to the ranch though he won't say why. By the time she arrives in Arizona Ricardo and his granddaughter Linda have disappeared. A decent cozy mys [...]

    12. I first read this about 20 years ago, when it first came out. Although I enjoyed it more then, it is still a well-written mystery with well-rounded characters, a good sense of place, etc. I like Eugenia Potter, but sometimes she reminds me of Mrs. Pollifax--not necessarily a bad thing, I suppose. It was funny that a couple of plot points were based on the fact that the telephone service was of the "party line" variety. I wonder if modern readers will know what that is? Even in the novel it was r [...]

    13. A little slow going to start but not bad overall. The atmosphere at the beginning of the book is a little maudlin as the main characters seems to keep agonizing over the friends and family she's lost and worrying about her increasing age. Things pick up, ironically, as the body count rises and our amateur sleuth, Eugenia Potter, starts to focus more on figuring it out. Eugenia is also an amateur chef, and the book also includes a handful of featured recipes in the back, a couple of which I might [...]

    14. Nancy Pickard continues the Eugenia Potter mystery series begun by Virginia Rich in this book, the best of the series I've read. Set on Eugenia's Arizona ranch, the entire valley pulls together to find her missing ranch manager, Ricardo, and his granddaughter Linda. As the bodies pile up, Eugenia sets out to discover what mysterious thing Ricardo had discovered, which set this chain of events in motion.

    15. This book was such fun! I have to read more about the charming Mrs. Potter, her ranch, and her escapades. Have already ordered an earlier book in the series.Highly recommended to those who love cozy mysteries, ranches, charming women of "a certain age", and taking care of the villain without excessive violence.

    16. Given that the author wrote this based on notes by another beloved but sadly deceased author, I think this lady did a nice job writing it. I enjoyed the view of ranch life in the southwest, and the plucky, older heroine.

    17. This book started out slow but quickly picked up speed, from then on it was hard to put down. The added romance was a great touch and I hope to see more of that in the next 2 books. As far as the mystery goes-I was truley surprised at the end. a great book.

    18. This is the first Eugenia Potter mystery I read and It led me to the rest of the series and Nancy Pickard &Virginia Rich. I think this the best one of the series - the main character is well drawn, the setting is interesting and the solution is not obvious.

    19. Not the best murder mystery I've read, but I'll probably read the others in the series. The recipes are entertaining how they're worked into the story. I'd like to try the chili recipe minus the mushrooms.

    20. Everything I said about the Blue Corn Murders is also true of this novel, but even better. This is a page-turner of a fun, light read. If your troubles have you feeling down, this is a good choice for entertainment. So much better than TV!

    21. It did not piss me off to read this book but I really don't ever need to see it again. I did predict the murderer but there were some fun plot twists. Probably a good beach book but I read it in the mountains.

    22. It's been a while since I read this, but I remember it to be a good mystery. It led me back to Virginia Rich. Must say, I prefer Nancy Pickard's writing style.I do, however, love the chili recipe and the Albondigas soup recipe. They are now family standards.

    23. Very good book!Very good book!I loved that this book kept me guessing. A very well written book with lovable characters. I will definitely be reading more of these.

    24. Eugenia Potter, maker of the 27-ingredient chili, has to solve the mystery to clear her good name. A pretty solid mystery.

    25. Fun, easy to read book with no huge surprises, but a few twists and turns - enough to keep things interesting!

    26. I had a hard time getting into this book. It started moving about half way through. I did like reading how the author stumbled into writing this story.

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