Hidden Jacinda was supposed to bond with Cassian the prince of their pride But she resisted long before she fell in love with Will a human and worse a hunter When she ran away with Will it ended in disas

  • Title: Hidden
  • Author: Sophie Jordan
  • ISBN: 9780061935121
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jacinda was supposed to bond with Cassian, the prince of their pride But she resisted long before she fell in love with Will a human and, worse, a hunter When she ran away with Will, it ended in disaster, with Cassian s sister, Miram, captured Weighed down by guilt, Jacinda knows she must rescue her to set things right Yet to do so she will have to venture deep intoJacinda was supposed to bond with Cassian, the prince of their pride But she resisted long before she fell in love with Will a human and, worse, a hunter When she ran away with Will, it ended in disaster, with Cassian s sister, Miram, captured Weighed down by guilt, Jacinda knows she must rescue her to set things right Yet to do so she will have to venture deep into the heart of enemy territory.The only way Jacinda can reach Miram is by posing as a prisoner herself, though once she assumes that disguise, things quickly spiral out of her control As she learns about her captors, she realizes that even if Will and Cassian can carry out their part of the plan, there s no guarantee they ll all make it out alive But what Jacinda never could have foreseen is that escaping would be only the beginning.Loyalties are tested and sacrifices made in the explosive conclusion to Sophie Jordan s Firelight trilogy.

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    1. As I wrote it (and rewrote it again and again and again until it was just what I wanted it to be) yes - I love it and can't wait until it hits shelves. Hope you all enjoy it!

    2. *FINAL RATING: 1.35 STARS*CATCHALLFirelight had some problems, but it was new and different and despite its unlikeable cast of characters was a fun and awesome read. I enjoyed Vanish much, much more. I gave it five stars. Although honestly, looking back at it, at this point in my blogging career I probably would've given it less. Hidden, sadly, just didn't impress me at all. I really wanted it to, but I just wasn't feeling it. It was an extremely lackluster book for me and an overall disappointm [...]

    3. Sophie Jordan, what the hell?Why can't we all write like you.Even when it's completely unintentional, your writing leaps off the page and strikes my heartstrings. Even if this book was completely plotless and the characters all sucked and everything about this book absolutely sucked, I would still be forced to give it at least three stars due to its writing.Not to say everything else is bad, because it's not . . . far from it, actually. But now you get my point.I went into Hidden without re-read [...]

    4. Ohhh Cassian *sigh* You are too good for Jacinda!This was my least favorite Firelight book. It's not because Jacinda (view spoiler)[doesn't end up with Cassian (hide spoiler)] but because she annoyed me. She was all over the place. You know, she has a boyfriend, Will? But she still has the audacity to be jealous when Cassian talks to Tamra, even though she's mostly saying how he loves her just because she's a firebreather and the most desirable dragon. Oh, please. And what about Will? Did she fo [...]

    5. I was asked to do a formal blurb for this book so I'm pasting it here. The FIRELIGHT series is a rare sparkling gem. I delved into the mystical world and discovered a fast-paced, gripping story. In HIDDEN I was again swept away in a whirlwind of thrilling danger, shocking secrets, and entrancing romance. Anytime my readers ask for a book recommendation, I always say, “Read Sophie Jordan!”

    6. I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS SERIES IS OVER!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!I did not write reviews for the first two books in this series so I will keep this short. The Firelight series by Sophie Jordan is a must read. She has created an amazing series centered around dragons. Hidden, the final installment in this series, lived up to my expectations and more. Jordan tied up all the loose ends and wrapped it up in a little bow. Great series! Great ending! I want more!My Rating:Why,5 DRAGONS , of course!

    7. If you aren't team Cassian, you are dead to me. And I hope Hidden will be more fast paced, action packed, and mysterious than the last two. And, also, less angsty and hormones- induced. I don't know if I'm even going to like this book, since Jordan lost a fan here at Vanish. I'm still counting the calendar for this book, though. The cover is beautiful but not so original. Who else besides me thinks that Vanish was the best cover out of the series?

    8. --MY FANTASY ENDING--When Jacinda, Will, Cassian, and Tamra go into the hunters stronghold, Tamra uses her special powers and wipes all the peoples memorey or whatever she does. Then, the four of them get inside to see dozens of cages on the wall. (i'm talking about 1-2 dozen) They decide to release all the Draki. Will and Jacinda will take the left, while Tamra and Cassian take the right. Tamra and Cassian find all the Draki that have been taken from the hunters, including Miram. Then Jacinda h [...]

