The Secret Seven Adventure

The Secret Seven Adventure A priceless pearl necklace has been stolen and the Secret Seven witnessed the thief making his escape But where has he hidden the necklace

  • Title: The Secret Seven Adventure
  • Author: Enid Blyton
  • ISBN: 9780340917558
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
  • A priceless pearl necklace has been stolen, and the Secret Seven witnessed the thief making his escape But where has he hidden the necklace

    One thought on “The Secret Seven Adventure”

    1. I don't recall reading this book before; as I said in my review of book one, The Secret Seven were not my favorite of Enid's books. I'm reading them all again now though, and I don't doubt more of them will be new to me. I found the mystery different and exciting, but as always got lost in the myriad of sameness from the characters. A fun series, just not her best work. Four stars.

    2. This is the second installment in The Secret Seven series and it's called Secret Seven Adventure. The author is no other then Enid Blyton.The Secret Seven have got nothing to do that is until they are playing American Indians in Little Thicket. While Peter, Janet, Jack, Barbra, Pam and George are after Colin, he is in a tree. When he is in the tree, he sees someone coming down from a tall wall, in Milton Manor. He sees him drop down, Peter sees him but he runs away only to come to the very tree [...]

    3. The Secret Seven go to the circus24 October 2012 Do you know the feeling when you are travelling through the country by car and are looking out for a certain town or a landmark and then suddenly realise that you passed it two hours ago? Well, I got that feeling with this book. I started reading it at 8:00 am this morning, finished it at 8:00 pm tonight, and worked for eight hours in between, as well as having a beer with a friend. Okay, you might say that I am a fast reader, but I am not. Seriou [...]

    4. I read this book a LONG time ago. I don't remember much but all I can remember is that it is a very exciting book for all ages and being that it is Enid Blyton, it is one of those books that you can just look at and know it's going to be good

    5. This book was the best of all of the secret seven.Its about a stolen pearl and the secret seven wants to be the first to find the thief.Why?because they saw him making his escape.Now all they have to do is you should discover that.

    6. I enjoyed the book a lot! Even though I'm a few years older than 8, I still enjoy reading Enid Blytons books!

    7. AMAZING!!!A priceless pearl necklace has been stolen - and the Seven witnessed the thief making his escape! But where has he hidden the necklace?

    8. This one was a fun little mystery, although some aspects were predictable. However, I expect that due to it being aimed at not just children but young children.

    9. The Secret Seven Book 2*The Secret Seven Adventure* This is another good addition to the series and a totally different one from its predecessor. Here, the young Secret society embark on an adventure o find the costly pearls which have been stolen and they visit a circus and find confusing clues that they cannot put together and search caravans, trees, buildings and investigate and help the police to finally find the thief. Its a small story, written in a simple manner, which is Enid Blytons spe [...]

    10. Author: Enid BlytonIllustrator: George BrookFirst Published: 1950Series: Book 2 of 15Mystery and Adventure books.Why did I let these fall off our reading lists?Perhaps because it is difficult to find one that is both age appropriate and well-written. I seem to find myself disappointed in the contemporaries.But the 7yo really loves them.7yo is very logical. She always has been. She needs to understand the rules before entering the game.It's been interesting to challenge her with nonsense books. I [...]

    11. Enid's world is magical! Reading these books again brings back many fond memories! We couldn't afford to buy these books back then. I remember scrounging around libraries and kabaadi waalas for used copies. Never got to read these books in order and never the whole series. Well, it's never too late to right a wrong! Geronimo

    12. I have the full series of the secret seven . To me these books transport me back to my childhood instantly . When a priceless necklace goes missing the secret seven are first off the mark to catch the thief . Why ? Because they saw him escaping the crime scene .

    13. The kids in this come across as total prats, and the 'mystery' itself is weak. Written for youngsters yes, but not stupid youngsters.

