Such Pain

Such Pain The newest World of Darkness universe launches into the publishing arena with the first Mage novel exploring yet another realm of dark fantasy and magic Tying into the cutting edge role playing games

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  • Title: Such Pain
  • Author: Don Bassingthwaite
  • ISBN: 9780061054631
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • The newest World of Darkness universe launches into the publishing arena with the first Mage novel, exploring yet another realm of dark fantasy and magic Tying into the cutting edge role playing games from the progressive White Wolf Gaming Studio, this series will be published regularly.

    One thought on “Such Pain”

    1. Not really badly written, but suffers from the usual pitfalls of licensed fiction: way too many words and sentences used to display gaming terms and jargon (sometimes you can almost hear the dice rolling) instead of focusing on the story, which is a shame because even if the ending was kinda predictable, the character development of some of the protagonists, especially Kate, was nicely done.

    2. An interesting story that serves to help paint of picture of the setting that is Mage - the Awakening. I've been interested in that setting, and this one offers a view of it. Can't say I'm disappointed as the way magic and reality is handled, the portrayal and development of the characters and plot makes this a good read.

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