One thought on “Tower of Babel”

  1. Can I say how much I ended up liking this book? I found it on Waterstones out of sheer luck, it had a sticker with a price on it, the boy at the teller didn't even know they had the book on the store. And I just got it because I was looking for some SF to read.I was pleasantly surprised with the story. It didn't begin in any impressive sort of way. It actually seemed not a nice story at the beginning and then, Ron came in and it suddenly got interesting.And then, almost half way through somethin [...]

  2. For me, it was an interesting history at the beginning not a remarkable good history but it was fine, the hole plot of the theocracy and this good guy been an inquisitor, well that couldn´t last, but in an amazing way it didn´t follow that way of thinking but a complete different plot came out when Ron Church appeared and from then on, it was such an impressive book! The collision of universes and a thin line between realities, the God morals and the creator been such an entity. I really liked [...]

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