    9. 3,25?De los 3 libros, este es el más flojo creo. El argumento va súper lento aunque pareciera que pasan muchas cosas. Nada me sorprendió del todo salvo por aquella escena donde está Miriam (you know). El final fue satisfactorio pero los primeros 20 capítulos meh Reseña completa en Gracias a los Libros.

    10. SpoilersJacinda along with her boyfriend, Will and her draki friends take on the enkros, in an attempt to save Cassian's sister from imprisonment and possible death.-The plot was unimaginative - Jacinda and co rescue Miram from the enkros and then get chased by hunters for the bulk of the book. It's only in the last few chapters were things of importance occur and Jacinda's pride acknowledge that they need to make changes to the way they live and have a leadership that's fairer — unfortunately [...]

    11. I've been trying my hardest to get over the lack of creativity this cover has*ahem* Back to the point. I liked Hidden, it was good. But I feel like I'm falling back on that "it could have been better" pillow. I felt like a few strands were left hanging, and that things were kinda rushed. To start off, Jacinda's time with the enkros was super short. It literally lasted 49 pages before (view spoiler)[Cassian and Will come to break everyone out, as was the plan. (hide spoiler)] So basically one day [...]

    12. Final rating: 1.5/5 starsFinally, it's over!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY XDI just need to say this:it could have been so much better!! but sadly, it wasn't and that is my problem. It was action packed i admit but there is just something that bothered me. It was all too fast. It was practically jumping from one scene to another. So, she should have just made this series a little longer (in pages, not in books) because i found Hidden short for all of that.The thing i also didn't like, not just in this boo [...]

    13. ahh yes, yet another one. Personally, I think they should leave little brat with the hunters, but whatever. -missrosey :]Update after:Yay finished it! This was good! I'm teetering on a 3.5/4 stars. Hmm.I don't want to list every single thing that happened in this book, so I'll just say a few things:I really enjoyed this series. The characters never really bugged me, and (thank goodness) I always really liked Jacinda. And Will. *swoon* Honestly, being the coldhearted beast I am, I would have left [...]

    14. More action and less kissing please. Jacinda, torch Cassian for me, will you?Will, I wonder how many more secrets you got in your blood.Tamra, stay as you are, the books wouldn't be the same if you changed.Ok. cover yetry mysterious. And darker, that seems to fit more than the lighter, more girly looking covers. This one actually looks like she's some ancient dragon race

    15. Enjoyed this series on audio. I felt the ending was a little unresolved. Not much happened with the hunters and Encros or whatever their called. The romance and family stuff wrapped up nicely. I felt like Jacienda and Will were a little bit too much insta love. And I know Will is 18 but he basically just ran away from his family. I mean where will they get money? I'm just thinking too logically but I wanted more resolve with Will and his family.

    16. HiddenFirelight #3Author: Sophie JordanRelease Date: September 11th 2012Reading Level: YAGenre: Fantasy/DragonsPublisher: Harper TEEN*Review*After the events of Vanish where Miram was captured by the Enkors (dragon hunters) after failing to listen to Jacinda--Jacinda, Cassian, Will, and Tamra, have banded together in an attempt to rescue her before she is tortured and experimented on. Jacinda, Will and Tamra had planned to leave the pride once and for-all and never look back. Cassian is along be [...]

    17. Un hermoso final que me dejó con ganas de lagrimear.Si le buscamos las quinta pata al gato, si escarbamos un poco hay cosas que quedan haciendo ruido. Me hubiera gustado ver qué más pasaba con Cassian, Tamara y Deghan (ojala sean la base de otros libros futuros :3), pero esta es la historia de Jacinda y Will, y fue muy lindo ver que consiguieron aquello por lo que tanto lucharon.

    18. Ok, I just finished reading this, and I have to get it off my chest: When did two of the main characters in this series become THAT COUPLE THAT HAS SO MUCH PDA THAT EVERYONE HATES THEM?What is the point?! This is pretty much Jacinda's thought process:Jacinda: Gasp! A life-threatening situation has just popped up out of nowhere! Every decision is critical, and ever second countsOh, well, better make out with Will for half a page!This series was really not one I enjoyed to begin with, but this pus [...]

