The Lady and the Locksmith

The Lady and the Locksmith She s a prisoner in her father s house He s a locksmith and he could set her free But if he does he ll pay the price and when her father finds out so will she A sensual romantic adventure about a

  • Title: The Lady and the Locksmith
  • Author: Cody Young
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • She s a prisoner in her father s house.He s a locksmith, and he could set her free.But if he does, he ll pay the price, and when her father finds out, so will she.A sensual romantic adventure about a pair of young lovers who were never meant to meet and their struggle for love and liberty.

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    1. 2 1/2 starsI'm glad this book was free! Even though the story was somewhat entertaining and had likable characters, the writing prose and overall plot development felt amateurish and forced. 

    2. This is the story of what happens when a locksmith goes out on a house call and finds a door that has been opened by force and a beautiful young woman who is not what she seems. Set in Victorian England, Carl Janssen bites off more than he can chew when he ends up on the run with an incredibly sensual side kick! I enjoyed this short novel and it was the perfect little filler as I continue on this years 52 book challenge. As a balding, 41 year old northern bloke from Wigan this isn't the type of [...]

    3. This was a sweet little story. It moved along quite quickly, but it was just what I needed before bed last night.Susannah has been locked away for four yearsher father is a bit OVERBEARINGd he didn't take kindly to her questions about her mother's deathd the subsequent breakdown of Susannah.Carl comes along to fix a broken lock. He thinks she's quite prettyd he assumes she's the parlor maid.They form a friendship and he's worried about her extreme naivete, it's not that she's "slow" or "stupid", [...]

    4. I've never been so much inclined to give a book one star. But I kind of feel sorry for the author, as this book has already an average rating below three as it is.The Lady and the Locksmith is a novella set in 1900 England. Lady Susannah, daughter of a politician is not allowed to leave her house. But the beautiful locksmith Carl holds the keyEven though it was so short, this novella manages to make me want to throw it across the room, and then maybe yell at it a bit. Luckily I remembered just o [...]

    5. The Lady and the Locksmith by Cody YoungCarl Janssen's life changes on the day he goes to a fancy home on a locksmith call. They young gal who answers the door is a real beauty and he assumes she's a maid but it ends up she is Susannah Fortescue, the daughter of a wealthy politician.Susannah knows the rumors about her, that she's unstable. No one knows he has kept her locked up in the house for four years though. And Carl is an answer to her prayers. When he takes her away from her prison they h [...]

    6. The Lady and the Locksmith by Cody Young is a VERY short romance novel set in the Victorian age. The premise is that a young lady calls a locksmith to fix a long on a door is her home. A flirtation results when the locksmith believes her to be a maid. Once he realizes she is a lady, is backs off, but she persist until he kisses her. Later, she shows up at a pup where the locksmith is performing as a singer, and he learns of her position. The two must figure out a way to save Susannah from her fa [...]

    7. A short but sweet story of a locksmith meeting the daughter of a politician who is kept locked away from the world and their quest to bridge the social and personal divides and find freedom together.I enjoyed the story. I'm going with the ideas for rating on this. "3 stars - I liked it". I did like it. I liked the characters and the pacing; I liked the development that took place; I liked the intrigue and the plot. Carl came across as weak in chapter 6 (I think it was chapter 6). It's something [...]

    8. This review is my personal opinion and not a paid review. To form your own opinion please support the author and invest in your own copy of this eBook. On January 22nd this book was free in the Kindle Store.This is a sweet short novella that can be read in less than an hour. There are two main characters Susannah and Carl. Susannah has been kept locked in a room, by her father, for years after she had a breakdown over her mothers death. Carl is a locksmith that repairs a lock for Susannah.While [...]

    9. Not a bad little story. Not my usual cup of tea, but for free i can't complain too much. There were few errors with the writing that editing didn't catch, but that's not unheard of. I don't think I'm likely to re-read the story. It is labeled as a historical romance, but its more a romance just set in a different time. You expect the characters to be prim and proper given the time period, yet they acted as though they lived in modern times.The file also included an excerpt from Cody Young's nove [...]

    10. Kindle e-book.Cody Young has a lightness of touch which makes for very easy reading. Her characters are all very human (even if they are romanticised), the plotting is perfectly paced and the settings sumptuous. This romance is all the sweeter for its short length, as all the passion of the gentle yet swift love affair is swept along at a breathtaking pace, taking the reader along for the ride. I'm not usually a fan of romances, but I do make an exception for this author, as I love her style so [...]

    11. Okay I read this with little desireI thought it is just another freebie I got and I am not going to like it but, I did ALOT. I enjoyed the entire story of a politician who locks his daughter away because of grief. I never figured out if she was really insane or if the loss of her mother was the reason of her childishness but, I do have to say I enjoyed the characters and the story was nice. 4 stars and a job well done for Mr. Young I will definitely pick up another book of his in the future!

    12. A nice sweet story, complimented by reading My Daguerreotype Boyfriend for images of what I thought Carl looked like. Nevertheless I enjoyed this less than I hoped I would, but I can't quite put my finger on what didn't quite satisfy I would still recommend this to fans of light historical romances in the way I'd recommend a light tea after a blow-out Christmas dinner.

    13. The premise was good, and the book started well, but then :(It's WAY TOO SILLY, and the confrontations were naive and simplistic. Not to mention, how everything is solved. Bordered on ridiculous.Okay, the characters were nice but there was no development or whatsoever. Good thing it was a novella- and a free one.

    14. I tried this out, because I found it as a free story online, and it was quite nice. It's nothing over the top. The characters are fluid and charming, and the story continues to be interesting without being too obvious. I do have to admit, that it didn't grab me and pulled me through the story - I had to work on it, but at the end I really rather enjoyed it.

    15. This was an incredibly lovely story! It was impossible not to fall in love with sweet Carl and his plight to save his lady love from her wicked politician father. Ms. Young's writing style is engaging, charming, and poetic. I simply loved it! In fact, I enjoyed this novella so much that I've already bought another of her books to read!

    16. This is a sweet story but it didn't fully engage me. I liked the story-line but I just feel it could have been expanded more. So basically what I think I'm saying is if this story longer and I got to know the characters better, this could have been a great story. But unfortunately for me it was too short with too much happening for me to engage properly.

    17. Quite a short but sweet story, beautifully handled. 4 stars and highly recommended. I would certainly read more by this author.In case I didn’t mention this was a Free Kindle Download at the time (see my blog toodlesbookclub for daily selections of free downloads).

    18. Good little read. I do like the idea behind the story, I feel if the author wanted to make this into a full blown book it would be even more enjoyable. This story seems as though it could be a different take on Cinderella.

    19. This one started out good, but got weird, then ended okay. I didn't not like it, but I didn't like it either.

    20. Nice little story, set in a time period usually ignored. Writing was somewhat simplistic, but this seemed to suit the mood and the story well.

    21. This is a quick, easy read. I found it a little far fetched, but I will probably read others by this author.

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