A Little Bite of Magic

A Little Bite of Magic In a family full of powerful witches Frankie Vallerand is the black sheep He doesn t care about honing his magic All he wants is to open up a restaurant and spend his days serving up delicious food B

  • Title: A Little Bite of Magic
  • Author: M.J. O'Shea
  • ISBN: 9781926830377
  • Page: 339
  • Format: ebook
  • In a family full of powerful witches, Frankie Vallerand is the black sheep He doesn t care about honing his magic All he wants is to open up a restaurant and spend his days serving up delicious food But when he sees a customer crying and wishes for her to be happy, he inadvertently transforms his old wooden soup spoon into a wand, and realizes that maybe a little bit ofIn a family full of powerful witches, Frankie Vallerand is the black sheep He doesn t care about honing his magic All he wants is to open up a restaurant and spend his days serving up delicious food But when he sees a customer crying and wishes for her to be happy, he inadvertently transforms his old wooden soup spoon into a wand, and realizes that maybe a little bit of kitchen magic is just what his customers need Addison Allbright is The Phantom Foodie, an anonymous food critic notorious for his scathing reviews For most people, being paid to eat would be a dream job Not for Addison He doesn t care for overpriced designer food He s a tea and toast kind of guy Until both the food and the owner of L Osteria Di Pomodoro sweep him off his feet and throw his neat, orderly life completely off kilter Frankie isn t sure how to tell Addison he s a witch, or that he charmed Addison s food the night they first met, without sounding totally crazy But little does he know that Addison has secrets too Not only did he snark Frankie s restaurant in his last review column, he s also engaged to be married to a woman.

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    1. I loved/adored Frankie. He is so cute and just awesome. He made me laugh a lot and was just too cute for words… Addison was kind of plain and I wanted to like him and I probably would have if it weren’t for Julia. (view spoiler)[Julia is his fiancée. I hated this part the first few weeks Addy dated loveable Frankie he was also engaged to Julia. He doesn’t break up with Julia until around 54% of the book. Addy spent way too much time comparing Frankie to Julia which annoyed the piss out of [...]

    2. 3.5 stars. A scrumptious little novella! Frankie is a witch who is finally following his dream of opening his own restaurant much to the dismay of his traditionalist magic family. Addison is a food critic trapped in a loveless relationship by his own apathy and fears. The two MC's meet in a bar and become instantly attracted but there are lots of secrets and hurdles to get through before they can be together.The outstanding feature of this story is definitely the food. When we first meet Frankie [...]

    3. I love this story! So cute. Frankie and Addie made a great couple, and the food descriptions just about had me drooling!

    4. This story has a lot of cuteness, that's for sure. I'm sure to those who love M.J. O'Shea's stories will be happy to add this to their collection.But I have few personal issues with it.First, I have never been a fan of a witch using charm spell (even if it's innocent charm) in the beginning of a relationship. Sure what Frankie did to Addison wasn't life-changing, that they both came around because of their own attraction, but it doesn't sit right for me. And how Addison just takes this all in a [...]

    5. I loved the idea of the witches. And the food is so mouth-watering, it's food-porn. Magic and food is a winner combination for me.Warning: Don’t read it when you’re hungry. I made that mistake, it was pure torture. I wanted to try all of Frankie's dishes. An anthology of the recipes would be great, please!Addie is a lonely guy who likes simple things. He has a job he hates, an annoying fiance, and a truely annying mother. He yearns for some fun and love. I really felt sorry for him. Frankie [...]

    6. There are several things i don't like in my MM book.1. The MC cheats. A kiss or two might be tolerable. Weeks of dating are not.2. The MCs hide a secret that might doom their relationship. This means that things happen in the story are basically 'fillings' until the secret is revealed. Mentally, I was just waiting until the book reached that point.3. The MCs are weak that can easily be pushed around by family members or friends.4. The MC agrees to date other person the minute he breaks up.This b [...]

    7. This was a charmingly sweet read. I really enjoyed the bumbling good-natured whimsy of Frankie and the open wonder of Addie at being in love for the first time. This is a feel good read all around with a few challenges to be overcome but not overwhelmed by angst. The perfect book for an afternoon cuddled on the couch while it rains outside. 5 stars.

    8. Cute, romantic, a little angst and with more than just a little magic. A feel good book that goes well with a glass of wine in front of a fire, and the only thing one has to be wary of, are the mothers from hell.Addison and Frankie make magic together, sometimes accidental, sometimes not.M.J. O'Shea delivers yet another amazingly beautiful story where love triumphs over meddling families and their objections.Fabulous work Ms O'Shea, can't wait for the second book in this series.

