Shock for the Secret Seven

Shock for the Secret Seven Dogs are disappearing in the village where the Secret Seven live But the Seven are too busy quarrelling to investigate Then poor Scamper disappears

  • Title: Shock for the Secret Seven
  • Author: Enid Blyton
  • ISBN: 9780340917664
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dogs are disappearing in the village where the Secret Seven live But the Seven are too busy quarrelling to investigate Then poor Scamper disappears.

    One thought on “Shock for the Secret Seven”

    1. Scamper Goes Missing!4 November 2015 Well, fortunately there is only one more Secret Seven (and one more Famous Five) book for me to read so I guess I should be looking forward to the fact that I don't have to read any more Enid Blyton books (and can start churning into some other books that I have been itching to read for a while, such as Red Dwarf). Don't get me wrong, I have really enjoyed my travel back in time by rereading these books that I read when I was a kid (though with these Secret S [...]

    2. Revisiting the books of my youth out of a feeling of nostalgia! I loved Enid Blyton when I was younger and can't wait to re-read these with my own children.

    3. This series has hit the doldrums a couple of books sooner than I expected. The narrative is slow, rambling and meandering, which I suspect mirrors the state of poor old Enid Blyton's mind as she nears the end of her life. The detective skills of the gang (and the police, quite frankly) have never been so conspicuous by their absence.The only reason I am not giving this book one star is that it contains a long overdue event in the Secret Seven saga - Jack (who has always been the only decent char [...]

    4. Yet another fun and fair mystery. I was kept guessing till (almost) the very end. On the minus side, it does reuse ideas of an earlier book. On the plus side, it closes with a terrific sentimental scene.Back cover blurb:"Dogs are disappearing in the village where the Secret Seven live! But the Seven are too busy quarreling to investigate! Then poor Scamper disappears"I read the Galaxy Children's Large Print Edition, ISBN 0-7540-6152-3, 134 pages.(Finished 14:23EST 2007-12-05.)

    5. I really enjoyed this one. There were enough red herrings that I even second guessed my own predictions. I got a bit choked up at the end.**Interview with my kids**Me: What did you think of that one?Him: Super awesome dawesome sawsome.Her: Dood (Good).Me: What was your favourite bit?Him: When the dogs came home.Her: When Damper (Scamper) come home.Me: Which dog was your favourite?Him: Scamper! I wish my dog was Scamper.Her: Damper (Scamper).

    6. Enid Blyton is an amazing childrens author, bestselling in the world. Although almost undiscovered by Americans.This series (The Secret Seven) Features 7 children who form a backyard club. They love to have meetings with SecretPasswords, etc. Soon, they begin to fall into mysteries. This series is for the younger reader than the other series Enid Blyton wrote for children. 8-10 years old maybe.Great reading. introduce your children to Enid Blyton today!

    7. Enid Blyton was my favorite author as a child. There's a reason behind all this. I simply love her writing. She's definitely inspirational. Even though I'm too old for The Secret Seven books, I really enjoyed this book and thought it was well-written and crafted.

    8. All The Dogs in the town Start to disappear , Even Janet's And Peter's Dog , Scamper.Is there a dog Thief in the town? And Who Is the dog Thief? I liked it , But it was A little bit Boring , And I can say that the thief Was A little bit Predictable :P

    9. these books i grew up with. i wanted to be a part of their adventures and i was when i read them. i reccommend these books for any child under 10.I has been a while scince i read these books so i can't give a proper review.

    10. I can feel the sense of excitement and at last,exhilaration as I read this book,reading how the seven children solve mysteries which I felt was unsolvable for them.

    11. i wonder if kid today read these books then make little secret clubs just like my friends and I did as a child?

    12. Dogs are being stolen all over the village and poor old Scamper is one of them, although he was probably glad to get away from pompous Peter for a while!

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