Shells, Smells, and the Horrible Flip-Flops of Doom

Shells Smells and the Horrible Flip Flops of Doom Justin is going to start fourth grade but first he has to survive the summer He gets to go to camp every day on a bus He gets to experience all sorts of new things Bugs Mess hall food Flip flops they

  • Title: Shells, Smells, and the Horrible Flip-Flops of Doom
  • Author: Rachel Vail Matthew Cordell
  • ISBN: 9781250000811
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Justin is going to start fourth grade but first, he has to survive the summer He gets to go to camp every day on a bus He gets to experience all sorts of new things Bugs Mess hall food Flip flops they hurt the space between his toes and they re hard to walk in And gulp swimming Justin s little sister, Elizabeth, seems to deal with camp just fine So do hisJustin is going to start fourth grade but first, he has to survive the summer He gets to go to camp every day on a bus He gets to experience all sorts of new things Bugs Mess hall food Flip flops they hurt the space between his toes and they re hard to walk in And gulp swimming Justin s little sister, Elizabeth, seems to deal with camp just fine So do his friends Justin is trying very hard not to be a worried kid any, especially when it comes to making friends at camp, including a new kid who is kind of rough After all, Justin is going to be in fourth grade It s time to be brave Right

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    1. Pas beli di BBW, gue ga tau kalau ternyata buku ini buku kedua. Tapi setelah baca buku ini, jadi pengin sekali baca buku pertamanya. Pengin tau saja cerita si Justin di science camp. Apakah seseru di perkemahan musim panas yang sangat berat secara fisik yang dia ikuti tahun ini.

    2. Justin chooses a summer camp that is more for "run-aroundy" kids and he rises to its challenges with pretty hilarious results.

    3. With third grade behind him, Justin is convinced he can begin living a relaxed, worry-free life. After all, summer vacation is the time of Nothing to Worry About, which is tied with gummy worms as Justin’s favorite thing ever! The worries set in, however, when Justin decides to try Camp Goldenbrook, “where all the runny-aroundy kids go”, instead of science camp. Justin is absolutely sure he wants to go, but that doesn’t mean he won’t worry about walking in flip-flops, impressing his ne [...]

    4. For this and other reviews please check out my blog buzzonbooksJustin is what I would call a worry-wort. He is nervous about everything and scared of most things. He loves his safe zone of nerdy type things and people (don't we all!). This summer, Justin forced to go to a REAL camp though, a camp with bugs, and swimming and physical activity.All of these new, active, busy, rough kids intimidate Justin but it is time for Justin to grow up and be brave, he is going into the 4th grade after all! Ju [...]

    5. Justin is back, and is finding the summer even more challenging than third grade. He's not going to a science camp this year-- he's going to a regular camp for kids who like to run around. He has to change to swim, wear flip flops, and eat in the mess hall. He also gets involved with some of the other boys in a game of "knuckles", which results in his own always being in a painful state. His parents are proud of him for trying new things, but when they find our about "knuckles", offer to take hi [...]

    6. Justin Case: Shells, Smells, and the Horrible Flip-Flops of Doom is a hilarious novel by Rachel Vail. Justin is a worried kid. He worried about everything, but now, he has decided to leave that behind and become a runny-aroundy kid. The best way to accomplish this goal is to go to Camp GoldenBrook instead of his usual Science Camp over the summer. But Justin, who gets his nickname from the tasks he completes out of worry “just-in case,” is not exactly a sports playing runny-aroundy kid and s [...]

    7. Justin makes me laugh. Oh, he makes me laugh.Which is funny to say when I look back at the quotes I marked to share."Sometimes rain is just what a day needs." (p 7)"I hate summer break. It goes too quickly. I've hardly done anything, and here we are already partway into July. The days are just flying by." (p 20)"What Mom noticed: Elizabeth feeding most of her hot dog to Qwerty.What Dad noticed: Qwerty throwing up the hot dog on the deck and then knocking over the lettuce plants when he tried to [...]