    9. Frankie and Addie, even their names are freaking adorable, just as this book is. Sweet romance interlaced with a little humour and angst - the perfect combination. I really liked that they didn't jump into having sex right away, mainly because I'm a big fan of kissing and because it just made their first time that much more special. I'd like to see them again - how about it?

    10. 3.5 STARSI enjoyed this but I don't quite know what to make of it yet. I think it needed to be padded out a bit. It felt too rushed and if it were longer it would have rated higher. It's good but also bizarre, but in saying that it's quite original.

    11. 4 stars. Very enjoyable read! I thought this book was just adorable. I loved the characters, the plote food! Frankie and his magic spoon was just awesome. Recommended!

    12. Sweet paranormal m/m romance about a witch/chef who leaves his pretentious family behind in New Orleans to open a restaurant in San Francisco.

    13. Reviewed for Hearts On Fire ReviewsIt’s funny that in a book full of secrets, including one where the MC is a witch, I found the issue with Julia much the worst! Maybe it is because Frankie is such a sweet character – all he wants to do is work in his restaurant and serve people decent food. Addison on the other hand admits it himself – he’s a puppet. He allows his mother, Julie, his boss, everyone to dictate what he will do and then he does it. The part with his boss especially – you [...]

    14. I didn't know what to expect when I started reading this novella. I really liked the vibe right away. I like books that feature cooking. I felt like I was transported into Frankie's restaurant and enjoying his food along with the other restaurant guests. This was such a charming read. The story is simple but I liked it. I liked the meddling mothers. Oh and the kissing! Kissing is an art and if done right, it's pretty magical. I loved that Frankie and Addison were so into kissing. The paranormal [...]

    15. Totally cute story and cute use of accidental magic. I loved Frankie and Addison as a couple. It seemed a little too good to be true for how quick these two worked out their issues but I have to admit it was extremely refreshing not to have pages and pages of ignoring each other before realizing they were being tools. I would have much preferred if Julia found them together one time as I think that could have been hysterical.

    16. 3.5 StarsFrankie Vallerand and Addison Allbright. This one was about witches, magic, food, and . I can't get past the food. The delectable descriptions had me drooling! I loved Frankie; Addison took some getting used to but he eventually came around. Julia and Addy's mom gave me rash. Bottom line: a deliciously sweet and entertaining read!

    17. 3.4 stars. A cute novella with quite a few promising aspects that needed substantially further development. The excessive sweetness could have been balanced by a more solid plot.

    18. Needs a little more magic. There seems to be some agenda against mothers. The characters were very black and white, and the story development seemed a little rushed.

    19. Frankie is great and the food he makes is great.Addison not much- does not develop a backbone until too late in the book and there is cheating.

    20. Cute and funny, although I did find Addison a little frustrating at times with all his secrets. Frankie and his wooden spoon/wand were adorable though :)

    21. I want more! Between Frankie and Addie in this book and Arlo and Gray in A Little Taste of Magic, I want more. I loved both stories

    22. “Be yourself because you never know when your true love will find you and love your true self.” ~ Colin MitchellAddison Allbright of 'A Little Bite of Magic' by M.J. O'Shea would do best to follow this advice. Addison is a good man with many redeeming qualities, but he has fallen into the habit of letting everyone in his life, i.e his mother, his boss, and his girlfriend, decide what's best for him. It's the path of least resistance, but it's not one that makes him happy and almost leads to [...]

    23. Frankie is a witch who wants nothing to do with the powers he was born with. The guy just wanted to be a chef and live a normal life. Everything is smooth and dandy until he meets Addison, a food critic who bashed his newly opened restaurant and the whom he eventually fell in love with. The problem is, how will Frankie tell Addison his true nature without freaking the guy out and one more thing, said guy was engaged - to a woman!!??!!I'm not usually big on fantasy stuff on books or something rel [...]

    24. In this book, M.J. O'Shea builds an urban fantasy world that is believable and entertaining to read about. The addition of magic, even secret magic, in this story could have gone horribly wrong, but the author succeeds in keeping it from overwhelming the story, or making things too easy for Frankie.Both MCs are lovable and real. I really liked how Frankie's magic wasn't just set-dressing and had a way of working itself into the story in unexpected ways. Also, I enjoyed how O'Shea handled Addison [...]

    25. There was something so this ↓ about this book that I L-O-V-E-D!But then there was just something so, I don't know what to call it, just something off about it that I didn't love.I am not sure if it was the flow. I am not sure if the background of the story just didn't make sense. I don't know. I feel like it almost needed to be more. If the fiancée was supposed to be such a big part of the story it just fell flat. I expected something major from that storyline. It just fizzled. Both of their [...]

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