Assassin's Apprentice

Assassin s Apprentice Young Fitz is the bastard son of the noble Prince Chivalry raised in the shadow of the royal court by his father s gruff stableman He is treated like an outcast by all the royalty except the devious

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  • Title: Assassin's Apprentice
  • Author: Robin Hobb
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Young Fitz is the bastard son of the noble Prince Chivalry, raised in the shadow of the royal court by his father s gruff stableman He is treated like an outcast by all the royalty except the devious King Shrewd, who has him sectetly tutored in the arts of the assassin For in Fitz s blood runs the magic Skill and the darker knowledge of a child raised with the stable hoYoung Fitz is the bastard son of the noble Prince Chivalry, raised in the shadow of the royal court by his father s gruff stableman He is treated like an outcast by all the royalty except the devious King Shrewd, who has him sectetly tutored in the arts of the assassin For in Fitz s blood runs the magic Skill and the darker knowledge of a child raised with the stable hounds and rejected by his family As barbarous raiders ravage the coasts, Fitz is growing to manhood Soon he will face his first dangerous, soul shattering mission And though some regard him as a threat to the throne, he may just be the key to the survival of the kingdom.

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    1. I haven't read a lot of fantasy in the last decade, so the fact I've read 12 of Robin Hobb's books in the last 5 years says a lot about how much I enjoy reading her work. The adventures of Fitz through three trilogies account for a big chunk of that reading.Robin Hobb can write a first person story with rare skill. She shows you a world though Fitz's eyes and makes it matter, makes it vital. Some elements of Hobb's fantasy are fairly old school, but written with a modern style and a literary ski [...]

    2. I read this again through audio so I can continue on with the series. The narrator was Paul Boehmer and I thought he did a great job 😄These were the lessons in my assassin's primer. And more. Sleight of hand and the art of moving stealthily. Where to strike a man to render him unconscious. Where to strike a man so that he dies without crying out. Where to stab a man so that he dies without too much blood welling out. I learned it all rapidly and well, thriving under Chade's approval of my qui [...]

    3. My journey into The Realm of the Elderlings by Robin Hobb has finally begun and it’s off to a great start.You can skip the next paragraph if you want to go straight to the review, this is just a long introduction that I need to make before writing my review. It’s not an overstatement to say that The Realm of the Elderlings is hands down my biggest gamble of all time in the history of book buying; I bought it without using my brain, after all. You may call me shallow, my interest in this seri [...]

    4. This book made me realize a number of things:1. I like the idea of killing people for fun and profit2. You can't trust your uncle3. I like men who whine a lot and play with dogs4. I would like to read people's minds, but I do not want them to read mine5. Poison is an interesting topic, and discussing it with strangers online can lead to tragic relationships with gay Nazis who live in other countriesIf you keep these things in mind, you will be able to enjoy this book more.

    5. One of my all-time favorite series. I love it so much I have first edition hardbacks. Lovely, touching, dramatic. It has everything.

    6. I feel so sorry for Fitzchivalry because he had such a rough start to life. The boy is despised for the simple fact that he exists. He is a royal bastard, and his dishonourable conception means that his father’s name is forever sullied; that much so that he was forced to abdicate the throne; thus, half the royal Farseer court already hates Fitz because he is, supposedly, the reason why the popular Prince had to retire from court life. Poor, poor, Fitz, he was hated from the very beginning.He w [...]

    7. 07/19 : 1.99$ today on kindle! ← I never do that, but that's FITZ. Be serious.Funny that I thought I would be able to objectively review this favorite of mine. SERIOUSLY? I was way too conceited. Because the truth is Why? ◘ Because I'm (way) too much involved in Fitz's story to analyze it. I mean, I could pretend, of course, but really? I found myself crying or being out of breath in anticipation so many times that I'm pretty sure my opinion is grandly biased.Take this, for example : "And th [...]

    8. What unexpected, and much needed, joy this book brought me! I know this is a fantasy favorite among so many people I trust, but I never expected it to be as perfect as it was! Fitz and his journey was an absolute joy to read about, and I cannot wait to continue on with this world. Like, I need the next book now. This story is a slow burn, that's for sure, but learning about the main protagonist, Fitz, and his back story made the slow pace still really enjoyable. Fitz is a bastard of the king in [...]