    19. NOOOOOOOO!! It's ENDED!!! *curls into a ball and sobs* And look. I love Will. *glances away* Really. I do! It's justmetimesII kinda think that Cassian is pretty dang awesome! THERE! I ADMITTED IT!! And all you Will + Jacinda shippers can now shoot your little Hunter arrows at me and hunt me down! But in all honesty, Cassian broke my heart in this book. The fearless warrior, unrequited love, the weight of responsibility on his shoulders and his unwavering bravery - the fact he still protects Jaci [...]

    20. I admit it, I actually liked the first book.But after that the series went downhill.It just seemed like it was sprinkled with random stuff that had no point whatsoever!Here's how it went:Everyone is all happy and dandy!OH NO! HUNTERS!Everyone is happy again!SOMEONE GOT KILLED!Let's go back to the pride!But I don't wanna go to the pride!BUT I NEED TO!!!!OH NO!!! MORE HUNTERS!!!FIGHT!FIGHT!FIGHT!Kiss me, Will!SHE KILLED HER!!!!Yay! We're happy again!I know that this made zero sense whatsoever, but [...]

    21. De plano me salté algunas partes de romance. no tenías que describirme todos y cada uno de los besos.Hubo una subtrama que parece un poco metida con calzador. Me molestó un poco que Will haga desplantes, aparte ¿nunca se mencionó nada de su escuela? ¿De plano va a perder el semestre por andar de héroe?El papel de Casian me encantó, pero me sentí triste por él.

    22. I liked this book better than the second, this is back to the level of book 1. Of course, you start right at the cliffhanger of book 2, so that is a good start. A lot happens in this book, there are a lot of turns in the storyline which I really liked and some of them were really unexpected. There is some lovetriangle in it but I like how everything turned out, it is all nicely wrapped-up. A good ending of the series and a fun read.

    23. Quick review:Cover: Looks a lot like the 1st book cover Rating:PG-13 Thumbs Up:4Overall: Well, it’s over. Not sure how I feelCharacters: Well DonePlot: Sometimes you have to make a choice and other times its life or deathPage Turner: Yes Series Cont.? Yes Recommend:YesBook Boyfriend: CassianSUMMARY (50 words or less)This story did move and there was action. There was also a clear winner in the kinda love triangle. However, this book bummed me out. I thought I enjoyed love triangles. Not so muc [...]

    24. Von mir gibt es 4.5 Sterne für diesen Abschluss :) Insgesamt bin ich echt zufrieden, bin innerhalb von zwei Tagen durch diese Seiten geflogen. Allerdings ging mir Will diesmal etwas auf die Nerven, er war mir auch ein bisschen zu verständnislos und egoistisch, aber ansonsten habe ich nichts zu meckern:)

    25. My predictions::: (SPOILERS ALERT for many reasons) I think she's going to pull an Andrea Cremer and have Cassian killed (just like Cremer killed Ren). Which would suck since I fell in love with Cassian in Vanish. Sigh.

    26. I absolutely adored this book! I read the first two in the Firelight trilogy in the same day, and I devoured Hidden at the same speed. It is written so well the action had me on the edge of my seat, the calm moments were just the right kind of quiet and the romance made me melt. I found that the narrative flowed so easily for me; I read this in about 5 hours with very little effort.Hidden picks up immediately after the events at the end of Vanish when Miram, Cassian’s sister, was captured. Jac [...]

    27. What a heart pounding, exciting, suspenseful conclusion to Sophie Jordan's Firelight series! WOW! Sophie does not hold back with all that happens during this one heck of an emotional roller coaster ride of a read. With secrets revealed, loyalties put to the test, love found, and other relationships tested, this story gave me everything I wanted and then some. There's moments of heartbreak, hope, suspense, sizzling scenes, danger, and a lot of the unexpected. This story has one twist after the ot [...]

    28. Earlier this year, I wrote that blog post about trying to finish more series and guess what? It hasn't gone so well seeing as I've finished only a handful of them, but figured it was about time to finish this series for good. There were some things that I loved: Cassian, brother-sister and sister-sister relationships, Tamra x Deghan (though (view spoiler)[it was pretty insta-loveish, but whatever; I SHIPPED IT!!! (hide spoiler)]), plus most of the questions were answered and loose ends tied; but [...]

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