    8. Nicknamed "Justin Case" by his classmates, due to his cautious nature, Justin Krzeszewski is looking forward to summer vacation, all 80 days of it. He is trying hard to be a brave kid (NOT a worried kid) but there is a lot on Justin's plate to cause anxiety. Leading the list of things to worry about are Summer Camp (which emphasizes "sweaty sports that require skills") and Cash (a rough newcomer).Vail gets the voice of a geeky-third-grader-going-into-fourth-grade perfectly. Young readers will fi [...]

    9. VAIL, Rachel. Justin Case- Shells, Smells and the Horrible Flip-Flops of Doom. 192p. Feiwel & Friends. May 2012. ISBN: 978-1250000811. $16.99. F.Gr 3-5This summer, Justin is worrying so much less then he used to. In his bravery, he decides to sign up for the runny-aroundy summer camp instead of his usual sciencey camp. Upon arrival, he finds himself overwhelmed by deep-ended swimming pools, rowdy sports, tough new kids, an ouchy game called knuckles and a mean shouty camp councilor. Just whe [...]

    10. I've been reading a fair amount of early chapter books lately because I have a kindergartner and a third grader. This book was great. This was the first one I found myself reading even when neither of them was there to listen.This is the story, in diary form, of a rising fourth-grader's experiences at summer camp. He has to deal with both "cool" kids and "loser" kids. There are some great life lessons amid occasional rainbow vomit.I think the author really captured the title character in his dia [...]

    11. This was a cute book, but it took me FOREVER to finish. Much of the storyline seemed repetitive. Perhaps that was why I had such a hard time getting through it When I normally read 2-3 books a day. One of the reviews on the back of the book compared it to Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and I could see that, in some ways. Justin is an "uncool" kid that has a lot of mishappenstances. However, I think the appeal of the DOAWK books has a lot to do with the font choice makes the books seem longer than they re [...]

    12. Justin Case is a younger, more hesitant, and much more self-aware Wimpy Kid. The only issue I see is that the touching and/or funny parts of this book sometimes come from moments that don't feel authentically rendered in the voice of an actual child. I spend the majority of my time around kids, and know they can be hilarious and insightful, but Justin Case has a tendency to read a bit more like a choreographed routine of boy playing an overly introspective and worried child rather than feeling r [...]

    13. More lovable fun from the most earnest character in young middle grade fiction. Not quite as awesome as the first book (see my reverent review for the first book!), but I think that's only because I adore classroom humor, and this being a summer book, the setting is completely different, all camp and the pool, etc. But the book still delivers lots of heart. I really hope Vail takes Justin to fourth grade!Also, I really like Matthew Cordell's illustrations. They remind me a wee bit of Quentin Bla [...]

    14. This very sensitive 4th grade boy is concerned because this summer instead of going to his normal science summer camp he is going to the dreaded summer camp. Where there will be swimming and games and all sorts of not fun activities. As he experiences summer camp he learns new skills and when to set his foot down and say no or join in and learn to like the new activity. This book is about perseverance, standing up for oneself, and enjoying life despite all that it throws at you. The story moves [...]

    15. I have to remind myself that I need to look at books like this as if I were a member of the intended audience. I found it just a bit too much stream of consciousness for even a rising fourth grade boy. Lots of character names (even I had to pause a couple of times to recall their persona), some stereotyping of kids who would go to science camp, and a few other things bothered me. Sure, it's saying nerds are good, but is it? Kids might be a little confused by the "knuckles" game and a few other r [...]

    16. A touch of Alvin Ho, a bit of Wimpy Kid, but more reflective. Vail explores the inner and outer life of a geeky kid, just out of 3rd grade, who decides to tackle a sports camp for the summer. She gets the voice down perfectly--boys and girls will find many moments to relate to--mean counselors, the scary kid with all the power, the crushes, the secrets. As someone who has been an adult for a very long time, I was transported back to little confusions, worries, misunderstandings, challenges, and [...]