    9. I find a lot of fantasy authors are in love with the internalized conceptions of their worlds. This can lead to great nuanced detail supporting imaginative storytelling but the flipside can be a creation that fails to translate that vision to the actual page, to the audience.Assassin's Apprentice illustrates this point fairly well. Robin Hobb has clearly lovingly created the world of the Six Duchies, and this love is echoed through the tale's device: born a bastard son to the king's heir, Fitz r [...]

    10. Bullet points for this review because although Robin Hobb likes to ramble on I do not. A Summary of this book: -- Fitz's life sucks -- lots of winding and turning and taking an especially long time to get to the point -- lots of predictable plots but not knowing exactly how we'd get there While the writing is good, the story in this one is just ok. Nevertheless, I'm going to read on as planned because I'm reading this trilogy simply to get to her other trilogies. I do feel I'll get more and more [...]

    11. Robin Hobb is an author which was on my radar for a long time and I was planning to read her books earlier but reading is a fickle and seductive mistress often taking us on an unplanned journeys and sometimes during those journeys we cross paths with people who manage to persuade us to follow their direction and just like that, I ended up in the Realms of the Elderlings, on a new adventure starting with the Assassin’s Apprentice. This tale starts with our main character, Fitz (age 6), being br [...]

    12. With the exciting news of a brand new series about Fitz & the Fool, The Fool's Assassin, in mind, we are buddy reading this series in December and continue with the Tawny Man trilogy. Yup, I'm all set! (for some funky reason, I'd feel weird about reading Robin Hobb on my Kindle, so I got the entire series in English paperbacks too.:pBuddy read with: *Kat (joins for book 2) *Damian*Joshua*Em*Lee(first timer, wooot!)*Erika, and I'm confident we'll catch up with*DayDreamer ;)------------------- [...]

    13. It hasn’t been that long since I cracked the virtual spine on a new fantasy series, but it has been a while since I began one that felt like this.(Um, Sean? Can you maybe, I don’t know, define what “this” is, on account of the fact that empathetic internet is, as of yet, at least still a few years away?)“This” is fully realized, well written and conceived, and faithful to some of the most tried and true fantasy tropes while simultaneously standing one very big one on its heads (namel [...]

    14. After reading maybe a few too many YA fantasies, it was a breath of fresh air to delve into the world of Fitz, the assassin's apprentice. It was complex and layered, the way I like my fantasies and, I suppose, my reading generally (other than the brain-candy romance cravings, which tend to attack me randomly and without prior warning). Fitz, the bastard son of the crown prince with a peasant woman, is taken from his mother as a six year old boy and dropped into the royal household. This novel fo [...]

    15. Assassin's Apprentice is the story of Fitz, who arrives at Buckkeep barely more than a child. He is branded early on as the bastard of Prince Chivalry Farseer, eldest & deceased son of King Shrewd Farseer. And so begins the slow & steady descent of our main character into a life fraught with hardship after hardship.Which brings us around to one of my main struggles with this story. The first 80-85% of this book is a slow trudge through Fitz's childhood, exploring the many brutal ways in [...]

    16. Probably the most depressing fantasy trilogy I read (and this includes Thomas Covenant). Recommended for when you are too cheerful and want to lower your mood in the hurry. The bad guys are bad with no redeeming qualities (and doing bad things just because they are bad). The good guys have all the bad luck imaginable - and then some; they also love acting out of character.This is still entertaining read which kept me until the end.

    17. “Be your blood, boy, and ignore what anyone else thinks of you.”I'm officially part of the Hobb fandom, hallelujah! This book was one of the most joyful slow-burners that I've read. Think 'The Name of the Wind.' It's about our precious Fitz, a bastard, who has been brought up by someone who used to work closely with his father. It is narrated by Fitz himself and we follow his life closely from childhood till his young teenage years. The writing is quite simply, stunning. From page one I was [...]

