Nimby A playful cloud finally meets a friend with whom he can be himself

  • Title: Nimby
  • Author: Jasper Tomkins
  • ISBN: 9780671749736
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback
  • A playful cloud finally meets a friend with whom he can be himself.

    One thought on “Nimby”

    1. Nimby is a story of a cloud who didn't liked to be unique but the other clouds didn't like it. Nimby goes out in search of some place where he could be himself. The pictures in this book are very entertaining and well drawn with lots of good colors. It's a simple story with a good message about friendship and being who you want to be, no matter what. It can spur lessons on different types of clouds and how clouds develop. It's also helpful in discussing different types of friendships.

    2. A delightful little book about a mischievous cloud who finally finds a friend with an equal imagination. How many times have I looked at clouds in the sky and imagined shapes in the form of animals, people or things—this book takes that childhood activity one step further.

    3. Cute story and illustrations. My only complaint was that the text is a little on the long side--for example, it's not until the 10th spread that the main character's problem crops up.

    4. this is the best kids' book ever! on par with 'the point' for best kids' movies ever. see/read them both!!! multiple times.

    5. This is a great way to start looking at clouds. I love looking for shapes in clouds, but not everyone knows how. And who would have thunk that the clouds were making shapes with a purpose.

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