Time Up

Time Up Life used to be pretty simple for Dr Van Jacobs until a dead guy rolled into his emergency room and didn t have the courtesy to stay dead From there things get a little out of control when Van finds

  • Title: Time Up
  • Author: Justin McLachlan
  • ISBN: 9780982767511
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
  • Life used to be pretty simple for Dr Van Jacobs, until a dead guy rolled into his emergency room and didn t have the courtesy to stay dead From there, things get a little out of control when Van finds himself being recruited by a government agency that s spent the last 100 years protecting something very important, and very strange under the water just off the coast of SLife used to be pretty simple for Dr Van Jacobs, until a dead guy rolled into his emergency room and didn t have the courtesy to stay dead From there, things get a little out of control when Van finds himself being recruited by a government agency that s spent the last 100 years protecting something very important, and very strange under the water just off the coast of San Diego They need Van s help, but as time goes on and runs out it becomes clear to Van that they wanted him for far than his medical expertise Between the spacetime breaks and the wingnut cult and Ben Van is barely hanging on Not that he was hanging on much before, just kind of existing But now, he s got a reason to exist a purpose just when it looks like all of existence might not be existing much longer.

    One thought on “Time Up”

    1. There are two reasons to love this book: the great sci-fi set pieces and the fantastically drawn characters. Our hero is Van, and his day goes from bad to worse to weird as he's drawn into a very new and strange world, a world he's expected to save as spacetime breaks down around them.Van is wiley, defiant. He's the only who ever challenges Cal, a leader of a secret government agency that needs Van's special skills. Cal though, seems to expect this and knows a lot more about Van than he lets on. [...]

    2. This was a very face paced book, and the first I have been able to read and complete in a long time. The story was good, but at some points a little vague. I was still left wanting to know more from the characters and learn more of the secrets of Station One that I am sure are there, lurking below the surface.The characters could have been a little stronger, because I couldn't get a good grasp on them. The romance could have been a little more pronounced, because it was lacking a lot of that for [...]

    3. I really liked the story and the concept of this one- not completely original but not a topic that is overly done for it to seem cliche'. This story also reminded me of a British show (that I really like) which I won't name because it could be considered a spoiler. What I wasn't thrilled with was the lack of character development. While enjoying the roller-coaster ride of the story I never connected with any of the characters enough to care about what happened to them. I think the author was att [...]

    4. "The dead guy didn't stay dead, and that wasn't even the worst part of the evening."How's that for an opening line? I was so intrigued I didn't put the book down for hours until I coouldn't hold my eyes open and then spent the next morning finishing it off. This story is about a young doctor recruited to a secret government agency that's protecting a crashed alien ship on the ocean floor. The ship is malfunctioning and some of its parts wreak havoc on the space-time continuum around San Diego.Th [...]

    5. I won this book in a giveaway!Dr. Van Jacobs is a doctor in San Diego who is having a pretty horrible day. The gun-shot victim who entered the morgue did not stay dead, and that's just for starters. Add in a malpractice law suit and medical license review for attempting an unapproved experimental medical treatment, as well as losses in time, and it seems like his life couldn't get any more bizarre. Of course, that would be wrong.The dead guy asks for his help, and to follow him to do a ship und [...]

    6. If you have ever sat and wondered about space/time and what would happen if it all became a huge mess than this is the book for you. I absolutely loved this story and I can't wait for more books from this author.

    7. 2/5I feel like this book would have benefit more had it not been labeled as an mm romance. The romance was more of a stick on element - in fact I completely missed it lol. It read more like a sci-fi junky, and sadly not a very good one either. As for the story. It had a strong start and a potential concept, however the actually execution fail to grip me. The pacing was fast, yet at the expense of details and emotion. All of the character were as expendable as a casting from Saw, just another plo [...]

    8. This is my first read for this author and 1) I love his style, sparse and reminiscent of Chuck Palahnuik. 2) I think he's got a good gift for moving the plot and story along. I finished this book wanting more, but that may have been because other things are sometimes sacrificed for plot. It seems there's a lot of mystery surrounding the characters and this government agency, and we definitely don't get all our questions answered. But I know the author is writing the second part, so that seems mo [...]

    9. The concept of this book was really interesting, but I felt like the execution of the plot was done fairly poorly. The plot in general seemed to skip ahead very rapidly -- to the point that, while reading this book, I had the constant sensation that I had missed some crucial paragraph a few pages back that explained how the book went from point A to point B. Very rarely do I say this, but this book actually would have greatly benefited from an additional 50-100 pages to flesh out this story bett [...]

    10. Good readThe book was good. The story and plot were interesting. I'm going to get and read the next book right away.The only thing that seemed odd to me is that it was listed under LGBT. Only thing happens is a kiss between two guys. They might have had sex but that isn't

    11. This novel seems to have been written to be adapted for the big screen: it is fast, full of twists and action packed, a tank of ideas for wondrous special effects of the apocalyptic type.I can see Ben Affleck as Van admitting Affleck were willing to kiss a guy full on the mouth and sort of declaring his love for him just before the final scenes. Or admitting notoriously conservative and pavid Hollywood producers were willing to have an explicitly bi lead in a colossal. Of course they could cut t [...]

    12. This book is tough to rate. 3,5 stars? The story has a heck of a lot going for it. It's witty, creative, well-written, well-paced and breathtakingly action-packed. Usually this would be exactly my kind of thing. The plot keeps turning crazier every time you turn the page, and before you know it you're surrounded by dragons, aliens and religious extremists. There isn't a single boring moment per se, but I found my interest waning after a couple of chapters.The problem is with the characters. They [...]

    13. A time twisting scifi story that could have been better. The characterisation was weak and filled with stock characters. The bad guy was so obviously over the top horrible that it was too obvious. I didn't even really care about the characters. There was a lot missing -- the romance was too quick and undeveloped, and I found the old director of Station One's entry into the story missing its punch. We don't really know how that was relevant other than to place a main character into danger.

    14. Very Intriguing Science FictionThis is a good science fiction story that captivates your interest and holds it. It's a page turner. I found myself immersed in it and its characters.

    15. I am a self confessed lover of Justin McLachlan's writing. Everything is right on the mark for me and this book is no different. It's brilliant and in some places absolutely bonkers but the characters keep me completely grounded in the story, laughing and crying in all the right places.

    16. DNF. recommended this like it was an mm book. I never saw any male on male romance, so was greatly disappointed. I need an interesting love story to go with my science fiction. I may one day return to this because it did have interesting characters, but right now I'm not feeling it.

    17. The idea was good but not developed well enough to let me get involved with the characters. The story jumped around a lot, and seemed somehow disconnected.

    18. The writing is excellent but I didn't get to know any of the characters and the story wandered. I kept going back, thinking I had missed things but I hadn't. They just weren't there.

    19. Most of it seems to be a rip off of Torchwood, but it was an interesting puzzle. Don't read if you don't like ambiguous endings.

    20. I really really liked this book.I found it heavy reading (not a bad characteristic) and that's why it took longer to finish than I expected.Looking forward to the next book by McLachlan.

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