    18. See this review and more like it on bookbastion_____________I've had Robin Hobb on my list of authors I simply must read for a few years now, but haven't had the opportunity to get my hands on one of her books until this month. I'm actually kind of glad that I waited as long as I did, if I'm honest, because in a way I think finishing this book required a patience and maturity on my part that I probably would have lacked had I tried to accomplish reading it years ago when it first started calling [...]

    19. Buddy read with Alexa August 19th!Wearily I regard the faltering trail of ink it has tracked down my page. I have seen that shape before, I think, but it was not ink then. A trickle of drying blood on the deck of a Red-Ship, and mine the hand that spilled it? Or was it a tendril of smoke rising black against a blue sky as I rode too late to warn a village of a Red-Ship raid? Or poison swirling and unfurling yellowly in a simple glass of water, poison I had handed someone, smiling all the while? [...]

    20. I read THE FARSEER SAGA years ago and have since considered it one of my favorite fantasy epics. It’s one (along with THE LORD OF THE RINGS and MEMORY, SORROW AND THORN) that I often suggest to new fantasy readers. But after more than a decade of reading deeper and further into fantasy literature, I’ve often wondered how well this saga would now appeal to my more mature (I hope) palate. When Tantor Audio recently released THE FARSEER SAGA on audio, I was overjoyed and considered this to be m [...]

    21. The easiest rating of all times. Here is the review of the book on my blog! Let me know your thoughts about it!todaysdecameron.wordpress

    22. This is my first by Robin Hobb and definitely not my last, this book surpassed all my expectations, I’ve heard so much about this and I caved in and I don’t regret it instead I’m chiding myself for not picking this earlier. The world building is so well depicted the cloth descriptions, houses, landscapes everything is original I felt like I was watching it unfold instead of reading it. The writing is what wowed me most about this book, Its written in old English one that suit fantasy perfe [...]

    23. Assassin's Apprentice lives up to its title. It is about a boy name Fitz who learns to become an assassin. It is also much more than just killing people. It is about this young boy coming of age and finding out who he is.First off, I thought this book would be a little bit different. I think I took the "Assassin" part to heart, and forgot the "Apprentice". You don't just jump into your trade until you really master something. Also, it was very dense in the beginning. Robin was really building ev [...]

    24. I finally read it! So many of you have been telling me to try these books aaaaand you were right - Robin Hobb is a great author.So really did enjoy this book in the end, but it was definitely a slow start. That was fine, though, because the world was so detailed and I loved the main character! Fitz is a truly wonderful narrator. This seems like one of the better high fantasy worlds I've found. And even though the story was slow-moving, it was never truly boring. More like peaceful and pretty? I' [...]

    25. I finally jumped on the Hobb bandwagon and well, the good news is: I may have found a new obsession. With over 10 books to look forward to. The bad news: I may have found a new obsession.

    26. I will be rereading this book soon so I can continue the trilogy since it's been four years!!~~~This is a wonderfully constructed fantasy. Well written with fantastic character development and world-building. It is quite a skill to create a world so huge and complex and it has been done wonderfully.The protagonist is great and his development throughout the story believable and fascinating. The use of first person is unusual for high fantasy but is very effective in this book. I will definitely [...]

    27. Holy shit.Hopefully this review is coherent. I did just finish this amazing book and its hard to put thoughts in order when your mind has just been blown.I great up fatherless and motherless in a court where all recognized me as a catalyst. And a catalyst I became.Assassin's Apprentice is the story of a bastard son of the Prince, who is given up by his mother to be raised in Buckkeep. There he becomes known as Fitz, and discovers that he is able to link to animals, a talent called the Wit. It al [...]

    28. ​Do we call books published in 1995 "classic" now? It's only 23 years agobut it feels like a century. One worthwhile aspect of fantasy novels is that there is less risk of them becoming "dated" as science fiction can, and in Assassin's Apprentice, Hobb remains relevant in spades. This is classic old-skool fantasy in that it's not experimental, it's a traditional story, but one written with all the hallmarks of a great story. Complexity, drama and suspense, emotion and believable characters.Ass [...]

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