The Great White Owl of Sissinghurst

The Great White Owl of Sissinghurst This delightful story based on fact takes place in the beautiful gardens of Sissinghurst Castle in England Three children visiting the castle are intrigues by the great white owl named King that s

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  • Title: The Great White Owl of Sissinghurst
  • Author: Dawn Langley Simmons
  • ISBN: 9780689505225
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This delightful story, based on fact, takes place in the beautiful gardens of Sissinghurst Castle in England Three children visiting the castle are intrigues by the great white owl, named King, that sleeps under the roof of the garage One day the children discover King lying on the ground, shot in the wing Full color illustrations.

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    1. As usual, it was the illustrations that drew us in. We found this used at Eagle Harbor Books in Bainbridge. Since we will be visiting England in the Fall, I liked that the illustrations detailed English country life and gardens. Logan, my little animal lover, liked the owl and the donkey. A simple and true story of a few children spending the summer in the countryside. They are awed by a Great White Owl named King who lives in the rafters, but one day they find him with a broken wing. The careta [...]

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