Desert Heat

Desert Heat Assistant D A Elena Martinez never wanted to fall for police detective Seth King When they are teamed up on a charity hike in the Grand Canyon however their chemistry sizzles under the desert sun Bu

  • Title: Desert Heat
  • Author: Cindy Gerard
  • ISBN: 9781429959087
  • Page: 356
  • Format: ebook
  • Assistant D.A Elena Martinez never wanted to fall for police detective Seth King When they are teamed up on a charity hike in the Grand Canyon, however, their chemistry sizzles under the desert sun But a vengeful drug lord is determined not to let them survive the canyon with their lives and love intact

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    1. When Assistant D.A. Elena Martinez is teamed with Police Detective Seth King for a charity scavenger hunt, she is less than thrilled. They've known each other for quite a while, and she is not Seth's biggest fan. But a long hike through the Grand Canyon leads to danger when they are held at gunpoint by two criminals bent on revenge.This is a fast-moving novella. I highly recommend if you're looking for a quick read. My rating: 4 Stars.

    2. Different book—same charactersI’d like to start this review by stating that Cindy Gerard is an extremely talented writer and I wish that I could give Desert Heat 5 stars, but the fact is that I simply can not. Don’t get me wrong, this book is very well written as all of Ms. Gerard’s books are—the woman can’t help but write well—that is not my problem. My issue with Desert Heat is the characters. Elena Martinez and Zeth King are the exact same characters that Ms. Gerard has in her B [...]

    3. I love Cindy Gerard and this book is just wonderful, great H/h, Grand Canyon location, and MacGyver solutions. All elements that make a great book. This is a novella and has a lot packed in a small page count. This novella is included in the Rescue Me anthology.Elena Martinez is an ADA in Flagstaff, Arizona and has made some enemies and not made many friends in the police department. As part of a benefit fundraiser Grand Canyon hike and scavenger hunt she is paired with not a friend, Seth King, [...]

    4. ADA vs. Police Detective with history of courtroom clashes between them are paired in a scavenger hunt charity hiking event in the Grand Canyon. Not only are they contronted with an enemy from their past, but also with strong personal feelings surfacing between one another. Plenty of action, sizzling romance, and a really nice ending to a short novella that was originally published in the anthology "Rescue Me" along with stories by Cherry Adair and Lora Leigh.

    5. I love Cindy Gerard, and this novella had all the right ingredients but didn’t come together. It was a bit angsty, but too short to establish characters with enough background to make angst worthwhile. There was professional tension without any connection to character. It tried to be too much.

    6. What a fun thrill ride novella this was!The fun banter between the main characters is entertaining.In the action the chase is on and our hero and heroine has to survive the elements of the Grand Canyon, until the hunted becomes the hunter, and with old boy scout tricks they fight against villains, with their life on the line.The attraction and connection they felt in the wilderness is passionate, but it will be tested before they find their happily ever after

    7. Interesting story setting for Gerard.I enjoyed reading this book and found the setting and storyline to be very entertaining. Anyone who has read Cindy Gerard's books should include this one as another success. Having been to the Grand Canyon I could visualize the place again through her words. The intersection between the characters, considering their surroundings, was entertaining. Try it, I think you'll like it.

    8. I love Cindy Gerard! This was an enjoyable and fun, fast-paced read. Standard Cindy Gerard characters, bantering, sexy times, and suspense and action. A little on the formulaic Cindy Gerard Romantic Suspense-side, so it was predictable. But I still loved it.

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