    14. Revisiting the books of my youth out of a feeling of nostalgia! I loved Enid Blyton when I was younger and can't wait to re-read these with my own children.

    15. The gang start a worrying trend here of going to the scene of the mystery they have stumbled upon and removing all the evidence before the police can find it not that the police seem to be even trying to solve this particular crime in the first place!I've always thought that the Seven take far too long to find the key to the mystery in this book (which member of the circus could possibly have made those stilt-like marks in the mud?) and it's a shame that Peter stumbles over it completely by acci [...]

    16. This is almost certainly a re-read; it may be the third time I read this book. (I vaguely associate it with upstate New York, suggesting that I [re-?]read it there.) (Also, I saw through all the clues immediately.)The Secret Seven play a bit of "American Indians" (wonder if that's how it was phrased in the original edition), during which Colin climbs a tree. He's surprised to see someone scale a wall and hide by climbing the same tree! The next day, a pearl necklace is reported stolen from the l [...]

    17. The book is readable--I'll give you that.It seems that Joshua and Jethro are Enid Blyton fans for good reasons. How do I put thisOkay, even though the group is exclusive, but that is actually a huge part of the fun, getting insight into that exclusive clique. You get into what they're doing and you feel like you're the invisible eighth member. The fact that in this book Susie desperately tries but fails to get admitted into this secret society just makes the reader more aware how fortunate he or [...]

    18. Even though I later read her bio, to find out she was a racist towards blacks, and a mean estranged woman, wife and mother. Aside from this hateful strange nature, she managed to write lovely children books. If anything, I'd say her books influenced me heavily as a kid - searching endlessly for fairies with my childhood bestfriend, imagining myself whisked away to a magical land, pretending my toys spoke, going on adventures with my group of childhood friends, solving "mysteries" as we rode thro [...]

    19. I mean,yeah its a good book but its time for me to end reading secret seven booksI have read mostly all of them and now I feel I have grown and I want to read big novels.This adventure solved by the seven was a good one.As always ,their story begins with the seven not having a mystery and when they go and do something they will find something mysteriousEnid Blyton,in all her mystery books,writes too much things which are not importantLike 60% of the book was not about the mystery,its just about [...]

    20. Young detectives for grown-up mysteriesMeet Peter and his sister Janet, Jack, Barbara, George, Pam and Colin. A group of child detectives that will get tangled in all sorts of adventures that will make them juggle school attendance, homework, and the ineffable desire to solve the mysteries they stumble upon. Juvenile sense of wonder, the principal ingredient in Enid Blyton works, is a guarantee of a good moment for readers of all ages.Here, a priceless pearl gets stolen and what's more the Seven [...]

    21. Girl enjoyed it. Mother found it a tad too predictable, but it was good for girl to practise her comprehension and anticipatory skills. Also led to good discussions about bullying and people who like to 'control' others, and outmoded gender roles, as well as some important conversations about animal cruelty and why circuses don't need unkindly trained animal performers. Three stars for leading into worthy topical discussions!

    22. Enid Blyton is an amazing childrens author, bestselling in the world. Although almost undiscovered by Americans.This series (The Secret Seven) Features 7 children who form a backyard club. They love to have meetings with SecretPasswords, etc. Soon, they begin to fall into mysteries. This series is for the younger reader than the other series Enid Blyton wrote for children. 8-10 years old maybe.Great reading. introduce your children to Enid Blyton today!

    23. Red Indians game in thicket, Colin up tree sees a man climb over wall from a large house into thicket. News of stolen pearl necklace. SS tink he must be an acrobat - leads them to the traveling circus,round shapes in gound-stilts, woollen sock snagged on wall, tweed hat left in the tree, all clues lead to one of the circus troop - necklace found hidden in lion's water butt.

    24. Good book for young readers; creates lots of enthusiasm in reading and makes the young reader curious of what is going to happen next. Good and Simple English; easy to understand.Some scenes are unbelievable yet it gives good lessons to young minds

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