    17. Another read aloud that I really enjoyed with my son there were a lot of laugh-out-loud parts. The character, Justin, is so relatable as he navigates through all his worries about summer camp. Even though this book is a much easier reading level and focuses on a character who is younger than my son, we enjoyed the book because you could almost see how Justin's misadventures could happen to your child or one you know. Plus, Justin is such a good kid all the way through that it is refreshing to re [...]

    18. We used this book for our first book club read and I must say, although the theme was perfect for a July readingI was a little disappointed. I read this aloud and found it to be hard to follow. I thought it was just me until another parent confirmed. A lot of the language used was hard for the younger kids to flow with. I think it had everything to do with the age group of our children. There were some cute and funny parts but I would definitely recommend this for older and experienced readers, [...]

    19. Grades 2-5If you thought Justin had a worrisome and difficult third-grade year, just wait until you read about his summer at Camp GoldenBrook.After third-grade, Justin is determined to stop worrying so much - until he finds out he's going to a camp that is probably going to kill him - if his flip-flops don't do the job first.Fans of Alvin Ho or the Wimpy Kid series will love Justin's humorous attempts at bravery, and find Justin to be a welcome friend.

    20. I read this book with my kids and it left a lasting impression! The 2nd of two books, this time sensory-challenged Justin is subjected to a nightmare of the most athletic of summer camps. The book is told in diary format and you read Justin's daily struggles with games and the dreaded swimming. In the end, Justin does come out of it all stronger and shining bright. I'm ready for the next Justin Case!

    21. The book was a cool summer camp style story with a lot of challenges for Justin. The story itself had a good steady pace. Some of the characters were really interesting. Justin is the main character who is going to camp. Justin is the most interesting character because he develops a lot throughout the book. There are a few characters that are annoying. Overall SSATHFFOD (Shells, smells, and the Horrible Flip-Flops of doom) is a really good book and i would recommend this book for everyone.

    22. My blog partner, Bill, said he thought this Justin Case book was better than the first and I have to agree with him. While Justin is still frightened of many things, it's nice to see him getting a little stronger as well. I'm glad Rachel Vail is letting his character grow and develop. Matthew Cordell's illustrations are perfect.

    23. Justin decides to attend a summer camp instead of the science camp he has previously attended. He feels like he doesn't fit in since he is not good at sports or outdoor stuff. Told in his wise beyond his years voice, this story shares Justin's insight into friendship and summer. Amazing he is only going into fourth grade. Looking forward to the next book.

    24. A book for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Justin Case is a book for every cautious, young student moving up through elementary school. A story of Justin's perspective during the summer before he moves up to 4th grade. This book couples a child's perspective while adding humor and fun to the life of Justin Case.

    25. This was not as unbelievably funny as the first "Justin Case", but it's still a really good book. The language Rachel Vail uses has its own quirkiness, Justin's world-view is hilarious and his summer adventures sound painfully real to me (who's never been to camp).I look forward to the sequel. What is going to happen in fourth grade???

    26. Nervous kids can probably relate to Justin, which is a good thing because it gives them a character like them. Not sure how much appeal it has beyond that. Moderately funny, and Justin seems a bit too self-aware at times. I always wonder with books like this if the kids who are similar to the "bullies" or mean kids read it and what they think of it.

    27. My 7-year-old son and I LOVED this book - well, we LOVE Justin in general. This was a terrific sequel to the absolutely wonderful first installment. Justin's take on life and his every day worries were totally endearing to me and very relatable to my son. We laughed A LOT. I would recommend without reservation to boys (and girls) 1st-4th grades!

    28. Really really liked how it realistically showed a little kid out of his element at camp. Bullies, impossible games and activities, dullards as counselors sympathy for other sad kids, and a small hint of Justin starting to like girls. All camp counselors should read this.

    29. Justin is so excited to spend the summer before 4th grade at Camp GoldenBrookNot! Will he ever learn to pick up pennies off the pool floor, or win at knuckles? If you like Diary of a Wimpy Kid you should read Justin Case.

    30. This was a great book that I would recommend to 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders. I could relate to Justin and some of is worries he had a as a child, like the ticking of the water heater. Well written and a page turner. I read the book in one sitting.

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