If Big Can... I Can

If Big Can I Can If Big can run then I can run If Big can jump then I can jump Whatever Big can and whatever I can we can together A delightful celebration of friendship from the author of That s When I m Happy wi

  • Title: If Big Can... I Can
  • Author: Beth Shoshan Petra Brown
  • ISBN: 9781845392499
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Board book
  • If Big can run then I can run.If Big can jump then I can jump.Whatever Big can, and whatever I can, we can together A delightful celebration of friendship from the author of That s When I m Happy , with stunning illustrations from Petra Brown.

    One thought on “If Big Can... I Can”

    1. Excellent. Her story through the eyes of a young refugee woman. Very little I can say without putting in spoilers, and that especially should not be done with this book. Any and all responses need to be had by the reader include opinions related to what has and is happening. And how the various situations resolve themselves.

    2. This is a heartwarming story for anyone who has ever felt small - perfect for the younger sibling! The illustrations capture how the little bear feels afraid and less capable sometimes. Most importantly, the gentle story points out that it's being together that really matters.

    3. this is a wonderful message to teach children, however the writing style is just a little bit off. Sometimes the text rhymes and has a nice pace, but then on the following page there is no rhyme and pace. book just seems all over the place.

    4. ternyata banyak seri na. selain bersahabat dengan yang beda ukuran, di sini diperkenalkan kembali konsep persahabatan dari sesuatu yang berbeda. tak hanya ukuran tapi juga jenis. beruang dan koala.kadang kita ngerasa enak na jadi yang besar, bisa melakukan apapun. dan kita tertarik untuk mencoba menjadi demikian. tapi sebenar na kita juga punya dunia kecil yang indah yang tak kalah menarik dengan yagn dilakukan big. bahkan apa kita punya malah tidak mampu atau tidak dimiliki big.jadi adik-adik, [...]

    5. This is a children’s book that teaches children that there are things that “Big” can do that “Small” cannot do. But fear not, there are things that small can do that big cannot! The story goes on to tell that big and small and find fun and adventure together. Big is illustrated as a big brown bear and small is illustrated as a small koala bear.

    6. Really sweet story. I wish it had been in rhyme, but otherwise can't fault it. It's a nice story, that shows us all the things big bear can do and all the things little bear can do and concludes that the things they can do together are the most fun! I happened across it today and I think it'll be a lovely book for my friend's pint-sized little girl!

    7. I liked this book. I really liked the illustrations. I was thinking that if the book hadn't been illustrated, I never would have assumed that it was about a pair of bears. Still, the text was was nice on its own. Together, they made quite a pair.

    8. I thought that this book would be a great read for a child who is adjusting. Usually when a child begins to adjust they try to follow. This book would show them that it is okay to watch and learn.

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